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Asa mtg minutes 12 apr13


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Asa mtg minutes 12 apr13

  1. 1. Meeting MinutesApril 12, 2013–Annual Business MeetingParticipants:LGs& DelegatesLG Mead Treadwell – AlaskaMichaela Goertzen- AlaskaLG Garcia - ColoradoLG Kay Ivey – AlabamaSteve Pulham – AlabamaLG Dubie– VermontBarry Butler – Iowa DelegateGail Towers-MacAskill – WI DelegateMark Muro – Space FloridaMark Bontrager – Space FloridaGen (ret) Mike Mansfield – Embry RiddleMichael Heil – Ohio DelegateJimCrisafulli– Hawaii Delegate (phone)Steve Justice – Georgia Delegate (phone)Ralph Coppola – RWDC (Phone)Anthony Coppola – RWDC (Phone)Bob Davis – ASA Attorney (Phone)Bob McMann – Pennsylvania (Phone)Jim Brough - FAAIndustry ParticipantsMichael Fulda – R&D CommitteeTom Hobson – Rockwell CollinsBarry Butler – Iowa DelegateEdgar Johansson- CO Space Business RoundtableVicky Lea – Colorado Space CoelitionMichael Gass – ULA CEOChris Chaves – ULAMark Bitterman- ULAKevin Bargo- ULAStephanie Bednarek- SpaceXJoe Rice- Lockheed MartinChristie Lee – Lockheed MartinMichaela Lucas – Nebraska Space GrantDiane Dimeff – eSpaceThe Meeting was called to order by LG Treadwell at 8:45AM MDTOpening Remarks &Comments:Welcome – LG GarciaColorado LG Garcia welcomed the group to his state. He noted that Colorado is one of the topaerospace employers with a strong local aerospace industry. LG Garcia discussed issues facingthe industry including an aging workforce and federal budget issues along with opportunitiesincluding the commercialization of space and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).Welcome from Space Foundation - Elliot PulhamMr. Pulham welcomed the ASA to Colorado and the National Space Symposium. He notes thework of the Space Foundation with many states and the importance of strong state states to theoverall national space effort.The Aerospace States Association107 S. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Suite 510Tel: 202 257-4872 Email
  2. 2. Chairman - LG TreadwellLG Treadwell asked all participants to introduce themselves and say a few words. He thensummarized various ASA initiatives including meetings at the White House on space policy,connecting the Department of Education STEM efforts with the states, and UAS privacy issues.Other Lt. Governor CommentsLG Ivey – She noted the recent groundbreaking by Airbus Americas in Mobile forassembly of the A320 which will employ over 1,000. The first aircraft is expected toroll-off the line in 2015. The Airbus facility will have a regional impact throughout thesoutheast. Alabama is also celebrating Boeing expansion in the Huntsville area andCommercial Jet’s new maintenance activities in the Dothan area. Huntsville is alsocompeting to be one the FAA UAS test sites. Alabama is introducing legislation to createthe Alabama Space Authority and tort legislation to help “level the playing field” forsuppliers locating in the state. In RWDC, Alabama had 50 teams sign up, but only 2submit packages for judging. The issue was a lack of industry mentors.LG Dubie – He related that Vermont is also a supplier to the new Alabama Airbus facilitydemonstrating the national impact of this new major facility.United Launch Alliance CEO - Michael GassMr. Gass presented a video on ULA capabilities and activities. He then provided a generaloverview of the state of the space industry including questions on “Fly American” regulationsand international competition.Executive Director - Mr. HuettnerThanked ULA for their donation to ASA for the room and refreshments today. Thanked VickyLea, Edgar Johansson, Steve Eisenhart, Christina DeGrant, and Jim Crisafulli for their help inpreparations for the annual meeting. He also expressed thanks and appreciation to the SpaceFoundation for the outstanding support during the week, especially the complementaryregistration Thursday.Officer & Committee Chair Reports:Treasurers Report - Dr. HeilA recent review revealed no issues, but do have outstanding dues and bills that need attention.Mike will work with Charlie to focus on this during the next month. ASA has over $9,000 in thebank, but needs additional collections to allow necessary payment to go forward.Aviation Committee - LG DubieOpportunities for states to weigh in on STEM education issues to support their local companies,especially in the commercial aviation sector which faces a significant aging workforce issue.Also proposed airport tower closures, slowdown of NextGen implementation, and rural airservice program reductions due to federal budget issues are another threat to aviation growth inthe states which the committee will focus on in the coming year.Education Committee - Dr. Wright
