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Synersys Consulting Inc. profile

  1. 1. beyond value
  2. 2. 2 About  The  Company   Established   as   an   IT   service   provider   on   June   2007,   Synersys   Consulting,   Inc   is   a   solutions   provider  based  in  the  Philippines  and  the  US.     Synersys  focuses  on  solutions  for:   • Oracle's  PeopleSoft  Enterprise  Revenue  Management  (PSERM)     • Oracle’s  Customer  Care  &  Billing  (CC&B)   • OpenERP   Our  mission  is  to  help  our  clients/partners  be  more  competitive  by  delivering  and  implementing   the  right  solutions  at  a  reasonable  price.  And  in  order  to  achieve  this,  we  put  the  right  resources   for  the  job.     The  name  comes  from  the  company’s  main  focus  of  creating  “synergy”  to  our  client’s  enterprise   “systems”.  We  work  with  clients/partners  to  deliver  top  quality  results  and  at  the  same  time   committing  to  our  estimates.       About  The  Team   William  Chan  currently  serves  as  the  President  /  Managing  Director  of  Synersys  Consulting.  He   has  over  17  years  of  IT  consulting  experience.  Before  starting  Synersys  Consulting,  he  worked   for  Oracle  /  SPL  Utilities  Global  Business  Unit,  served  in  different  roles  throughout  his  career  but   mostly  working  as  a  Project  Manager  and  Team  leader.  He  has  worked  on  wide  array  of  roles   spanning  from  Developer,  Designer,  Team  Lead,  Portfolio  Manager,  and  Support  Coordinator.   The   Team.   The   current   team   is   composed   of   PSERM,   CC&B,   and   OpenERP   experts   with   a   combined  experience  of  over  50  years,  with  experiences  ranging  from  developer,  designer,  and   team  lead.    Our  team  has  worked  on  more  than  20  clients  combined,  which  gives  the  team  a   wide  experience  on  different  requirements  of  clients.                  
  3. 3. 3   Our  Services   In  order  to  maximize  our  consultant’s  skills,  we  have  short-­‐listed  services  which  we  believe  will   provide  the  most  impact  to  our  partners  and  clients.     • Application  Support      Application  support  typically  covers:   o Support  of  custom  codes  such  as  plug-­‐ins,  interfaces,  and  reports;   o Development  of  new  custom  code;   o Install  base  product  patches.     • Consulting  Services   We  have  outlined  a  simple  and  straight-­‐forward  approach  when  working  on  change  requests:   o Discuss.  We  talk  to  client  or  business  owners  to  get  a  better  understanding  of   the  request.   o Analyze.  Based  on  the  requirements,  we  will  design  a  solution.   o Design.  Once  we  have  a  rough  solution,  we  will  provide  the  client  with  an  initial   estimate   of   the   development   efforts   for   approval   to   proceed   with   the   final   solution.  The  initial  estimate     step  is  to  provide  the  client  an  idea  of  the  potential  cost  and  to  decide  whether   to  proceed  or  not  before  racking  up  development  hours.   o Develop.  Once  the  final  solution  and  estimate  is  approved,  we  will  proceed  with   the  development  and  testing  of  the  requested  change.  We  are  committed  to  the   hours  we  estimated  and  will  do  everything  not  to  exceed  it  (except  when  the   client  makes  additional  design  changes).   o Release.   The   final   package   will   be   sent   to   the   client   for   UAT   testing   and   eventually  migration  to  the  Production  environment.     • Testing  Support     • Staff  Augmentation     • ERP  System  Implementation  &  Integration   • Environment  Support     • Training        
  4. 4. 4 Our  Clients  (direct  or  thru  partners):   For  PSERM     • Orlando  Utilities  Commission  –  US         For  CC&B   • Dutch  Tax  Office  –  Netherlands       • Tucson  Electric  Power  –  US     • Southern  Maryland  Electric  Cooperative  –  US       • Utilities  Inc  –  US   • Kansas  City  Power  &  Light  –  US     • Las  Vegas  Water  District  –  US   • City  of  Austin  –  US   • Transurban  –  Australia   • Aurora  Energy  –  Australia   • Trust  Power  –  New  Zealand   • EDFE  –  UK   • Nihonkai  Gas  –  Japan   • Baltimore  Gas  &  Electric  –  US   • Aboitiz  Power  –  Philippines     For  OpenERP   • APL  Corporate  Garments  Inc.  –  Philippines     Our  Partners   • D&B  Results  (   • Origin  Inc  (   • Split  Rock  International  (   • OpenERP                
  5. 5. 5 Our  Pricing     In  order  to  provide  clients  with  options,  we  offer  two  pricing  plan:   • T&E  –  Under  the  T&E  pay  plan,  the  client  is  charged  for  the  full  standard  hourly  rate  of  a   resource   depending   on   skills.   The   client   has   full   control   of   cost   with   no   upfront   obligation  but  Synersys  makes  no  commitment  of  resource  availability  and/or  response   time.     • Prepay  /  Retainer  –  The  client  “buys”  a  block  of  man-­‐hours  to  be  used  for  any  services   they  require  (except  for  Environment  support  which  is  T&E).  The  initial  block  of  hours   will  be  determined  by  the  client  depending  on  the  amount  of  work  projected  during  the   term   of   the   support.   In   cases   where   the   client   runs   out   of   hours,   they   can   purchase   again  another  block  of  man-­‐hours  to  be  used  within  the  same  term.  Once  the  term  has   passed,  the  unused  man-­‐hours  are  forfeited.    One  advantage  of  the  prepay  plan  is,  the   rate   is   fixed   regardless   of   services   and   skills   (except   for   Environment   support   &   Consulting  Services).           Contact  Information     For  PSERM  &  CC&B  services:     William  Chan   mobile:  +63  (917)  510-­‐9455         phone/fax:  +63  (2)  655-­‐2489   email:   For  OpenERP  services:     Marianne  Ortega   mobile:  +63  (917)  510-­‐9455         phone/fax:  +63  (2)  655-­‐2489   email:
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