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  1. 1. Funky R/C Hobbies 11 HOBBY PACK 1998-99 U D Series 2 BASKETBALL: MICHAEL JORDAN; DIRKNOWITZKI RCby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 30, 2011RC HELICOPTERS Street Sign hobby model builder radio control planes gift US $7.99 End Date: Wednesday Nov-30-2011 14:58:30 PST Buy It Now for only: US $7.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list2006 UPPER DECK SPX FOOTBALL HOBBY BOX (18) PACKS AUTOGRAPHEDRC PATCH CARDS US $54.95 End Date: Wednesday Nov-30-2011 15:12:07 PST Buy It Now for only: US $54.95 Buy it now | Add to watch list1999 SP AUTHENTIC FOOTBALL HOBBY BOX AUTOGRAPHED RC US $62.95 End Date: Wednesday Nov-30-2011 15:21:44 PST Buy It Now for only: US $62.95 Buy it now | Add to watch listTaggedas: 199899, BASKETBALL, DIRK, hobby, JORDAN, MICHAEL, NOWITZKI, PACK, Series{ 0 comments }What are the laws regarding flying rc aircraft?by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 29, 2011Question by Mr T: What are the laws regarding flying rc aircraft?Is it legal to fly rc helicopters/airplanes anywhere? Do you have to get some sort of license?Is it possible/legal to take aerial photography from them?Best answer:Answer by hemi426moparYou need a AMA licence,if you want to do it legally,and a feild for permited AMA licencedflyres,go to your hobby shop and they’ll hook you up.What do you think? Answer below!
  2. 2. Tagged as: aircraft, flying, laws, regarding{ 1 comment }ZD FLY Fantasy Racer at Rob’s RC HobbiesNOVEMBER 28, 2011CERMARK demo flying ZD FLY – Fantasy Racer RTF kit at Rob’s R/C Hobbies 15071Goldenwest Huntington Beach CA 92647. The RTF or Ready To Fly version comes with 2.4gHz radio, Neodym NEO-10 brushless, 50 Amp ESC, Amped-Up 3S 2200mah LiPo, charger,4 servos installed in painted EPP foam body. This particular one was [...]Read the full article →1999 FLEER TRADITION NFL FOOTBALL SEALED HOBBY BOX *RC*NOVEMBER 26, 2011Read the full article →Edwards Talks CRT Bikes and Boot CampNOVEMBER 25, 2011Edwards Talks CRT Bikes and Boot Camp The camp also offers RC cars, go-karts, paintball,pool and ping pong, and pretty much anything else the campers might want-water sports onnearby Lake Conroe were part of one camp-but those diversions got little attention. "Webrought all the bells … Read more on Cycle News MotorStorm [...]Read the full article →rc helicopters?NOVEMBER 24, 2011Question by Tennessee Fisherman: rc helicopters? I am intrested in getting into rchelicopters. (hihghends) not what comes from walmart I was wondering what a good one is? Ihave a hobby shop in my city and i am going there this week. I need opinions. Im 15… arethey hard to learn? Any videos [...]Read the full article →RC Cars!!!?NOVEMBER 23, 2011Question by Marc A: RC Cars!!!? hi I’ve been wanting to get into the hobby of building myown rc cars nitro or battery powered. but i’ve been looking for a site where it give lessons fornoobs and introduces this cool hobby but i couldnt find one perhaps some of u people mightknow [...]Read the full article →The Cool World of RC carsNOVEMBER 22, 2011Article by jeffrey ignativs RC Car are becoming more and more popular among all differentages groups. RC cars and the RC world in general, is a hobby that can totally consume yourlife… and your wallet. It doesn’t have to though. When I first became interested in RC carracing, all I wanted was [...]
