NextGen - The States Want to Help


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NextGen - The States Want to Help
NextGen, Aerospace States Association, ASA, Charles Huettner. Executive Director

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NextGen - The States Want to Help

  1. 1. NextGen    The  States  Want  to  Help   Aerospace  States  Associa3on   Charles  Hue6ner,  Execu3ve  Director  
  2. 2. Background  
  3. 3. Aerospace Commission CommissionersChairman: The Honorable Robert S. Walker, Chairman, Wexler & Walker Public Policy AssociatesVice-Chairman: The Honorable F. Whitten Peters, Partner, Williams and ConnollyDr. Buzz Aldrin, President, Starcraft EnterprisesMr. Ed Bolen, President & CEO, General Aviation Manufacturers AssociationMr. Tom Buffenbarger, President, Int’l Association of Machinists & Aerospace WorkersThe Honorable John Douglass, President & CEO Aerospace Industries AssociationThe Honorable Tillie Fowler, Partner, Holland and KnightThe Honorable John Hamre, President & CEO, Center for Strategic & International StudiesThe Honorable William Schneider, President, International Planning Services, Inc.Mr. Robert Stevens, President & COO, Lockheed Martin CorporationDr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director, Hayden PlanetariumMs. Heidi Wood, Executive Director, Morgan StanleyMr. Charles Huettner, CommissionExecutive Director
  4. 4. Air Transportation Exploit Aviation’s Mobility Advantage Recommendation #2:The Commission recommendstransformation of the U.S. airtransportation system as a nationalpriority. The transformation requires:•  Rapid deployment of a new, highlyautomated Air Traffic Management system,beyond the Federal AviationAdministration’s Operational EvolutionPlan, so robust that it will efficiently,safely, and securely accommodate anevolving variety and growing number ofaerospace vehicles and civil and militaryoperations;•  Accelerated introduction of newaerospace systems by shifting fromproduct to process certification andproviding implementation support; and•  Streamlined new airport and runwaydevelopment.
  5. 5. Air Transportation Exploit Aviation’s Mobility Advantage•  Fast, efficient mobility improves our economy, quality of life, and national defense•  Our current air transportation system is not adequate to meet future needs or open new opportunities for the future•  Transforming the nation’s air A new highly automated air traffic management system transportation system needs to be a operating with precision weather, traffic, terrain, navigation, national priority and shared information Objective Delivering People and Goods Quickly and Affordably - When and Where Needed
  6. 6. Air Transportation Exploit Aviation’s Mobility AdvantageU.S. Air Traffic Management Infrastructure –vulnerable and not scalable •  Deploy a new, highly automated air traffic management system •  Develop an integrated government plan to transform systemCertification Process, Procedural Regulationand Airborne Equipage – innovation needed •  Shift to process certification •  Solve airborne equipage problemNew Runway and Airport Development – takestoo long •  Expedite new runway and airport development as a national priority
  7. 7. The Future - Digital Airspace Precision Navigation - GPS High-Bandwidth - INS - Back-ups Precision Communications -  NP R Surveillance - Voice - Data -  ADS-B - Video - Multilateration - Primary Radar - Military Back-ups - Air and Ground 4-D Atmospheric Knowledge Digital NextGen   Surface Maps- Convection- Winds -  Wake Vortex - Airports- Turbulence - Hail - Obstacles- Icing - Volcanic Ash - Terrain Charles  Hue6ner  Associates  - NAS Status - Restricted Airspace - Noise-Sensitive Areas
  8. 8. The Same Technology Core Can Simultaneously Strengthen National Security and Air Transportation National Defense HomelandCommon Needs Security• Secure, robust, highintegrity system design• Detection and tracking of CNS JPDO  cooperative and non-cooperative vehicles Core Components•  Immediate detection of flightpath deviations Communications: High• Secure and anti-jam Civil bandwidth, secure, anti-jam, digital,communications wireless, global information grid• Seamless, interoperable Aviation Navigation: Secure, robust, high-peacetime and wartime integrity GPS (w/ WAAS, LAAS),operations back-up system, digital earth, digital•  Increased air traffic capacity airspace• Precision flight operations Surveillance/intelligence:• Affordable basic equipment Global, multi-spectral, real-time anddesign and modernizationpaths Federal  Infrastructure   forecast -- weather and vehicles• Real-time, high-confidenceweather forecasts (> 2 hours) Local Infrastructure = Airports   Charles  Hue6ner  Associates  
  9. 9. All  Parts  of  the  Aerospace  Community     Need  to  be  Involved   UniversiCes   States   DOT   NASA   DoD   DOC   Industry  Charles  Hue6ner  Associates  
  10. 10. What  is  ASA  •  ASA  is  a  bi-­‐parCsan  organizaCon  of  state  Lt.  Governors   and  other  top-­‐ranking  state  leaders.    •  ASA  represents  states’  interests  in  federal  aerospace  and   aviaCon  policy  development.      •  ASA  advocates  on  behalf  of  states  for:   –  R&D  funding,     –  workforce  training,     –  economic  development  in  aerospace  and  aviaCon,     –  excellence  in  math  and  science  educaCon  in  every  state,  and     –  keeping  states  compeCCve  in  a  global  marketplace.   Your  Success  is  our  ObjecCve  
  11. 11. Why  Lt.  Governors  •  PoliCcal  ConnecCon  at  top  of  State  Government  •  Have  Time  to  Focus  on  the  Aerospace  Industry  in  their   State  •   Want  a  PorTolio  of  Accomplishments  Important  to   Their  State  •  Farm-­‐club  of  U.S.  PoliCcs    •  New  ASA  Leadership  Team   – Alaska  LG  Meed  Treadwell  –  Chair   – Alabama  LG  Kay  Ivey  –  Vice  Chair   – Oklahoma  LG  Todd  Lamb  –  Vice  Chair  •  Reforming  NextGen  Special  CommiYee  
  12. 12. Detailed  InformaCon   •  Commission  on  The  Future  of  the  U.S.  Aerospace  Industry   –  Background  of  what  policy  and  technologies  are  needed   •  Responding  to  the  Call:  Avia3on  Plan  for  American   Leadership  –  Na3onal  Ins3tute  of  Aerospace  -­‐  Technologies   and  Budget  Proposal     •  Next  Genera3on  Transporta3on  System  (NextGen)-­‐  DOT   Joint  Planning  and  Development  Office  -­‐  Mul3-­‐Agency   Requirements  and  Plans   •  Na3onal  Aeronau3cs  Research  and  Development  Plan  -­‐ White  House  Office  of  Science  &  Technology  Policy   •  Aerospace  States  Associa3on  -­‐  All  on  the  ASA  Website    Charles  Hue6ner  Associates  
  13. 13. Your  Success  is  our  ObjecCve  Charles  Hue6ner  Associates