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BookNote is a platform that enhances eBooks by adding multimedia annotations to any eBook.

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Book Note pitch

  1. 1. the PROBLEM #1 Textbooks are too expensive Currently, college students spend over $1,000/year on textbooks alone. The average rate of increase of textbooks has been 6%/year, far greater then the average rate of inflation. That means that textbooks will continue to become more expensive for students, driving more students to purchase used textbooks, which in turn causes publishers to issue new versions and charge more for them. Students need less expensive books and want technology to enhance their eBooks at no cost.
  2. 2. #2 the PROBLEM Lack of learning functionality The current e-textbook platforms have only simple functionality to mimic what students do on traditional paper textbooks. Isn’t there new ways to make use of technology to make remembering, learning, and studying better? BookNote believes there are.
  3. 3. the PROBLEM #3 Sharing with other classmates The current e-textbook platforms have not addressed the best way to share information between classmates, and with other students, for that matter. Even with the latest technology, students who is a class still have to ask their fellow classmates for paper notes they’ve taken and the material covered by the professor. Shouldn’t there be a better way by now?
  4. 4. #1 the FIX Offer users multiple ways to save money Of the average cost of a college textbook, about 40% goes to the publishers and authors, the other 60% going to printing, retailers, and distributors. Is that the only way that eBooks are cheaper then printed books? BookNote sees multiple streams of revenue while saving students money. 1. 2. Convince publishers to go after the used textbook market by offering their older eBooks for a discount. Students save as much money with older version of eBooks as they do with used textbooks and publishers have another source of revenue and compete directly in the used textbook market. Using patent pending technology, BookNote can embed targeted advertisements within eBooks in exchange for users getting the eBooks at a reduced cost.
  5. 5. the FIX #2 New functionality for enhanced eBooks BookNote has built new patent-pending functionality that allows students to embed lectures, videos, images, and audio as multimedia annotations to their eBooks. Students can even record lectures with their tablet or smart phone and add that information to their eBook for later studying. This user generated content can be added to an eBook, and the BookNote platform is smart enough to then add it to any version of the eBook, so users with similar eBooks can view that user generated content in their eBooks. Think of BookNote as the YouTube of content for eBooks!
  6. 6. the FIX #3 Sharing with others on any platform Another aspect of BookNote’s patent-pending technology is allowing users to share their multi-media annotations with others within their trusted circle, or with other users who requests that content. This type of social connecting and sharing is lacking in all other eBook platforms. The BookNote platform can even recommend users to one another based on common interests in books, courses, schools, and many other variables.