  3. 3. Read the full article →Harry Helicopter Training SyllabusNOVEMBER 21, 2011Harry Helicopter Training Syllabus Harrys Ebook Is Based On A Typical Helicopter TrainingSyllabus And Serves As A Preparation Guide That Offers Advice And Other UsefullInformation To Students Busy Or Starting With Their Helicopter Private Pilots License.Harry Helicopter Training SyllabusRead the full article →Buy Christmas Gifts Now For Up To 90% DiscountsNOVEMBER 20, 2011Hong Kong, China (PRWEB) November 18, 2011 The season of joy is here and to celebratethis season, DinoDirect has placed over 400,000 of their products on sale. This is the storesbiggest sale of the year, and it features most of the stores top products; offered with up to90% discounts rates. DinoDirects [...]Read the full article →Aerobatic AircraftCan you help answer a “survey” for my class?by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011Question by Aviation or Bust: Can you help answer a “survey” for my class?OK I admit it. I procrastinated. But if you guys could help it would be great. I really just needyou to look through this little “quiz” and give me the answer you think each question shouldbe. Just the letters in an answer numbered from 1-10 will be enough. Please work alone, andtry your hardest but don’t worry about guessing. You aren’t expected to know any of this.I think I’ll just randomize and choose best answer that way. Thanks.THIS IS ALL ABOUT RADIO CONTROL AIRPLANES1) An airplane is flying with a steady 5 mph tail wind. It is moving 20 mph relative to theground. The airplane stalls at an airspeed of 10 mph at the present angle of attack. How muchcan the plane slow down, relative to the ground, before it will stall?A) 15 mphB) 5 mphC) 10 mphD) The plane is already stalling.
  4. 4. 2) If an elevator servo freezes on an aircraft in flight, the pilot will find it most difficult to:A) Pitch the nose up or downB) Roll (bank) the planeC) Yaw the nose right or leftD) Increase or decrease throttle3) What is one example of what setting “expo” can do?A) It makes the plane more efficient by keeping all control surfaces as flat as possible, oftenby “stiffening” the servo to eliminate flutter.B) It makes the plane more aerobatic by increasing servo travel, and hence the totalmovement of the control surfaces.C) It makes the control surfaces move less with the sticks at neutral, and at an increasing ratewhen moving away from neutral.D) It makes the control surfaces move at different amounts depending on the plane’sairspeed.4) A mode 2 transmitter has elevator and aileron control on the right stick, and throttle andrudder control on the left. In contrast, a mode 1 transmitter has:A) The same layout. The mode refers to the modulation of the radio.B) Throttle and aileron on the right stick, and elevator and rudder on the left.C) Throttle and rudder on the right stick, and elevator and aileron on the left.D) Rudder and aileron on the right stick, and elevator and throttle on the left.5) A 2700 Kv motor with no load should:A) Spin the shaft at 2700 RPM for every volt supplied.B) Spin the shaft at 270 RPM for every volt supplied.C) Spin the shaft at 2700 RPM regardless of voltage.D) Spin the shaft at 270 RPM regardless of voltage.6) For a traditional aircraft, a good rule of thumb is to have the center of gravity (CG)approximately where?A) Slightly before the leading edge of the wing.B) Slightly behind the trailing edge of the wing.C) Right in the center of the fuselage.D) Approximately 1/3 of the way back of the wing from the leading edge.
  5. 5. 7) A slightly underpowered RC plane stalls 100 feet above the ground. Which of these is thepilot’s best option?A) Cut throttle immediately and keep the nose pointing straight and level.B) Increase throttle and decrease the angle of the nose.C) Increase throttle and increase the angle of the nose.D) Maintain the current power and immediately enter a turn. Model aircraft have a reserved frequency band. What is it?A) 72 MHz in America and Canada, and 35 MHz in EuropeB) 56 MHz in America and Canada, and 15 MHz in EuropeC) 49 MHz in America and Canada, and 58 MHz in EuropeD) 27 MHz in America and Canada, and 80 MHz in Europe9) A pilot rolls his plane out onto the runway, nose facing toward him. He then conducts aquick pre-flight check. He pushes the aileron stick to the right. Provided everything isoperating correctly, what should he observe?A) The aileron to the pilot’s right will go up, and the aileron on the pilots left will go down.B) The aileron on the pilot’s right will go down, and the other will remain motionless.C) The aileron to the pilot’s right will go down, and the aileron on the pilot’s left will go up.D) The aileron on the pilot’s left will go down, and the other will remain motionless.10) When one is balancing a battery, they are:A) Equalizing the voltage between two or more cells.B) Adjusting it so that power is constant throughout flight.C) Charging it in small increments to eliminate the effects of voltage drop.D) Making sure it is at the same charge level as the person’s other batteries.It’s for psychology. We’re supposed to make a test and analyze the results.Half of those tested should be within the “subculture” (they fly radio control aircraft) and theother half should be clueless. Believe it or not there are actually interesting trends from thosethat don’t know about RC planes from the 7 tested so far, showing weaknesses in the test.Best answer:Answer by love, liz♥FAILED.Give your answer to this question below!
