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Nutravedic’s Social Media Campaign- March 2016


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Zota Health Care‘s Nutravedic is an effort to bring a health revolution in our much busy lifestyle where nutritions are at low and stress levels are high.

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Nutravedic’s Social Media Campaign- March 2016

  1. 1. Nutravedic’s Social Media Campaign- March 2016 #livenutra
  2. 2. Theme & Motive of the Campaign! • Theme Nutravedic is highly known for its range of products which have ayurveda influence and no harsh chemicals involved. The theme was to highlight hair care, skin care and baby care. The vector images used reflect the benefit of the product accurately too. • Motive The motive of this campaign was to highlight the benefits of the products available on the portal. The #livenutra depicts the importance of choosing natural and beneficial products when it comes to personal care or your baby’s care too.