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My friends

  1. 1. My Friends
  2. 2. Anne Xie Anne Xie was the first friend I made when I was adopted and moved to New Jersey. We’ve been friends since preschool . Although I now live down here in North Carolina, she still lives in New Jersey with our other friends. Both of her parents are Asian, she’s not adopted and she is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. She falls into the stereotypical idea of “Asian,” she always makes A’s, she plays the piano, her grandparents from her father’s side live with them, and she goes to Chinese school to maintain her fluency in Mandarin along with her regular school. Both of her parents are doctors and they both grew up in China. Anne however was actually born here in the States. We still talk and keep in touch but we haven’t seen each other since the last I visited the Adironacks in New York. She plans on going to college to be a lawyer. But she, unlike me, actually wants to have children later in her life.
  3. 3. Mio Medin Mio Medin is one of my friends I have had since I lived in New Jersey. Like me, she is also adopted. Our families, along with many others, would meet every summer in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. It was some group called Families with Children from China, FCC for short. We haven’t hung out in years either, it gets pretty difficult to see my old friends up north often. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her adoptive parents and her biological older sister who’s now in college. Mio is one year younger than me so she is now a junior in High school. She still isn’t sure what she wants to do with her life. She is not a stereotypical Asian like Anne, she’s a bit more like me except she parties more. Mio along with our friend Julia is one of the few people that I still keep in touch with from the FCC group.
  4. 4. Aimee Lamb Aimee Lamb is actually one of my god-siblings. Her family lives in Connecticut. Her family has sixteen children, fourteen of which are adopted from various places in Asia. Perhaps this is why she chose to teach English in Taiwan. She has been teaching there for the past four years and she loves it, she loves traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. When I was younger she actually used to babysit me in the summer when we went to the Adirondacks-her family, the giant Lamb family, was also part of the FCC. She has always been the “good child” in her family and probably the most responsible of them all. She was there when I was learning to read, add and subtract, and write cursive. Needless to say, she was a big part of my childhood even though I haven’t seen her in years, mostly due to the fact that she has been living in Taiwan for the past five
  5. 5. Matthew Ellis Matt is one of my newer friends, I met him over this past summer at the National Environmental Summit at Catawba College. He was the only guy in our group and he was also the only junior-poor guy. But he’s probably one of the smartest people I know, he now is attending the School of Math and Science in Durham because his school ran out of math courses to give him. He is currently taking Calculus III as a junior in high school. He has traveled all over the world with his family so his view on the world is very wide, which I think is a great trait to have at such a young age. He wants to be a biotechnological engineer after college, he just seems to have it all planned out. He is kind of a dork which made it easy for all of us senior girls at the summit joke around with him. Luckily, he isn’t easily offended.
  6. 6. Amy Yu Amy Yu has been one of my friends since the fifth grade. We actually started off as being enemies for some reason that I don’t even remember. Her family is also Asian, she lives with her parents and her sister. She would be considered a stereotypical Asian. She has always had the best grades and she is also fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese like Anne. Amy lives here in Concord, North Carolina and I actually see her from time to time - when she is not studying. She has a strange sense of humor which often offends people but I still find it amusing. She lets the entire world know she is atheist and given the fact that we live in the “bible belt,” that usually doesn’t go over well. However, I like that she is that bluntly honest, It is one of the things that she and I have in common. We have a love-hate sisterly friendship.
  7. 7. Abigail Lamb Abigail Cathleen Lamb, she and I have been friends since the fifth grade at Carolina International School. She has, for the most part, been a constant in my life for the past seven years. We went to China together, got in our first car accident together…with a deer, almost die together almost every time we drive, dealt with each other’s messed up boy drama. We’ve been through a lot together. We’re an odd two people but it works for us. We have a sisterly relationship though, too much of each other and we get annoyed. That’s just the way it works with us. She has always been the school-focused one of us though. She cried the first time she got a C but I really didn’t feel that bad for her because I knew it wouldn’t effect her grade much at all. She has traveled a lot since high school and that’s really all she wants to
  8. 8. Abigail Ferrell Abby Ferrell has bee one of my friends since freshman year here at Gray Stone, one of the smartest of my friends. Her grades amaze me, she’s a know-it-all but doesn’t act like one. I think she cold get into any school she wanted and continue to succeed. She works hard for her grades and loves reading. Her parents are some of the nicest people I have met and her house is adorable. I love it when she makes tie dye cupcakes, they’re delicious and pretty. Her obsession with Harry Potter is probably one of my favourite things about her, she knows everything in Harry Potter forwards and backwards. Abby is one of the nicest people I know and she always tries to help others. We recently went to the zoo with Abby (Lamb) and Abby’s (Ferrell) dad for our much procrastinated AP biology scavenger hunt, that was fun and filled with amusing pictures of all of us.