  6. 6. { Comments on this entry are closed }R/c Electric Airplanes And E-booksby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011R/c Electric Airplanes And E-booksEasy To Understand R/c E-books. Simple To Build And Fly PDF Plan Based ElectricParkjets With Professional Support And Community Forums.R/c Electric Airplanes And E-books{ Comments on this entry are closed }Spitfire Mk IXNOVEMBER 9, 2011Spitfire Mk IX By Biggles Elder Brother First, the build – well more of an assembly than abuild and extremely straightforward with excellent instructions – not that youd need themreally if you had any knowledge at all of R/C aircraft!. Everything was present … Read moreon ModelFlyingRead the full article →Pilot RC Edge 540NOVEMBER 9, 2011Brian Luckett flying the 100cc Pilot RC Edge 540, DA 120 JC SuperProp 28×10Read the full article →How do you make RC helicopter blades?by ADMIN on DECEMBER 1, 2011[EDIT]Question by Karim Psp: How do you make RC helicopter blades?Im making a RC helicopter and want to know the best method to make a rc helicopter bladethat doesn’t require expensive material and id simple to make.Please no purchasing things offthe internet or guiding me to a website thanks! Also if you know how to maake stableizersthat would help too!Best answer:Answer by Timwell, there are three materials used for RC copter bladeswood, fiberglass, and carbon fiberwood is cheapest, but best for beginnersfiberglass is in between, and a little more expensive, but strongercarbon fiber is the best and strongest, but is the most expensiveAdd your own answer in the comments!
  7. 7. { Comments on this entry are closed }Mundus Group, Inc. Announces a Strategic Partnership with Airstar International, Inc. andLongtime Co-developer and Consultant Josef Joebstlby ADMIN on DECEMBER 1, 2011[EDIT]Ventura, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2008AeroplanesMundus Group, Inc. (“The Company”) The Company and its subsidiary, Roadable Aircraft(RAI), welcome Mr. Joebstl to lead the Remote Controlled Unmanned Air Vehicle (RCUAV) technology team. Mr. Joebstl was an integral part of the 2003 RAI team that developedand built the first UAV VTOL prototype (Vertical Take Off & Landing) Vehicle under RAI’s3 year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Naval Air WarfareCenter Weapons Division at Pt. Mugu, California.The Company, a leader in VTOL aerospace technology and AirStar, a worldwide leader inremote controlled VTOL camera copters for surveillance, aerial photography and aerialdelivery systems for environmental compliance, announces this strategic partnership in aneffort to gain a market advantage with little competition in this lucrative UAV aerialsurveillance niche. The Company is offering its revolutionary patented VTOL technology inan unmanned version. The counter rotating propellers are completely enclosed, offering amyriad of possible solutions as an unmanned VTOL robotic delivery system. The new-ductedfan technology will replace the current state of the art AirStar Systems in service withgovernment agencies worldwide and will be leased on a contractual basis to municipalities.Mundus Group, Inc. is a growing diversified holding company comprised of subsidiarieswithin complimentary industry segments. From State of the Art, RC Remote ControlledUnmanned UAV Air Vehicles for aerial camera movie production and environmental testingto advanced VTOL aerospace technology for civilian and military uses, Mundus Group, developing broad product and service offerings to provide economic protection and growthopportunities for investors. At its core the Mundus Group is an aerospace TechnologiesConsortium providing patented UAV VTOL technology fusing Computer assisted auto flightand composite technologies.As a Parent Holding company, Mundus Group functions from the perspective of a design-engineering firm. This is the nucleolus that directs what acquisitions are made and creates
  8. 8. strategic alliances, develops proprietary technology and patents that bring the expertise andcreate the real value for the Mundus Group. The Company expects to retain the strongmanagement teams in each business unit, capitalizing on their local knowledge ofcompetitors and operating climate, along with their loyal customer relationships.For more information please visit: .