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Mike Taulty Wpf Dev Days


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Published in: Technology
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Mike Taulty Wpf Dev Days

  1. 1. Beyond Silverlight with WPF Mike Taulty Microsoft UK mail: web: tweets: mtaulty
  2. 2. the battle for the client “client” “browser”
  3. 3. pros/cons of different client types richness of user experience simplicity of deployment availability of client runtime depth of platform integration browser “client” developer productivity* security sandboxing*
  4. 4. .net client technologies UI Richness 8 Deployment Ease 10 Developer Productivity 9 XNA UI Richness 5 Platform Integration 5 WPF Deployment Ease 10 UI Richness 10 Degree of Sandboxing 10 Developer Productivity 7 Windows UI Richness 9 Deployment Ease 6 Online/Offline Working 7 Forms Platform Integration 1 Deployment Ease Developer Productivity 6 4 UI Richness Runtime Availability 1 UI Richness 5 7 Degree of Sandboxing 8 Developer Productivity 9 Integration Platform 10 Deployment Ease 10 Deployment Ease Platform Integration 5 Online/Offline Working 1 Silverlight Degree 9 Sandboxing of 1 Developer Productivity 7 Developer Productivity 9 Sandboxing Runtime Availability 7 Degree of 4 Online/Offline Working 10 Platform Integration 1 Platform Integration 8 Online/Offline Working 10 Runtime Availability 3 Degree of Sandboxing 10 AJAX Degree of Sandboxing 4 Runtime Availability 7 Online/Offline Working 1 Online/Offline Working 10 Runtime Availability 10 Runtime Availability 6 HTML
  5. 5. browser v client == silverlight v WPF ? “client” “browser”
  6. 6. Silverlight != browser, desktop != WPF WPF •XAML brower applications Browser •CAS Sandbox Silverlight 3 Desktop •Out of browser applications •Network status detection
  7. 7. Silverlight is a loose subset of WPF Flexible Fixed based ) Security Sandbox (CAS Security Sandbox Core Capabilities Developer Model .NET Framework Tooling
  8. 8. client continuum – re-use of skills, code XAML & Code Consistency ( high compatibility ) XAML
  9. 9. Taking a Silverlight example to WPF
  10. 10. beyond Silverlight: core capabilities WMV1 Rectangle WMV2 WMV3 WMV WMVA Brushes Polygon WMVC1 Text Line Ink Media WMA 2D Vector Graphics Ellipse Polyline WMA7 MP3 WMA8 WMA9 Geometry Path Layout Animation Composition
  11. 11. beyond Silverlight: core capabilities WMV1 Rectangle WMV2 Content WMV3 Controls WMV WMVA Brushes Polygon WMVC1 GPU Acceleration Custom Brushes User Text Controls Line Controls Ink Media WMA 2D Vector Graphics HTML Display Controls Documents WMA7 Ellipse Polyline Speech MP3 WMA8 WMA9 Templated Ink Styling Geometry Path 3D Graphics 2D on 3D Surfaces Layout Animation Composition and more...
  12. 12. Beyond Silverlight: Core Capabilities
  13. 13. beyond Silverlight: developer model Visual Studio 2008 VS 2008 XAML Editor Expression Layout Blend Data Binding Triggers Commands/Gestures Animations XAML Silverlight Interoperability Development Printing Event system Styles UI Automation Code Behind Navigation model Resources Data Full .NET Client Binding and more...
  14. 14. Beyond Silverlight: Developer Model
  15. 15. WPF control availability
  16. 16. WPF Controls – Microsoft and 3rd Party
  17. 17. deployment of WPF runtime Windows *in extended support phase Update soon to recommend V3.5 Sp1 RTM: V3.0 Sp1: V3.0 Sp1 RTM: V3.5 Sp1
  18. 18. .NET Client Profile • Trimmed .NET Framework 3.5 Sp 1 for Clients • Customisable installation process – Online bootstrapper ( ~270KB ) – Offline installer ( ~ 250MB ) • Works with XBAP, ClickOnce, Setup.exe No Target Yes has Install ~28MB Client Profile .NET? Install 3.5 Sp1 No Reboot Reboot Admin Required Admin Required Schedule 3.5 Sp1 Install
  19. 19. The .NET Client Profile ( .NET 3.5 Sp1 )
  20. 20. deployment of WPF applications XAML Browser Application ClickOnce Application Full Client (XBAP) Online Only Offline/Online Offline/Online Simple Deployment “Flexible” Deployment Custom Deployment Automatic Updates Updating Framework Roll Your Own Updates Tight, “Fixed” Sandbox “Flexible” Sandbox No Sandbox
  21. 21. XBAPs/ClickOnce deployment
  22. 22. futures: VS2010 and WPF V4.0 Visual Studio 2010 • Visual Studio 2010 UI rewritten in WPF • Big improvements in WPF Editor ( ‘Cider’ ) Deployment – Smaller, Faster Client Profile • Supports installation on any previous .NET framework version Windows 7 • Multi-touch support including gestures and manipulation • TaskBar integration • Ribbon support and better common dialog support Graphics • Text rendering improvements • Pixel Shader 3.0 support • Performance work – 3D improvements and cached composition
  23. 23. browser v client == silverlight v WPF ? “client” “browser”
  24. 24. next steps…
  25. 25. Beyond Silverlight with WPF Mike Taulty Microsoft UK mail: web: tweets: mtaulty