  3. 3. The committee is focusing on the continuation of the scholarship program and wants to expandASA participation in the award ceremonies each year. They are also looking at existingprograms, public and private, that ASA can join with to provide LG support at the state level.Manufacturing Committee - LG KleefischA new work plan is in development to build on the previous committee efforts, particularly inusing the website to assist aerospace suppliers and expanding the Manufacturing Summit inconjunction with Embry Riddle. The replacement of existing airliners and growth in airtransportation provides an outstanding opportunity for the U.S. to maintain its leadership in theglobal aerospace market.Space Exploration Committee - Mr. CrisafulliThe committee has developed a position paper on space exploration with goals and innovativeconcepts for our national programs. The paper acknowledges the benefits of multi-nationalprograms and outreach to the general public to garner additional support for continuedexploration efforts. This outreach effort has two phases – first outreach to key leadership andopinion makers followed by a more broadly focused dialogue with the public using many outletsincluding social media.State Aerospace Organization Committee - Dr. HeilThe committee is working to extent the network by identifying aerospace organizations in all thestates, but there are many states missing at this time. The organization does not have to be anASA member to be listed on the map and links on the ASA interactive map. There also existopportunities for interstate cooperation that could benefit the national industry by spreadinglessons learned and R&D competencies. Dr. Heil asked for the help of the group as this effortmoves forward.RWDC Committee - Dr. CoppolaIt is a very exciting time for the RWDC with 30 state teams traveling to Washington DC for theNational Championship on Saturday April 20th. The topic this year, namely a UAS, is verytimely giving the current FAA effort. The RWDC will also sign an MOU at the event with theFAA for support of the next RWDC. A second MOU will be signed between ASA and EmbryRiddle to provide over $200,000 in scholarships for the national championship team and mentorsfor the various state teams.All presentation will be available on the ASA website under Presentations to ASAUAS Privacy and Implementation - Michael Toscano, AUVSI CEO“Off the Dole” and “Out of the Box:” - Mark Muro, Senior Fellow and Policy Director, at theMetropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings InstitutionInnovation Initiative - Joe Rice – Lunch presentationThe Space Foundation’s “The Space Report” and “Pioneering: Sustaining U.S. Leadership”–Micah Walter-Range, Director= Research and Analysis
  4. 4. How States Can Support Homeland and National Security - Lt. General Michael Dubie, DeputyCommander of NORTHCOM.U.S. Air Force Academy - Col Robert Kraus, Chief Scientist and Director of ResearchFinal Remarks & Actions - LG IveyASA will sign two MOUs at the RWDC National Event April 20. One with FAAestablishing a partnership between our organizations, and one with Embry RiddleUniversity.Grow ASA’s State Aerospace Organization Committee by contacting aerospace relatedassociations in your state and encourage them to join ASA and be active in thiscommittee.Attend the Embry-Riddle / ASA Manufacturing Summit October 16-18 in Alliance TX.Implement the ASA led UAS Privacy Plan to create model state legislation. This is amajor opportunity for ASA to bring leadership and play a major role on this key issue.Submit comments to Joe Rice’s Innovation initiative and join the Policy Committee toget engaged with him.Collect Dues and increase membership to fund ASA and ensure its future.The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM MDTOur next meeting will be an ASA Telecon on May 16 at 4:00 EDT.