###{ Comments on this entry are closed } Debuts Rockin Racecars, Planes & Much More for the RC HobbyistDECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]Shawnee On Del, PA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 03, 2011 Web entrepreneur Frank Santana ispleased to announce the publication of his brand-new online store, Launched in December 2010, the web business wasdeveloped to provide online shoppers with a premium selection of RC hobbies, spare parts,accessories and upgrades. Ive been toying with RC [...]Read the full article →What are the items on Nintendogs?DECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]Question by *ℓιzzιє ℓσνєs мυsι¢*: What are the items on Nintendogs? I have these items andI KNOW there are more. If you know any, could you please tell me? Thanks!! :] SPORTS: -White Rubber Bone -Blue Rubber Bone -Bicolor Rubber Bone -Tennis Ball -Bark Ball -Rubber Mushroom -Soccer Ball -Dice Cushion -Terry Cloth Cube [...]Read the full article →Blade MCX2DECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]Blade MCX2 Image by Michael @ NW Lens Blade MCX2 ultra-micro 4-channel RChelicopter patrolling the air space in my home office. One of the best toys I’ve ever boughtmyself!Read the full article →Air Hogs Launches SwitchBlade Rich Media Ad Game and WebsiteDECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]
  9. 9. Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2009 Kids can experience the latest innovative toyfrom Air Hogs and challenge their friends by playing the free online game This interactive game allows users to virtually play the Air HogsSwitchBlade RC toy. The game is featured for a limited time on favorite kids sites [...]Read the full article →rc cars accessories in BangaloreDECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]rc cars,buggys,truckes,elc cars etc…Read the full article →RC Airplane Parts Inventory Software – FREEDECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]For radio control airplane hobbyists – there is a neat software program that lets you organizeyour RC airplane parts, accessories, batteries, servos, motors etc easily. At the moment, it isavailable for free for anyone who wants to download it. The website address iswww.modelhobbyreports.comRead the full article →What is the best go-to guide concerning RC helicopters?DECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]Question by Howeman: What is the best go-to guide concerning RC helicopters? I ambecomming interested in buying a RC helicopter but I know relativly nothing. I would like tofind a online guide that can tell me the different types of helicopters, the different parts andaccessories that make it up, basic flying instruction, [...]Read the full article →Harry Helicopter Training SyllabusDECEMBER 1, 2011 [EDIT]Harry Helicopter Training Syllabus Harrys Ebook Is Based On A Typical Helicopter TrainingSyllabus And Serves As A Preparation Guide That Offers Advice And Other UsefullInformation To Students Busy Or Starting With Their Helicopter Private Pilots License.Harry Helicopter Training SyllabusRead the full article →RC_Airplane-3by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011
  10. 10. RC_Airplane-3Image by dagnyg{ Comments on this entry are closed }Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte – Maxwell’s Houseby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte – Maxwell’s Housefrom Maxwell’s HousePrice: USD 0View Details about Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte{ Comments on this entry are closed }Nitro Rc Engine Tuning SoftwareNOVEMBER 9, 2011Nitro Rc Engine Tuning Software An Almost Untapped Niche And Sub Niches That WillProduce Great Sales. This Software Has Only Been Offered Directly And To One Sub NicheOnly. Software Will Allow Tuning And Modification Of Nitro Radio Control EnginesQuickly And Easily. Nitro Rc Engine Tuning SoftwareRead the full article →
  11. 11. Worlds Largest Model RC PlaneNOVEMBER 9, 2011A friend show me this greate video and I want it to share with you this, is the Worlds LargestModel RC Plane I ever see. [from] Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →RC Airplanes?NOVEMBER 9, 2011Question by ER: RC Airplanes? I am looking for a RC Airplane fourm to join.Thanks!! Bestanswer: Answer by Dan Aheres a few Add yourown answer in the comments!Read the full article →Soar to New Heights with Remote Control Aircrafts from RCAirplaneBonanza.comNOVEMBER 9, 2011Cibolo, TX (PRWEB) July 20, 2011 Web entrepreneur, Louis Chatman, is proud to unveil hisonline hobby shop, The site, launched in May 2011, ishost to a comprehensive collection of affordable remote control airplanes, helicopters, andaccessories of exceptional quality. As a child growing up, I always loved model aircraft, saidChatman. [...]Read the full article →R/C Aircraft?by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 13, 2011Question by youngfellow: R/C Aircraft?Is there any r/c aircraft that can fly up to 100miles per hour, battery or gas that last up to 10hours or better, and can be control when the plane is 100 km away from you ? I am planningto fly a r/c plane to a country and take pics of it when airborne. Will it be detected on radar ?Best answer:Answer by allawishesIsraeli drone yes radar is going ketch youWhat do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Global Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment Market to Reach US$3.9 Billion by 2017,According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, ADMIN on NOVEMBER 13, 2011San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 09, 2011
