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WebRTC solution for broadcasters and video delivery businesses


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Each online video streaming website and application is faced with the same challenge – how to deliver substantial traffic to every user with the highest quality at the best price. A couple of lines of JS code are integrated into the broadcasters site and the P2P platform immediately starts to build a highly distributed mesh architecture network in order to relocate most of the bandwidth from the CDN to the P2P. This ensures more reliable, scalable delivery while managing spikes in audience growth and provides the viewers with better video quality.

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WebRTC solution for broadcasters and video delivery businesses

  1. 1. Enhance your media streaming process, triple your audience, or introduce 4K quality at no extra cost A smart solution for broadcasters and video delivery businesses
  2. 2. With 9 years of experience in developing P2P-anti-piracy technologies, Netflix has declared our team one of the top three expert P2P teams in the world. The Dev team is located in Russia, consisting of the best educated representatives in local mathematics and physics. Teleport Media supported FIFA CUP 2018 broadcasting along with our partner Channel One Russia during top-rating matches with 1.8 million simultaneous viewers The company solutions and software within the "Cross-browser framework for media content delivery over WebRTC” are registered or patented in Russia, United States (PCT), and over 130 other countries, including in the EU, China, and others. 2 / 16 Teleport Global AG c/o eMBe Finanz GmbH Bahnhofstrasse 20, 6300 Zug CHE-469.682.799 Teleport Media is a Swiss-based company developing distributed video delivery solutions on the Internet
  3. 3. 75%+ of modern browsers support WebRTC. This technology allows you to connect multiple browsers directly to each other and transfer various files between them. Teleport Media solution uses WebRTC to unite several viewers of one video broadcast into a group within which each viewer transmits the chunks of this video to other members of the group. With 20x growth of online audience Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming proved to deliver video stream not less than 3Mbps for all tuned in users. Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming forms a P2P layer over CDN that reduces the load and costs weighing down on the delivery infrastructure to ensure robustness in broadcasting and HD quality despite audience spikes Everyone tuning in organically guarantees the capacity of the delivery network as a whole, expanding it as demand grows, no matter how large the audience gets. Teleport Media Solution 1 / 16
  4. 4. 3 / 16 How it works The user does not need to install any plugin or extension. If user’s browser supports WebRTC, Teleport will launch it automatically. Then, when the user starts watching the video, the Teleport.js script processes the video player's video file upload requests. Priority is given to downloading from the browsers' cache and devices of other viewers. If there is no suitable peer for the desired broadcast or the browser doesn't support WebRTC, the player will load the video files the conventional way – from the CDN.
  5. 5. Cut the need to spend time and admin work on managing unpredictable traffic spikes. Eliminate urgent requests and the necessity to search for extra CDN resources in the event of critical situations. Broadcasting Engineer Obtain a predictable service cost and improve the P&L of your service on account of time watching or viewer-based pricing plans. Cut your CDN cost and redirect the extra money in your budget to attracting new audience. Profit & Loss Director Maintain optimal service quality and maintain a higher bitrate in the event of unpredictable traffic spikes. Improve customer loyalty by enhancing stability and quality in the video streams you deliver. Broadcasting Producer Enter new markets and acquire new audience without the risk of getting bottlenecked with your CDN infrastructure and budget. Get 4K-ready before your competitors do. Commercial Director Teleport Media for: 4 / 16
  6. 6. Technology performance // Network capacity offloads to p2p Up to 91% of tangible bandwidth of the “conventional” CDN during peak hours 0.6х the buffering level always buffer full 95% of viewers total network capacity, growing by 20% per month 180 Petabytes/month overall network bandwidth, growing by 20% per month 1 Tbps on the Teleport Media platform over the course of top events 100K https requests/sec 5 / 16
  7. 7. 6 / 16 Technology // Broadcasting quality prioritization Broadcasting quality for each specific user is a priority metric. To maintain the quality level, we’ve implemented the following techniques: Prioritizing the loading of the first chunks for the primary buffer fill exclusively from the CDN. Selecting the “highest-quality” peers according to parameters, such as: distance, average upload speed, connection quality, “peer health”, etc. Constant availability of at least 60 peers for the selection of the best source. Absolute prioritization of CDN as the best source when, for various reasons, content is unavailable in P2P. 2. DURING CONTENT PLAYBACK:1. DURING A PLAYER COLD STARTUP:
  8. 8. 7 / 16 Technology performance // Usecase Quarter final match during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia Bitrate streams: 5 Buffer size: 30 sec. Audience: 300K Audience growth: 20x Min Teleport speed: 3 Mbps Player: MPEG-DASH Chunk length: 5 sec. CDN speed drop down: 4x CDN offload: Min 50%, Max 70% HTTPS requests: 60K per sec. 53% of traffic passed via the Teleport Platform and cost 30% of the overall CDN budget; meanwhile, the quality in the tuned in Teleport peer’s player never dropped below 720p
  9. 9. 8 / 16 Teleport media // Customers Tier-1 media companies, regional broadcasters, and Video on Demand businesses benefit from Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming’s implementation on their internet players We encountered peak of 1.8 million concurrent online users for the first time during the last quarter’s 2018 World Cup final match. With 20x audience growth, we approached the limit of our available CDN infrastructure. Our partnership with Teleport Media and their product previously tested on the other similar scale events presented us the opportunity to use p2p technology to and serve all the users in satisfactory fashion. Sergey Storozhev, Online broadcasting Director, CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA “ Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming uses leverage to double the number of simultaneous viewers tuning in to live streams. This way, they are able to maintain quality without expanding bandwidth. We’ve even been able to roll out geotargeting, something live YouTube streams do not offer, for instance. Oleg Alexeev, Technical Director, OBL TV “
  10. 10. 10 / 16 Cost details Implementation is simple as can be, and does not require CDN service provider settings ZERO INTEGRATION COST Payment only for the actual traffic, viewing time, or the number of viewers you go. No minimum payment, monthly fees, or minimum consumption requirement. PAY AS YOU GO
  11. 11. 13 / 16 Product // How to integrate To implement Teleport WebRTC Live Streaming, just insert two JS code lines for the site before the player as per the Integration API From that point on, Teleport Media solution will automatically build up a peer-to-peer CDN out of all the devices supporting the WebRTC protocol (on average, 75% of the total amount). No need to make any changes to the media platform – the Teleport media solution functions as a transparent proxy between the video player and the media server and is irrelevant for any CDNs or Media servers. Thus, there is no need for you to abandon your servers or external CDNs.
  12. 12. 14 / 16 Implementation // Major steps 1. Sign in to the Teleport Media client area to connect and validate the domain that the player is planned to run on. 2. Get a personal API token to get connected with Teleport Media. 3. Connect the Statistics API to your monitoring panel or use your Personal Dashboard data. 4. (Optional) Run the sandbox as described in the Teleport Integration API to test the script’s reliability and run the P2P streaming sandbox for a voluntary group of users. 5. Deploy the Teleport Media script in the Staging Environment and the Production player to run it for a real audience. 6. Use the Network Load Balancer to split the audience into “P2P-connected” and "Not P2P connected" if A/B testing is required.
  13. 13. 15 / 16 Product // Statistics & Reporting With the Teleport API, you can easily obtain the metrics you need from our side in real-time in the monitoring environment that you are familiar with. If you do not have your own panel, we will provide the traffic statistics on the user’s account. We understand that in claiming to manage the majority of traffic, we have an obligation to provide the most accurate statistics.
  14. 14. Teleport Global AG c/o eMBe Finanz GmbH Bahnhofstrasse 20, 6300 Zug CHE-469.682.799