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Jisc open access updates and future plans


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Presentation from Helen Blanchett from Jisc at UKCORR members' day 2018.

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Jisc open access updates and future plans

  1. 1. Open access updates and future plans Helen Blanchett, scholarly communications subject specialist 9/17/2018
  2. 2. Over 18 million users Learning, teaching, research, industry, government Networks, computation, storage, preservation Access /authentication Softwareandskills Security,information assurance 25 years on…Jisc’s e-infrastructure building blocks Open access, Jisc Collections, library support, discovery, analytics… UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  3. 3. Research data shared service Preservation Systems Multi-tenant administration Discovery User Interfaces and Portals APIs User InterfacesUser InterfacesUser InterfacesTenant User Interfaces APIs Jisc Reporting APIs APIs APIs Tenant Storage APIs Jisc Repository Core Infrastructure APIs Metadata Store Publish Subscribe Messaging Service Cloud Data Storage (Access and Archival) Tenant Repository, CRIS and research systems Scholarly Communications, Service APIs UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  4. 4. 3 standard service options End-to-end service Repository service Preservation service Service to be launched end of 2018 All 3 options include:  Financial benefits  Standards  Advisory  Network membership Contact UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  5. 5. Multi-tenant Research Repository What we’re working on UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  6. 6. Part of the Jisc family UKCoRR members' day 2018 Submission Acceptance Publication Use SHERPA JULIET SHERPA RoMEO SHERPA REF SHERPA Fact Monitor UK Jisc collections OpenDOAR Publications Router Monitor local CORE IRUS-UK RIOXX Research publication lifecycle Jisc services Report on compliance Deposit in repository Manage costs Check compliance Select Journal Maximise impact Record reach Record impact ORCID support OpenAIRE NOAD Research Data Shared Service Metrics lab experiment 9/17/2018
  7. 7. Next steps for repositories -how could Jisc help? The UK once again leads the world in OA repositories » Multi-tenant cloud repository » Community governed » Less technical maintenance » Much better UX » Excellent support » Easy data in / out for HEIs » Good integrations / m2m / web » Optional combined research data and optional preservation Next generation repository UKCoRR members' day 2018 CC-BY-NC 9/17/2018
  8. 8. Jisc shared service for open research? Information sources » Publications Router » Publishers » Crossref » ORCID » DataCite » PubMed » Sherpa policy tools University systems » (Single Sign-On, Finance, HR..) » eLab notebooks Information destinations » Google etc. » Discovery services » JiscCORE (global OA aggregation) » Jisc Monitor (compliance checking) » JiscCollections » Funders systems » OpenAIRE + for EU Preservation services Reports and dashboards University X repository Open Access publications Research datasets University Y repository Open Access publications Research datasets University Z repository Open Access publications Research datasets UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  9. 9. What could Jisc do? » Study / market research (cf UUK OA repositories group) » Prototyping and agile development » Engagement on all aspects with: libraries (including BL), research offices, uni IT, research funders, etc » Review of scope (OA, data, other digital assets? How quickly?) » Review of models (individual SaaS? hubs? modular?) » How best to accommodate local customisation? » What evidence will Jisc and universities need for their business cases? Potential next steps 9/17/2018 UKCoRR members' day 2018
  10. 10. Research strategy » Research excellence and integrity – to help our funders and members maintain and enhance their reputation for supporting the best research in the world at a time of considerable change. » Research impact and knowledge exchange – to enable UK research to play its fullest possible role in improving social and economic outcomes for our citizens. » International collaboration – to support the UK’s international re-orientation and aspirations by enabling research collaborations globally. Digital infrastructure to support UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  11. 11. New areas of action • Excellence & integrity (REF/benchmarking/gaps/responsible metrics) • Impact (KEF) • International (plan collaborations) Research Analytics • Excellence & integrity (scrutiny/replicability/analysis) • Impact (access/reach e.g. public/SMEs/X-discipline) • International (showcase/attract researchers/investment to UK) Open Science • Excellence & integrity (capability & practice new technologies) • Impact (collaborative research/ grand challenges/new findings) • International (cost effective digital collaboration environments) Data-driven •Excellence & integrity (effective use of digital for better research) •Impact (researchers/support staff use digital to reach wider audience) •International (UK research attractiveness, skilled researchers to collaborate with) Skills • Bringing together Jisc offer and capability, technology and data , e- infrastructure to work more efficiently and effectively, globally, to be flexible and scalable and to meet more needs and extend their value and reach Research Commons e-infrastructure UKCoRR members' day 20189/17/2018
  12. 12. Keep in touch Sign up for our update Drop me a line… 9/17/2018 UKCoRR members' day 2018