  12. 12. Follow us on LinkedIn – The global market for Air Traffic Control Equipment (ATC) hasevolved over the years to become one of the most focused areas in the aviation industry.Industrial development and expansion in commercial operations of business organizationsacross the globe have over the years supported the development of ATC equipment market.This is because any development in business activity translates into increased business trips,rise in air passenger traffic, and subsequent demand for more number of air flights inoperation, thereby creating the demand for sophisticated air traffic management solutionssuch as ATC equipment. Growth in number of air travelers on pleasure trips and studentexchange programs have also added substantial percentage of air traffic to the global aviationsector over the years, thereby boosting market prospects further for ATC equipment. Increasein airfreight volume and subsequent rise in number of air flights dedicated to airfreighttransport has also generated great demand for ATC equipment over the years.Passenger safety and comfort have been the primary motivating factors for adoption of ATCequipment worldwide. With increase in frequency of air traffic movements across the globe,efficient management of air traffic communication, navigation and surveillance represent keyperformance deliverables for the aviation industry, thereby driving demand for sophisticatedATC equipment such as ATC communications equipment, ATC navigation equipment, andATC surveillance equipment.The business case for ATC Equipment goes beyond temporary weaknesses witnessed in theeconomic climate as is illustrated by the 2007-2009 recession. Although the recent recessiontook a huge bite out of the global airline traffic volumes, the focus on airport infrastructureinvestment remained largely unchanged, given that investments in ATC equipments areclosely tied to airspace safety, efficiency in direct routing, improved system capacity, andlesser air flight delays. Also, ATC, which forms a vital part of airport development projectshave a long gestation period, and prolonged cutbacks in ATC investments in the aerospaceindustry, in addition, runs the risk of compounding cost pressure problems arising out ofincreased congestion in the post recession period. The negative influence of congestioninduced higher costs for the air transport industry thus induces a concerted focus on aviationinfrastructure planning and investment. Growth patterns in the market recorded over therecession period indicate that fears over neglect of infrastructure as a result of the financialpressure exerted by the recession are unfounded especially against a backdrop whereinternational air transport is considered a world system and an indispensable component ofworld business globalization. Also, recovery in business, tourism and trade partially dependsupon the robustness of air infrastructure and maintenance of air links. Interestingly,
  13. 13. equipment failures in ATC can actually exacerbate the blow on airlines, which are alreadyboxed in with economic issues.The industry, however, has not been completely recession-proof with growth ebbed by over1.2% in the year 2009, largely as a result of budgetary constraints for new projects resultingin postponement and/or cancellation of new airport constructions or airport renovations, andaircraft purchases. Environmental concerns and unstable fuel prices, which even earlier raisedquestions about the environmental and economic viability of airline operations, additionallyweighed down upon the market during the year. However, government investments inregional aviation infrastructure projects such as new terminal facilities, airports, andinstallation of new aircraft communications, navigation, surveillance and air trafficmanagement (CNS/ATM) systems, are lesser sensitive to the recession. Also, resurgence inpassenger and cargo traffic and congestion woes helped the year 2010 to make a smartrecovery.As the global skies become increasingly overcrowded, ATC equipment in most countries willrequire significant upgradation and improvement to prevent disastrous disruption in airtraffic, thus presenting sanguine business prospects in the upcoming years. Continuedincrease in passenger traffic, improvement in credit market, better financing options, andincreased budgetary allocations for infrastructure developments will surely reshape businesspractices in the aviation industry, thereby driving substantial opportunities for ATCequipment market.As stated by the new market research report, Europe and United States account for a majorshare of the global Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment market. Although developedmarkets such as Europe and North America have been the traditional revenue contributors inthe market, developing markets such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America and Middle East areexpected to turbo-charge future growth in the upcoming years. By segment, ATCCommunication Systems is the largest contributor to revenues. ATC CommunicationSystems is also forecast to be the fastest growing segment within the global Air TrafficControl (ATC) Equipment market. US market revenues for Navigation Equipment areexpected to surge at a CAGR of 4.3% over the analysis period.Major players in the global marketplace include Advanced Navigation & PositioningCorporation Inc, The Aeronav Group, BAE Systems Plc, Becker Avionics Inc., C.N.S.Systems AB, Frequentis AG, Gallium Visual Systems Inc., Harris Corporation, Indra