  9. 9. Katherine Hanson Kate Hanson has been a friend since freshman year. We bonded in Mr. Walter’s World History class with Mr. Walter’s liberal jokes. Kate is one of those protective friends who sticks up for people who don’t usually stick up for themselves. That’s one thing I really admire about her, her “Mama bear instincts.” We went to a concert with Abby our freshman year. That was a lot of fun, even though we got stuck in a mosh pit and had to ask security to guard us. How people mosh to The Secret Handshake or The Academy Is…is beyond me. Her liberal sense of humor is always funny to listen to and her rants are biased in an amusing way. She is one of those girls who seems to be a kind of rocker chick while still being classy and it works for her.
  10. 10. Rachael Bronander Rachael Bronander has been one of my friends since before the fifth grade. Our parents worked together at the school that we went to and we just became friends. We still hang out when we can, I spent a week with her this past summer and we spend it catching up on what has happened throughout the course of the year. She has always been the girl who dates everyone, I don’t approve but I’m not her mother. Her older sisters Laura and Jesse have both grown up and are far along in their lives. Laura, the oldest, has been married for the past three years and Jesse, who has two of the cutest kids ever, is getting married in a week. Rachael now lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina so I still get to see her. She is going to college to be a forensic scientist, she probably got this idea from her
  11. 11. Mary Conley Mary Conley has been one of my friends since sophomore year here at Gray Stone. However, I seem to always think that she has been here since freshman year. She is one of the sweetest people I know and tries to make others happy. We always have the strangest conversations about random things and then randomly start laughing. She’s my PreCal buddy this year, math isn’t really either of out strong subjects so we try to figure out what Mrs. Dassler is talking about together. Her mother is so nice and welcoming, I think it’s cool that she has a fireplace at her house that actually uses wood instead of gas. I absolutely love her room. It’s all green which is why I am doing her slide in green, it’s bother of our favourite colours. We bond over small talks and our confusion of math along with a love of making brownies-for no apparent reason.
  12. 12. Diane Rose Diane Rose is one of my friends that I’ve had since freshman year. We had Greek and Roman Mythology together first period when neither of us were really awake and we also had PE together. We bonded over music freshman year and became really good friends. We’ve been through quite a bit together and it’s never boring when we hang out. She likes my room because the ceiling is low so we don’t feel so short. Unfortunately, this year we haven’t had any classes together but we still talk about the classes that we both have-such as Mr. Hodges’ AP English class which comes with the massive responsibility of procrastinated journals. We went to the Renaissance Festival together once and got henna tattoos, of course we both forgot half way through that we had them and smeared them. They ended up looking like a mess and a half. She plans on going to Pfeiffer University for nursing and I know she will do well.
  13. 13. Ali Cramer Ali, or Aliboo, is my cousin. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her younger brother Jack (JackJack) and her younger sister Isabelle (Bella) and her mother Jackie. I have known Ali since I was adopted, she was only two at the time though and I don’t even remember us meeting really. But we used to have fun at my aunt Mommu’s old big blue house in Richmond before she moved to Colorado. Ali recently got her nose pierced, I think it’s a little strange but she likes it. She is incredibly smart and she also sings in her school choir. Her parents are divorced and her dad has a girlfriend and a dog. Ali has always been somewhat of a wild child, she had over a hundred people at her fifteenth birthday party which consisted of swimming pool at a hotel, a cake fight, and a dance floor for partying. She also does swim team at her high school. She doesn’t know what she wants to do after college but that’s not surprising since she’s only a freshman in high school.
  14. 14. Adam Mathieu Adam Mathieu has been one of my friends since kindergarten at Steven’s Cooperative School, a private school in New Jersey. He and his family moved from Germany to Hoboken, New Jersey so he is fluent in German. That’s probably one of my favourite things about that school, its diversity because there were people from all over who attended that school. His mother actually taught the art class at the school. Adam moved to New York and now attends Packer Collegiate Institute. He’s always been a good science and math person and yet he also does theatre. His two best friends, Cyrus and Orson, are the twins that we used to go to school with. He doesn’t seem as wimpy as he did in kindergarten. He used to want to be a baseball player, not sure if that’s still his
  15. 15. Ashley Lambert I’ve known Ashley since Freshman year here at Gray Stone, though I didn’t really get to know her until about sophomore year. This year we’re taking AP Chemistry and AP English IV together. She always seems to get all her work done two weeks early and I’m pretty much the exact opposite. Her mother is so nice and she think Ashley maybe should not worry so much. Ashley is such a great student but should probably have more fun. She teaches children at her church, which I think is adorable, even though I do not like children, at all. She is really good at math so she’s always the person I ask when I need help with precalculus. She wants to major in biochemistry, like me. I think it’s a good field to go into because the sciences are growing and research is always being
  16. 16. Peyton Hamilton Peyton is actually one of my ex boyfriends but we’re still friends. Most of his friends call him Mac because of his middle name. He’s pretty much a walking skyscraper. Peyton does boxing and running. He is planning to go to school at the University of South Carolina and he wants to major in Marine Biology. He plans on moving out to California or somewhere out of the country once he is done with college. He pretty much just wants to travel but you have to have money to travel so that’s why he has chosen Marine Biology for his future career. He’s ridiculously smart and is already taking Calculus II. Since he already took AP biology last year, he helps me with it this year since it’s probably my hardest course. He is a habitual procrastinator like me so he won’t judge me for my all nighters due to English Journals.