Culture shock presentation_2011


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UK Culture, a new Video web resource
Loughborough University

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Culture shock presentation_2011

  1. 1. About LoughboroughLoughborough is a medium sized campus based university with astudent population of 16,000 which includes an internationalcohort of 4,500.With a history of working to develop an internationalisedexperience for all our students Loughborough creates anenvironment where sampling new experiences are encouraged.This was highlighted by Loughborough Students‘ Union beingaward the Best International Students’ Union by the NUS in 2009.
  2. 2. We have a highly developedaward winning media centreand do both student TV workand commercial contracts.An example of our work forthe University Internationaloffice are the student profileswhich are currently on theirwebsite and have gainedgreat reviews from ourstudents.
  3. 3. From our experiences and discussions withother groups involved with InternationalStudents we felt there was a lack ofresource for students to see other studentstalking about their experiences to reducethe level of culture shock on arrival.This background combined with a strongworking relationship with Southampton SUenabled us to apply for funding for creatinga new web resource showing new studentswhat to expect from life in the UK
  4. 4. EU/Rest of World DifferencesDifferent areas of the world have different understanding of UK culture andcome with different impressions/understanding which were very apparent sodoes need to be considered in each of the following aspectsCultureDaytime hours (as student 9/10 am wake up bed at 3am is common)Food and Eating, Personal Space, Use and meaning of languageRespect of other nationalities and faiths (can be really good or really bad needto be equipped for both), Campus living and City living, Working while studyingClothing, Weather considerations, temperature, rain, wind, TV LicenceRoad SafetyPavements, Crossing Roads, Cycling safety (inc not cycling on pavements)Driving Licence (international licence only valid for 3 months), InsuranceParking, Road Marking (double yellow double red lines etc) Focus Group Feedback
  5. 5. AuthoritiesPolice (safety, closing windows locking doors), International registration &Police registration, Local Council – Council Tax exemption, University Security –not actually police but do have a level of authority, NHS/HospitalsStudent Support (academic & personal issues)Teaching styles, Course requirements, Coursework formatting, CourseInteraction with academic staff, Language Support, Financial SupportGetting InvolvedKey aspect to really enjoy your timeOften they have to make the first step and not to be scared of thatStudents UnionFew countries have these so is worth explaining what we do and are here for ascan be confusing, Explain our independence from the University Focus Group Feedback
  6. 6. UK CultureWebsite
  7. 7. UK CultureInternationalised site
  8. 8. The site is still a work in progress and we arecontinually adding clips and amending contentso any feedback would be more than welcome tsbenford Tim Benford