  14. 14. Sistemas S.A, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Company,Siqura, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Telephonics Corp, and Thales Group.The research report titled Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment: A Global Strategic BusinessReport announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review ofmarket trends, issues, drivers, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategicindustry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections (US$ Million) formajor geographic markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,and Rest of World. Product segments analyzed include ATC Communications Equipment(ATC Communication Systems, ATC Radio & Recording Equipment, and ATC SwitchingEquipment), ATC Navigation Equipment (ATC En Route Navigation Aids, and ATCLanding Aids), and ATC Surveillance Equipment (ATC Radar Based Equipment, andAutomatic Dependence Surveillance Systems).For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit Global Industry Analysts, Inc.Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research.Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually,GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market andtechnology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest andreputed market research firms.Follow us on LinkedInGlobal Industry Analysts, Inc.Telephone: 408-528-9966Fax: 408-528-9977Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)comWeb Site:
  15. 15. { Comments on this entry are closed }I am building a RC aircraft, and am wondering which radio frequency has the greatest range.?NOVEMBER 13, 2011Question by Gabe: I am building a RC aircraft, and am wondering which radio frequency hasthe greatest range.? I have a small gas engine, and am looking to make an RC airplane with acamera for aerial photography(preferably video also). Any advice on how to transmit thevideo signal back to a laptop or [...]Read the full article →Soar to New Heights with Remote Control Aircrafts from RCAirplaneBonanza.comNOVEMBER 13, 2011Cibolo, TX (PRWEB) July 20, 2011 Web entrepreneur, Louis Chatman, is proud to unveil hisonline hobby shop, The site, launched in May 2011, ishost to a comprehensive collection of affordable remote control airplanes, helicopters, andaccessories of exceptional quality. As a child growing up, I always loved model aircraft, saidChatman. [...]Read the full article →Remote InfluenceNOVEMBER 13, 2011Remote Influence If You Want To Be Successful On The Internet Or In Mailorder, You MustPersuade And Influence By Remote Means. Do You Know How? Remote InfluenceRead the full article →Which Radio-controlled aircraft(rcplane) is best for me,?NOVEMBER 13, 2011Question by Yousaf465: Which Radio-controlled aircraft(rcplane) is best for me,? I Need onewhich is hand Hand launched,robust,cheap,crash resistant? Best answer: Answer byCaptnJ2008You can find a lot of information about beginner rc aircraft at this website What do you think? Answerbelow!Read the full article →Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte – Maxwell’s HouseNOVEMBER 13, 2011Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte – Maxwell’s House from Maxwell’s House Price: USD 0View Details about Ray Maxwell and Leo Laporte
  16. 16. Read the full article →Radio-controlled aircraft operators turn out for East Texas fun flyNOVEMBER 13, 2011Radio-controlled aircraft operators turn out for East Texas fun fly Elfstrom, of Longview,was one of about 20 pilots to display their radio-controlled aircraft Saturday at an air field onCherokee Street as part of the East Texas Aeromodelers annual Toys for Tots Fun Fly. “Thisis what makes it worth it,” pilot … Read [...]Read the full article →Portrait Artist Chris Saper and Phoenix Children’s Hospital Unveil Posthumous Portrait ofMelvin L. Cohen, MD, November, 10, 2011NOVEMBER 13, 2011Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) November 12, 2011 Portrait painter Chris Saper was invited to sharethe stage Thursday night with physician and hospital leaders in honoring Dr Mel Cohen’sservice to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As the hospital’s first and only Director of MedicalEducation, Dr Cohen has been a major influence in the conception and development [...]Read the full article → – RC MicroFlight Podcast – Indoor Micro R/CAirplanesNOVEMBER 13, – RC MicroFlight Podcast – Indoor Micro R/CAirplanes from RC MicroFlight Podcast – Indoor Micro R/C Airplanes Price: USD 0 ViewDetails about www.plantraco.comRead the full article →R/C pilotby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011R/C pilot
