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This presentation gives you an insight to how right mix of activities required for a successfull internet marketing campaign.

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing By: UG Software Technologies What is SEO? Organic v/s Paid Clicks How Search Engines Work? Getting Higher Rankings & Traffic
  2. 2. What is SEO? SEO – Search Engine Optimization SEO is the term used to define a set of activities performed to bring TRAFFIC to your website via ORGANIC Search results.
  3. 3. How Search Engines Work? Crawling Indexing Searching Results CRAWLING - Crawler is a robot software that scans the documents like web pages, PDF, word files etc. It follows the links on the pages of the websites which are in its database. INDEXING - A copy of newly found pages is stored in its database. SEARCH ING - Search Engine Searches (queries) its database when a user enters a KEYWORD and clicks on the Search button. RESULTS -Documents (web pages) from the database are ranked in accordance with the search engines ALGORITHM. QUESTION: What is an Algorithm?
  4. 4. Algorithm? A methodical approach used by search engines to determine the importance of a web page. Of course, the most important page is ranked at the TOP. An Algorithm takes into account many factors in determining the importance of a web page. But the two most important factors are: Algorithm Changes - Keywords on the page – Keyword Density In order to provide the best search results, Google and other Search Engines make - Back links to the page. regular changes to their Algorithms. These changes affect ranks of many websites. Whenever there is a change in the algorithm, web pages have to be realigned in order to retain their ranks on search engines. QUESTION: What is a Keyword Density? QUESTION: What is a Back Link?
  5. 5. Understanding Keywords Keywords are the most common search words used to find information on any product or service. It could be a single word or a phrase. Keyword Density is the number of times a keyword appears on a webpage. It also takes into account the position of keyword on the page. Typically, a keyword should appear on all of the following places on a webpage. Title tags <title> Meta Tags <meta> Optimizing a web page Header tags <h1> based on all these factors is ALT image tags called Content (Body text) <body> “ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION” (with HIGH Keyword density) Hyperlink text
  6. 6. Understanding Keyword Competitiveness We can determine the competitiveness of a keyword based on the number of search results it produces. For Keyword “web design”, Google produces 234 million search results. For Keyword “web design NY” Google produces 120 million search results. Since 234 million is greater than 120 million, there are more web pages competing for “web design ” than for “web design NY”. So, it will take much more effort to optimize a webpage for “web design”.
  7. 7. Understanding Back Links Back links are a sum total of links from other web pages to your webpage. Each Back Link is like a a VOTE to your web page’s popularity. Search Engines rank the most popular websites on TOP. Back Links are a major factor in deciding your rank on search engines. Following Diagram describes Back Links in greater detail Few High value links produce Back better results than Links a number of low value links External Internal Links Links High Moderate Low Value Value Value
  8. 8. Back Linking Strategy We often follow a mixed strategy for the Back Linking process. This proves to be helpful in two ways. 1. It mitigates the risk arising due to Algorithm changes. 2. It is perceived to be a natural “Link Profile” by Search Engines. Various ways of getting Back links to Your Web Pages Manual Research Submission Content Intensive Activity Based Activity Intensive Activity Links on general Posting Articles on Directories Article Directories Links on Product Press Releases on Reciprocal Links Directories various PR websites Links in the form of Blog Posts & Comments Bookmarks on Social on others Blogs Bookmarking websites
  9. 9. Weighing Keywords and Back Links S E A Quality Of R Links C H Number of Links R A N K Keyword I Density N G S
  10. 10. SEO Myths For beginners, it is important to know what SEO is and What its not. We have tried to list a few tempting offerings that you may come across Search Engine Submission Submitting a web page with search engines is a very small part of the SEO process. There will be no gains if the SUBMISSION is done without a methodical SEO. SEO for only $99 SEO is not a one time activity. Maintaining TOP rankings require constant efforts and up to date knowledge of the SEO industry. Get TOP Google Rankings in One Week We are yet to come across someone who could produce such magical results. It takes around 3-4 months for significant results.
  11. 11. Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing (SEM) As the name suggests, you pay for each click you get on the Search Engine listing for your webpage. Pay Per Click Listings There are 3 major Pay Per Click Pay options Per Google Adwords Click Overture (Yahoo) Listings Organic Listings Microsoft Ad Network
  12. 12. Pay Per Click PPC V/S SEO PPC SEO • Instant results (within 1-2 days) • Takes Time (2 to 16 weeks) • Flow of Traffic can be controlled • No Traffic control by fixing a daily budget. • Pay for every click • No per click payments • Less Exposure • Large Exposure • Can compete for as many • Difficult to achieve TOP ranks for keywords multiple keywords • Best for short term campaigns • Best for long term campaigns with high realization value
  13. 13. A step wise approach to Getting Higher Rankings & Traffic Discussing Business Objectives Direct Selling or Lead Generation? Short or Long Term Initial Study Web Page Content Analysis Keyword Analysis Competitor Analysis Recommendations Website Restructuring (if required) Keyword List Back Linking Strategy Start Optimization ON PAGE OFF PAGE Feedback Ranking Reports Back Link Reports Keyword Recommendations Maintenance Ongoing Competitor Study ON/OFF page work Updates on latest SEO trends
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