QA Automation Testing Online Training in Hyderabad


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QA Automation Testing Online Training in Hyderabad,QA Automation Testing Online Training in India,QA Automation Testing Online Training in USA

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QA Automation Testing Online Training in Hyderabad

  1. 1. United Global Soft Call : +91 8099902123(IND) +1-201-710-8393(USA) Email :
  2. 2.  United Global Soft, We are into corporate trainings. With our Expertise, we are helping many professionals to groom themselves in their concerning areas so that they perform and will become a key resource to their company. We conduct Training Programs to skyrocket your career in IT Industry. Workshop will be conducted by the industry experts who worked across the globe to share their valuable experiences using real-time case studies, current industry technologies, tools, techniques, methodologies and models. Email :
  3. 3. Course Content : 1. INTRODUCTION Introduction to Automation Testing Need of Automation Testing Framework to learn any Automated Tool Types of Automated Tool History of QTP 2. BASICS OF QTP Anatomy of QTP Record and Run Settings Recordings Recordings Modes VB Script Object Repository Types of Object Repository Email :
  4. 4. Course Content : Operations on Object Respository Object Repository Manager Operational overview of Recording and Running Object Identification Smart Identification Object Spy 3. QTP LIFE CYCLE Test Planning Generating the Basic Test Enhancing the Test Debugging the Test Test Execution Result Analysis Email :
  5. 5. Course Content : 4. ACTIONS Introduction Types of Actions Creating New Actions Splitting Actions Renaming Actions Working with Data Table Action Sheets Working with Input and Output Parameters 5. LIBRARIES Introduction Creating Library Files Associating Recovery Files Email :
  6. 6. Course Content : 6. RECOVERY SCENARIO TECHNIQUES Introduction Creating the Recovery Files Associating Recovery Files 7. DESCRIPTIVE PROGRAMMING Introduction Creating Descriptive scripts Advantages 8. REGULAR EXPRESSIONS 9. AUTOMATION OBJECT MODEL 10. Object Repositories Framework Linear Framework Modular Framework Keyword Driven Framework Hybrid Framework Email :
  7. 7.  Course Content : 11. VB Script VBScript language overview Variables, Constants, Data Types, Arrays, Conditional Statements, Looping Statements, Different Types of Statements Types of operators Procedures 1.Sub Procedures 2.Function Procedures Pre-defined Functions 1.Date and Time functions 2.String functions 3.Conversion functions 4.Trimming functions 5.Other functions Email :
  8. 8.  Course Content : 12. OVERVIEW ON QUALITY CENTER Introduction to Test Management Working with Site Administrator 1.Create domain 2.Create Project 3.Creating Users 4.Assigning Users to Projects Working with quality center 1.Creating Requirements 2.Test Plan 3.Test Cases Preparation 4.Exporting Test Cases From Excel File To Q.C. 5.Test Execution 6.Defects 7.Integration with QTP 8.Reports, Graphs, Documents Email :
  9. 9.  Course Content : 13. OVERVIEW ON LOAD RUNNER Introduction of LoadRunner LoadRunner Testing Process LoadRunner Architecture 1.Virtual User Generator  What are virtual users?  Creating VU Script  Transaction Points  Rendezvous Point LoadRunner Controller 1.Design Scenario 2.Add Group 3.Add V-Users 4.Configuring Runtime settings Load Generator Analysis 1.Analyze the result Email :
  10. 10. Our Training Features :  Job oriented real time Training.  Exercise Real time project explanation & Practical  Training material provided (Soft copy also provided).  Personal care for each Trainee.  Resume preparation & Placement Assistance.  Interview Preparation Tips & Sample Interview Questions. Email :