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Zanna and Kaj building an organ


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With Orgelkids, children are empowered to build a working mechanical pipe organ.

Published in: Education
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Zanna and Kaj building an organ

  1. 1. Zanna and Kaj building an organ Working with Orgelkids’ organ kit
  2. 2. An organ in a box?
  3. 3. Constructing the frame
  4. 4. Sorting the keys
  5. 5. Check!
  6. 6. Placing the keys into the frame
  7. 7. Positioning the windchest
  8. 8. Connecting the keys
  9. 9. Positioning the reservoir
  10. 10. Connecting the bellows
  11. 11. Placing the sliders
  12. 12. Sorting the pipes
  13. 13. Installing the pipes
  14. 14. And …. play!
  15. 15. Questions? Want to bring Orgelkids to your school, class or group? Let us know! Orgelkids Coordinator for Eugene Chapter AGO: Erin Scheessele Contact: Orgelkids in the Netherlands: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @orgelkids