Interoperability @ Microsoft


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Presentation given at the Microsoft UK Architect Council Meeting at Bletchley Park

Presented by Giampiero Nanni

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Interoperability @ Microsoft

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Web Services/Cloud Content Management Openness LAMP Document Formats Semantic Interoperability Innovation Systems Management OSS Organisational Interoperability Heterogeneous and hybrid environments Messaging Services Federated Identity Management Standards Collaboration with OSS Communities Content Management Security and Privacy Choice Cost-efficiency 2
  3. 3. 1. What does interoperability mean to your organisation? 2. What does it mean to you in your role? 3. How important is interoperability in IT procurement decisions in your organisation? 4. How would you rate the interoperability level of your IT shop (e.g. advanced, acceptable, average, challenging...) and how much of your IT resources is devolved to interoperability issues? Is lack of interoperability costly, inefficient, and limiting for YOUR business? 5. How important is interoperability with OSS and ODF in your IT environment? 6. How would you rate Microsoft in terms of level of interoperability of its offering (e.g. very good, good, fair, bad, ugly) and in terms of ability to collaborate with the different communities and solve customer issues.
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Now you can…. Managing Heterogeneous Enabling Applications Connecting People Environments that Work Together and Information Monitor both Windows and Connect, integrate existing Integrate data from line of Unix or Linux environments applications into solutions business applications into with single tool via SOA Office applications to analyze Run SUSE Linux as an Integrate line-of-business data, create reports or optimized guest on Microsoft data into Microsoft Office presentations Windows Server 2008 SharePoint Server 2007 Share Office documents Manage Hyper-V, VMware Leverage standards work to regardless of file format, virtualized environments through single console integrate data across content including ODF, PDF repositories Create solutions, so workers Centrally authenticate, control access Access protocol, API can view Office documents through Active documentation from browsers, on mobile Directory, increasing Create bridge between Java devices administrative efficiency and .NET components Synchronize Microsoft Create trusted relationships Access Microsoft Exchange mail, contacts, with other technologies using calendar information with organizations, enabling identity federation, single Java, other non-MS third party mail clients sign-on capabilities languages Write to Windows Azure Platform from Java, Ruby
  6. 6. Microsoft's first-ever general session at the JavaOne conference: Taking Interoperability to the Next Level Sun will participate in the Apache “Stonehenge” project Project Stonehenge A set of example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best practise and interoperability. Stonehenge Stocktrader. 6
  7. 7. Microsoft-Novell agreement – Nov 2006 The original agreement focused on four technical areas that would enable better interoperability between Windows® and Linux® platforms: • Virtualization • Heterogeneous systems management • Directory and identity federation • Document format compatibility Since then, Microsoft and Novell have added cooperative agreements on Linux management packs for Microsoft® System Center, Accessible Computing and Moonlight®, a Linux implementation of the Microsoft® Silverlight™ browser plug-in. 20+ customers in UK, including HMRC, ITV, HSBC, Counties, etc... 7
  8. 8. Red Hat & Microsoft partner up! Announce virtualisation agreement. “In what came as a surprise to many Linux observers, Red Hat announced on the morning of February 16th that it has signed reciprocal agreements with Microsoft to enable increased interoperability for the companies' virtualization platforms.” 8
  9. 9. •Interoperability Council UK - customers, partners, analysts, academics, government and standard bodies. •Interoperability Executive Customer Council WW (~30 CIOs from large WW customer organisations) •Interoperability Vendor Alliance – Partner technical forum and lab / 9