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U & I Brand Solutions


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Based in Surat, U & I Brand Solutions is a firm that has capability in seamless delivery of even the biggest of projects. From concept to design to execution, We have a team that can deliver!

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U & I Brand Solutions

  1. 1. we make the dil'"l‘erence. ..
  2. 2. /'7»? Brand Solutions Simple. Clever. Consistent. We will change how people think and feel about your brand.
  3. 3. Home ofbmndsolutions At uai Brand Solutions, we help you build stronger brands. We believe a brand is more than just a logo. Its a promise of quality and reputation. For us, a recognized brand is the most important asset for a company ; it extends marketing possibilities across industries. We understand the complexity involved in branding. We identify your problems and work with you to provide creative, immaculate and cost effective solutions. We are a one stop solution provider for all your advertising, branding and communication needs. Our work experience ranges from designing simple business card and logos to large interactive applications. We undertake every project related to onllne, offline and outdoor media campaigns — advertising campaigning, onllne marketing, Website design and development, events and exhibition management, in-office branding and much more. Our client portfolio is largely based on Logistic, Retail, FNCG, Banking, Luxury and Tele- communication but our vast expanse of knowledge and experience enables us to tackle challenging projects from any industry. Our end goal will always be to maximize brand impact and deliver results beyond both your and our expectations. . _’, . *lrulr0c. l:lL flan Uai Brand Solutions
  4. 4. Make your mark in your services by working with our dynamic and forward-thinking team.
  5. 5. Uai Brand Solutions 1.~. r-i, :4:i: “*mc We are a one of a kind company with in-house expertise in every element related to Brand Management, Creative Designing, Event Management, Web Solutions and PR. Ever since our establishment, we have gained experience by working with companies of all sizes, across various industries of India. We strive to give you a smooth experience while partnering with us and keep you coming back for more. BRANI
  6. 6. We will focus on Shaping up your Brand So it can reveal its true Identity.
  7. 7. .f i_l . “.: . j', ‘v': Advertising Campaign "53? Web Solutions Digital Marketing ‘is. 3.». F l . “ ill I § . . ,, . '.". l,': H‘. : Copy ‘ Writing Event Planning Promotion. Et Execution Pr 2 ii; A, : 1 l—’? ‘vj’: i (‘gr 1." Social f~‘. t&dl-? i Mar'kelIr‘: g 52;’ iirmt: .'7:i! .'. !:! :!. i.i;
  8. 8. From Concept to Design to Execution When results matter, we have need a team that can deliver.
  9. 9. our creative We can successfully provide you measurable results owing to our dedicated and experienced in-house staff. Our team of experts include : a Brand Manager Event Manager Communication Consultant Event Production Team Conceptualizer ‘ Copy Writer - Graphic Designer Online Developer Web Designer Blogger PR Team Mei Brand Solutions
  10. 10. We will help you take your brand to the next level l
  11. 11. :1 u 5;. for brand solutions We know that you need unique media solutions because. ... Every client is different. Every campaign is targeted. Every brand is distinct. Every challenge is specific. Which is why you should consider our services. We are dedicated, good at what we do and enthusiastic about tackling difficult requirement. We help our clients communicate and build relationships with consumers around their products and brands. We drive effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of advertising and marketing in a way others simply don't. We are the Complete Marketing Process Outsourcing Company. CZDWW ueii Brand Solutions
  12. 12. We will let your growth speak for itself.
  13. 13. 3‘-'. I ' C ill I I ), ='(j 1 awn 3.m‘_.1.m~~ I , I ' i ' - . Chhattisgarh , wlkajasthan‘. ‘Madhya Pradesh] . V/ ' Maharashtral_ r‘; Gujarat V / ,1 Andhra Himachal Pradesh: 1Pradesh ft - — / f’ ‘ '~/ ‘T17’ 9 Delhi mi “| :ii’ii3r-st‘ ~‘ Uuar I . V flradesh ‘ ~’ ’. !'. |~ 1 = ‘.~*7’! =-, 'i‘. l‘-. !', !=I»‘. Goa
  14. 14. Maintaining a long term relationship with clients has always been our top priority. We have acquired these prestigious clients by providing them value for money through precision in planning, a high level of service and good administration.
  15. 15. our strength U $3 i Brand Solutions We pride ourselves for having had the opportunity of planning and executing some of the most challenging and stimulating projects for our esteemed clients across the country. 9.. 9 .0 61? 69 , ,,¢, ,,, ,,, alrtel indicom 1-A1-A wlsnmw-no 7? * 3 -‘,7, . =.. ... ... .. em» '(/1NlSl-IQ E “ta: -'2‘= =§ dlnh ° -. VIIAMI VKUD ". "' a'ga- ' {H V ‘cot7§, l§§I 3 : .:: :.. -'3. _, GNP it '. ‘ wen —~~-—~ @ GD '4‘ ‘i? i, Q E “: "'. '*ér' Q
  16. 16. Uei Brand Solutions A Unit of U&i Resources Pvt. Ltd. 210, Regent Square, Above D’Mart, Gangeshwar Mahadev Road, Adajan, Surat - 395009. T : 0261-6999222, M : 98250 99415, 99252 22200 Web : www. uirpl. com, E-mail : info@uandibrandsolutions. com