How to Write RN Resume


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Know how to write registered nurse resume. This power point presentation will help to make your own RN resume.

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How to Write RN Resume

  1. 1. Registered Nurse ResumeHow to Write an RN ResumeCareerEnter.comImage courtesy of photostock /
  2. 2. Components of Registered NurseResume Name and contact details Objective Skills Achievements Professional experience Education Other Skills Signature with date
  3. 3. Resume ObjectivesWhere to Write RN ResumeObjectives
  4. 4. Resume Objectives PositionPlace RN resume objectives atthe top half of the resume to grabattention of the recruitersImage courtesy of stockimages /
  5. 5. Sample Resume Objectives Looking for a position of Registered Nurse in your organization,having all the due competence in administering medical proceduresand ability to work in a stress oriented, fast paced medical workenvironment. Excellently trained and motivated RN looking for a position inhealthcare sector, having excellent skills in caring for patients andproviding them with psychological support. Seeking a position of RN where my skills of providing direct careand compassionate personality will be utilized for the betterment ofthe organization. In search of a Registered Nurse position where the skills learntduring training and practiced in healthcare settings will be utilized toprovide best care and psychological support to patients.
  6. 6. Resume SkillsFrom your lessons in the training sessionsto communications with patients and theirfamilies everything is a part of the skill setsfor RN resume.Image courtesy of artur84 /
  7. 7. Sample RN Resume Skills Skilled in planning, coordinating, planning, documenting and providingpatient care keeping the policies of the healthcare facility intact. Capable of communicating effectively with the patients, their familymembers and physicians to achieve highest quality of healthcare. Handled serious situations and provide care on time. Thorough knowledge about administering medical processes andmedications that are prescribed by the physician. Expertise in surgery assists and implementation of latest medical processes. Quick in responding to the needs of adolescent, adult, pediatric and elderlypatients. Adept at training and counseling new nurses. Ability to handle diagnostic equipments.
  8. 8. Download RN Resume SampleYou can download RN resume sample fromthis link:- courtesy of imagerymajestic /