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Higher ed 1010 rev. april 2011

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  • Higher Ed 1010

    1. 1. Dive right in! Your future is waiting.
    2. 2. Why Higher Ed?More than 15 million people in the U.S. hold certificates and the Census, Bureau.of Labor Statistics in U.S.) Source: Bureau of degrees (308 mil
    3. 3. Guide Book Contact Numbers Scholarship Info College Lingo Preparing for College College & Career Readiness Recommendations
    4. 4. Take Your Pick Applied Technology Colleges Community Colleges Four-Year Colleges & UniversitiesUtah has something for everyone!
    5. 5. Technology Colleges Training that gets you to work now! Train while in high school with financial help Have a job to help pay for college sundesigns, stock.xchng
    6. 6. Community Colleges Associate’s Degree Certificates University Transfer Job Preparation brasswatch, stock.xchng
    7. 7. Four-Year Colleges & Universities Degrees
    8. 8. ACT Dates October December February April June
    9. 9. My College Funding Package Grants Scholarships Family Contribution Jobs Loans
    10. 10. Financial AidNeed and Merit Based Aid
    11. 11. Need-Based AidGrantsLoansWork Study
    12. 12. Applications for Aid FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid @ www.fafsa.gov Institutional Financial Aid Application Other requested personal and financial documents
    13. 13. Will I Qualify?Need-Based Aid• Apply Early• Be Accurate You won’t knowunless you apply!
    14. 14. Merit Based Aid/ScholarshipsTypes of Scholarships Award Amount Academic Merit-based  Tuition Leadership  Part tuition Departmental  Student fees Other Campus-based  Housing Outside Sources  Books Deadlines: November 1 to April 30
    15. 15. New Century Scholarship- Overview Purpose  This scholarship encourages students to accelerate their education by earning an Associate’s degree while in high school Background  Created in 1999  Initiated by former Governor Leavitt  In the 12th year award cycle
    16. 16. Regents’ Scholarship - Overview Established in 2008 Based on nationally-recognized foundational core designed to help students prepare for college academically and financiallyFact: Students can qualify for 1, 2, or3 of the awards. For example astudent can qualify for the BaseAward only, Base and UESP, Base Exemplary UESPand Exemplary, or Base, Exemplary Award Awardand UESP. Base Award
    17. 17. Scholarship Funding The Award amounts are determined on an annual basis and are subject to legislative funding and number of qualified participants.Award amounts may be reduced, may vary from year to year, and aredependent on when the recipient is enrolled in college.Award amounts are determined in April of each year.Funding levels beyond Spring of 2012 are unknown. The maximum Regents’ Scholarship Base Award amount that a studentmay receive is $1000 one-time payment.The maximum New Century award and the Regents’ ScholarshipExemplary Academic Achievement award amount that a student mayreceive is $1250 per semester based on meeting renewal requirements.
    18. 18. Where to Find Scholarship InformationTo access the scholarship information1. Higheredutah.org2. Click on “Scholarships”3. Click on the specific program that you want to access
    19. 19. Things to Consider… Student should look to ALL financial aid opportunities If possible diversify, rather than relying on one Other Financial Aid Options  Saving for College through the Utah Educational Savings Plan program  Work while attending school  Private Scholarships/grants --visit UtahFutures.org  Federal Financial Aid  Loans, Grants and Work Study
    20. 20. Important Questions! How do I find a scholarship? How do I get a scholarship? How do I keep a scholarship? Is my scholarship renewable? What’s the value of my award? Take Responsibility!
    21. 21. UtahFutures.org
    22. 22. Campus Visits Schedule a visit See the sights Meet people Ask questions JadeGordon, stock.xchngVisit several schools!
    23. 23. Know Your Representatives Your college reps want to know you!