  17. 17. Image by glsolSee where this picture was taken. [?]{ Comments on this entry are closed }New Book: RCadvisor’s Model Airplane Design Made Easyby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) April 1, has just released a new model airplane design book. Easily build and fly yourvery own model airplane design. Using clear explanations, the reader learns about importantdesign trade-offs and how to make the right decisions.All Reviewers are RavingThis is what Greg Gimlick, Electrics columnist of Model Aviation magazine, had to say:“This book is a joy to read! The writing style and wit add dimension in a way that is rarelyfound in today’s reference materials. If someone has considered designing their own airplaneand been put off because of complicated formulas, vocabulary and reference style that wouldbore even an engineer, this will convince them to go ahead and try it. Written with realpeople in mind and not engineers – and I mean that in a good way. This is a book that willreside along the other favorites on my bookshelf. Carlos really managed to produce a bookthat will last a long time and become one of the standards for modelers.”Comprehensive CoverageWhen it makes sense to use one of the innovative KFm airfoils.The latest research and techniques are explained in clear language.The special challenges faced by the smaller models and how to overcome them.Easy rules for selecting the right power system.Pros and cons of canard and multi-wing configurations.How to choose the right material for each part of the airplane.A step-by-step design process that includes goal setting and flight testing.In-depth discussions of important topics like airfoils and wing design.The sources of air drag and how to minimize their impact.Availability
  18. 18. The book is available now from and online bookstores such book is just $ 19.95. All direct orders are autographed. For a limited time book orders getfree shipping in the United States.The book and a one year subscription to RCadvisor’s calculator is just $ 29.95. That is a $ 10discount over the regular price. This subscription unlocks the EZ Optimizer and all the otheradvanced calculator features.About RCadvisor.comRCadvisor’s goal is to help individuals design and build better flying model aircraft throughthe use of an advanced online model airplane calculator. Founding in 2007,Carlos Reyes has had lifelong love affairs with airplanes and computers. He holds a PrivatePilot-Glider Certificate from the FAA and has enjoyed flying model airplanes his entire life.A Computer Science degree from Columbia University and 25 years of computerprogramming experience prepared him well to tackle programming the calculator.Book DetailsTitle: RCadvisor’s Model Airplane Design Made EasySubtitle: The Simple Guide to Designing R/C Model Aircraft or Build Your Own RadioControl Flying Model PlanePaperback: 208 pagesPublisher: (January 28, 2009)ISBN: 978-0-9822613-2-3LCCN: 2009900547Web Links
  19. 19. Reyes2200 Elizabeth St NEAlbuquerque, NM 87112-3037http://www.rcadvisor.com1-505-206-1569###{ Comments on this entry are closed }R/C Aircraft?NOVEMBER 9, 2011Question by youngfellow: R/C Aircraft? Is there any r/c aircraft that can fly up to 100milesper hour, battery or gas that last up to 10 hours or better, and can be control when the plane is100 km away from you ? I am planning to fly a r/c plane to a country and [...]Read the full article →2010 Vacation – North Bend State Park – 02 001-300by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011
  20. 20. 2010 Vacation – North Bend State Park – 02 001-300Image by Paul-WR.C. Marshall Hardware store in Cairo, West VirginiaVacation stop at North Bend State Park, WVAugust 2010{ Comments on this entry are closed }Your Essential Bike Buying Guideby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011Your Essential Bike Buying GuideA Comprehensive Step-by-step Guide On How To Find And Buy Your Perfect Bike.Everything From Setting A Budget To Finding The Bike, What To Look For, ComparingDifferent Features, Where To Buy It From And How To Negotiate The Best Deal.Your Essential Bike Buying Guide
  21. 21. { Comments on this entry are closed }Remote controlled bike.?NOVEMBER 9, 2011Question by Timothy Y: Remote controlled bike.? My friend and I ar making a remotecontrolled bike that has a skelatin for a prodject. Any advice. Best answer: Answer by LeslieQDon’t forget training wheels, otherwise the bike will tip over. Maybe this wiring websitewill help if you run into probs: What [...]Read the full article →