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Online Legal Method
                                         for inquiry-based learning

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Online legal method for inquiry-based learning


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Poster giving details of UKCLE's project developing research-based learning and teaching approaches through the innovative use of technology.

Published in: Education
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Online legal method for inquiry-based learning

  1. 1. Online Legal Method for inquiry-based learning “Developing research-based learning and teaching approaches in undergradu- for students ate studies through the innovative use of • Introduction to key Legal Skills, Legal Research technology in online Legal Method course and the English Legal System comprising Legal Research Skills and the • Online access to course activities that foster structure of the English Legal System” problem solving and critical thinking skills • Reusable resource available for reference This project aims to build a research- throughout period of study rich environment: • Developing the capabilities valued by 1. Using technology to support in- employers quiry-led approaches to learning that stimulate project based activities, problem based learning, enhanced digital literacy, critical for staff thinking, evaluation and creative • Establishing baseline expectations thinking. • Enhancing face-2-face teaching sessions 2. Using the concept of a personal- • Exposure to new modes of learning and ised learning environment to teaching support individual research • Building on key skills for legal research activity during the course that • Opportunities for collaboration with colleagues include gathering, organising and within and beyond the institution sharing research resources. • Raising the profile of the Law School 3. Integrating Open Educational Resources and sharing legal materi- als with other institutions. 4. Electronic assessment and feed- for the community back practices that drive the devel- • Widening participation in legal study for indi- opment of inquiry based learning viduals, groups and organisations approaches. • Sharing of content as Open Educational 5. Exploring community based learn- Resources ing opportunities that can include • Taster courses for potential law students becoming involved in research • Opportunities to share practice within the activity within local and external teaching profession research groups. Kevin Germaine Steven Warburton Vanessa Gamet Catriona Cook Patricia McKellar Richard Lang St Mary’s University King’s College London King’s College London King’s College London UKCLE King’s College London College Project Coordinator This project is supported by the HEA, UKCLE and KCL Resources and learning materials produced as Open Educational Resources under Creative Commons Licencing More information at