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Commercial Space Lift from Hawaii: - Advantages and Challenges presented by Steve Skladanek , Director of Marketing, Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services

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  • 2012 Senate Bill 112 & 2012 FAA STIM GrantTechnical & Environmental Spaceport StudiesSpaceport Site Selection, Business Case, Environmental Analysis.
  • 2 topic panel 1

    1. 1. HAWAII AEROSPACE SUMMIT Steve Skladanek Director of Marketing, Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services THEME: Commercial Space Lift from Hawaii: - Advantages and Challenges •Orbital Mechanics 101 •Two for One in the Safety Department •Infrastructure •The Business of Space Lift [1]
    2. 2. Hawai`i Space Flight Laboratory University of Hawai`i at Mānoa UH Role in Future Hawaii Aerospace Industry 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Topic Panel 1: Space Transportation Presenter: Dr. Luke Flynn Director, Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory Main Points:  HSFL executes State-wide small satellite launch program  ORS-4 Mission slated for 2014 orbital launch from PMRF 3
    3. 3. UH Support Elements for Orbital Satellites Spacecraft • Partner with NASA Centers and others to advance small spacecraft design. •Design, build, launch, and operate 1-100 kg small satellite for science and education tasks. •Support technology validation missions as well as other University missions. Integration and Test • Clean rooms in UH/POST will be used to assemble satellites. –Systems integration –Thermo-vac testing –Vibration/shock testing –Payload spin balancing Instruments •The HSFL can call on a diverse group of instrument-developing faculty from HIGP and SOEST. •A number of businesses in Hawaii also develop a wide array of instrumentation. The HSFL will partner with these organizations to provide technology demonstration opportunities. •NASA Centers (Ames and JPL) are interested in joint technology missions. Launch Vehicle and Launch Support • Ground Station & Mission Operations Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) •Local launch facility and mission support •Modify existing S/C Systems PMRF launch pad for rail-fitted Avionics and modified VAFB Scout launcher. Power •UH/HSFL maintains UHF/VHF receiving stations with Kauai CC and Honolulu CC staff. Telecom •Ground station • Kauai Test Facility (KTF)/ Sandia National Thermal provides command and S/W Lab control broadcast as H/W •Experience with solid rockets and missile design. well as data downlink Use Super-Strypi launch vehicle. capabilities. •Can send ~270 kg (594 pounds) to low-Earth orbit •Mission Ops Center (400 km). on POST 5th floor •Heritage working with PMRF as vehicle integrator under development and launch agent. with UH support. Distribution A: Unclassified - Cleared for Public Release 4
    4. 4. ORS-4 Mission: Fully Funded for Summer 2014 launch  The Operationally Responsive Space Office with support from the Sandia National Laboratories, University of Hawaii and other partners is developing a orbital small launch vehicle.       Super-Strypi Goal is to deliver 300kg to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Develop and test fly three new solid rocket motors from Aerojet-Rocketdyne. Future mission cost is $15-18M/launch compared to +$30M for other US alternatives. UH/HSFL’s HiakaSat will fly as the primary payload on the Integrated Payload Stack UH hyperspectral imager flies on HiakaSat. Partnerships Developed  Space Act Agreement with NASA Ames: Development of HiakaSat  Strategic Alliance Agreement with AerojetRocketdyne: Solid rocket motors  Pacific Missile Range Facility: Support for all HSFL activities  Sandia National Laboratory: Rocket development  Alaska Aerospace Corporation: Future launch opportunities for small sats  *Northrop-Grumman: Space technology test-bed on HiakaSat  * USPACOM: Discussions and guidance regarding Department of Defense future needs. Distribution A: Unclassified - Cleared for Public Release AJR motor test -2012 SUCHI HiakaSat 5
    5. 5. Engaging the UH System: Workforce Development UTC 2012-01-23 19:43:07 MOC 08:43:07 LocalT 14:43:07 MET 1234:09:32:27 Orbit 17126 2012/01/23 19:43:07 Orbital Events ANode U m b r a K C C C R A T E X S/C Mode UTC Simulated R/T Spacecraft Events Status Status OBCS OBCS 19:10:00 19:15:00 N30A EPS EPS Units ADCS Pitch Roll Yaw Flight Path Slew Rate Spin Rate A 75% 50% 25% 19:45:00 19:50:00 GS GS UPLOAD F#17126-B IMAGER-N SEQ 17126-A [-0:02:10] [-0:02:58] [-0:05:32] CRATEX XPNDR OFF KCC AOS [-0:10:48] 19:55:00 DNode LOS [-0:14:46] Reset Bar 20:00:00 20:05:00 Zoom In 20:10:00 CERTO Status GPS Status Zoom Out S60D 20:15:00 GPS Lock Telecom 20:20:00 Imager-N Status Beacon Charging N60D N30D S30D % 4 B SS 1 SS 2 SS 3 Free 5 3 FSW FSW KCC Transponder 2 100% Payloads Payloads 19:40:00 Payloads SSDR T OutUm [+0:09:12] [+0:05:17] 19:35:00 CRATEX XPNDR ON NPole CRATEX Transponder 1 CRATEX Transponder 2 MB 1 TCS TCS Rate View Options OBCS Images EPS Bus Voltage Bus Current Power Load 8 7 6 ADCS ADCS 19:30:00 Angle Orbit Sun Beta Angle Time to Eclipse Time to Sunlight Telecom Telecom 19:25:00 Latitude Longitude Altitude 19:20:00 N60A Mode Carrier 1.0 Imager-Z Status THI Status 0 Reset Signal Lock COSMOS: Mission Control -1.0 0 x 100 0.5 Battery Levels >  Reset 0 -0.5 x 10-1 x 100 Distributed campus approach to workforce development.    Time to Sunlight CC’s provide technical Associate Degrees 4-yr provide depth in Bachelor’s Degrees Present Status and Future Plan:     Kauai: Small satellite communications and electronics fabrication, CubeSat development Maui: Space debris surveillance and removal – NASA JSC interest Hawaii: Software development for small satellites, test bed for HSFL lunar rovers Oahu: CubeSat development at HCC, WCC, LCC, KCC (won national award for CanSat); satellite data reception at UH-Manoa, HCC; mission control at UH-Manoa, small sat development at UHManoa; launch vehicle integration and safety training at WCC and UH-Manoa. Distribution A: Unclassified - Cleared for Public Release 6 CubeSats
    6. 6. HAWAII AEROSPACE SUMMIT Brian Gulliver, PE Spaceport Planning Lead, RS&H THEME: Planning and Development of Hawaii’s Commercial Spaceport • Site Selection and Evaluation • Business Case Study • Preliminary Environmental Analyses • Environmental Assessment [3]
    7. 7. HAWAII AEROSPACE SUMMIT Brian Gulliver, PE Spaceport Planning Lead, RS&H [3]
    8. 8. HAWAII AEROSPACE SUMMIT Brian Gulliver, PE Spaceport Planning Lead, RS&H [3]