Repositories at Warwick - A Brand New Start!


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  • Strategic marketing project run using a toolkit designed by the University of Sunderland‘How do you like your eggs in the morning’Needed a re-vamp of our advocacy which had lost momentum with the change over in repository management and with essential technical developmentsWe had new staff, new service offers and needed a clear message to help promote and drive the change in direction.
  • Toolkit leads you through 7 steps to develop a marketing planOriginally designed to be used with full Library services but works well as a single service activityFirst part (stages 1-3) brainstorm the existing service to define: - Where you are and what you are doing now, as well as what you want to be doing in the future - Key service offers based on existing activities - Customers defined by attitudes to the service as well as by ‘type’. Focus at all times on defining what the users want and need from the service rather than by the what ‘we think they want’ or worse ‘what we think they should want’.Each stage accompanied by a SWOT analysis to highlight areas where we could target service sells to.SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Second stage moved us from activities to messagesProcess of focussing attention down to the specifics.Used existing strategic ‘mission statements’ (from Uni and Library) as well as creative brainstorming within the team.Use of the AIDA principle to create a slogan or message that will: - Grab Attention - spark Interest - provide an incentive or Desire to use the service - motivate Action in the userSome early ideas ‘too Library’ (“collect, curate, disseminate”), some ‘too big’ or ‘too specific’.We settled on a single message ‘highlight your research’
  • Final step was to develop a communication plan that used the messages and insights developed in the previous steps. Wanted to make sure we were promoting both WRAP and the PS, not one or the other.Some work already done by this point, soft launch was well underway and we were starting to receive content for the publications serviceA plan to get the message out into the world as well as to track the effect of using the marketing tools.Identify ways of getting the message out.Can you dovetail your message with the work of other teams? – HoD meetings and REF planning etc.
  • An example of some of the range of materials we created.These are going to be used and experimented with to allow us to judge which are the most popular and which ways work best for each customer segment.
  • Branding not just physical but also used for electronic identity.Rewards and also additional items for the depositor to distribute in their department – hard to tell if this actually happens!Standardisation of regular communication was seen as essential. - everything needed tidying up as things had grown over the years a review was needed to make sure we only ever used the phrase ‘accepted version’ rather than post-print etc. - We had to be clear ourselves when to use what terminology or the academics would have no hope at all.At the same time the who of the University of Warwick’s websites were changing…
  • …Including the sites for the Library’s suite of services.These are the new looks for the rest of the Library’s sites, all colour coded to the Library branding.
  • And this is the current look and feel for WRAP – a bit outdated to say the least
  • Design mock-up of the new look-and-feel.Note that it conforms to the new branding and to the colour coding for the library’s sites but does not follow the strict Library branding. - This was a conscious decision as WRAP and the PS are positioned as University services managed by the Library rather than Library services – subtle but politically important.This ‘look’ will be installed on our Eprints install and also possibly on a new Library subsite.
  • Going forward we have a clear visual identity with a high impact look and feel, essential for cementing ourselves in peoples minds.PS increase due to a large import form WoK – data clean-up now a concern – and from processing submitted CVs.WRAP deposits 2010/11 = 1157 and from 2011/12 = 1735One of the biggest benefits was as a team building exercise: - Wider array of view points and ranges of experience - Allowed Utilisation of skills in the team not usually stretched by the roles people have (e.g. 2x marketing team, 2x art and design etc.) - Cemented the team at an early stage in it’s development using a common goal. - Allowed someone other than me to take the leading role.Worth noting that some of the materials may not work for you or for your service. We will be reviewing the information on what worked and what didn’t and looking at only ordering the things that really worked for us, at the moment the leaflets are useful, and hopefully don’t date as quickly, the pens and pencils haven’t really gone over as well as we might have hoped. Also need to keep up with the times and look to change things up now and then to continue the impact.Overall we found the process the be very valuable for us as a service and as a team.
  • Reference for the marketing toolkit used.
  • Repositories at Warwick - A Brand New Start!

    1. 1. Repositories at Warwick - a BRAND new start! Suzanne Atkins, Marie Barwick, Yvonne Budden and Helen HewittE-Repositories Team, University of Warwick Library connecting you with information, support and your community
    2. 2. Starting the process…• Who are we?• Where do we want to go?• What are our key services? – Both now and in the future. – What do we want to be able to offer?• Who are our customers? – Distinct user groups that we can target services to. connecting you with information, support and your community
    3. 3. Services and Benefits Match services to users Transform services into benefits Translate benefits into messagesconnecting you with information,support and your community
    4. 4. Communicate!• Elevate the profile of both services.• New service launched: – Soft launch May 2011 with pilot department (History) – Major launch to come in 2012 with REF Plug-in and new ‘look and feel’.• Series of Head of Department meetings.• Involvement in REF Planning. connecting you with information, support and your community
    5. 5. connecting you with information,support and your community
    6. 6. How are we using the materials?• Departmental meetings and training.• As rewards for depositors.• Reminders following meetings.• Standardisation of regular communication.• New website and look and feel of the archive [coming soon] connecting you with information, support and your community
    7. 7. [Library sites]connecting you with information,support and your community
    8. 8. connecting you with information,support and your community
    9. 9. connecting you with information,support and your community
    10. 10. What did we gain?• Clear visual identity for the repository.• In 10 months (April ‘11-Jan ‘12): – WRAP 49.9% increase full text items on previous year – Publications service from 0 to 33,774 records• Excellent team building exercise.• Set of documents on the service for use in the future and to drive development.• Useful process even if you don’t turn them into materials! connecting you with information, support and your community
    11. 11. Acknowledgements• Thanks to Kay Grieves for the marketing toolkit used: – Grieves, K. (2010) “’How do you like your eggs in the morning?’ A simple 7 step toolkit for creating strategic marketing plans that really work”. Sunderland : University of Sunderland, pp. 32. connecting you with information, support and your community
    12. 12. Any questions?• Email:• Web:• Contact Yvonne: – – Phone: 02476 5 75793 connecting you with information, support and your community