Juice Middle East 2011 28 - 29 Nov 2011


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JUICE MIDDLE EAST, 28 - 29 November Monarch Hotel Dubai

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Juice Middle East 2011 28 - 29 Nov 2011

  1. 1. BRAND NEW CONFERENCE! The ONLY conference dedicated to the Middle East juice industry MIDDLE EASTDevelop new products and optimise raw material From the organisers ofprocurement to build on rapid consumption growth28-29 November 2011, Monarch Hotel, DubaiHEAR FROM... • Examine the latest consumption trends in JNSD• Monther Alharthi, CEO, Alrabie Saudi Foods in the Middle East and North• Kadir Gunduz, CEO & President, Aujan Africa• Roel van Poppel, Global Juice Category Director Cargill Flavor Systems • Get the latest insights into• Shashank Vengsarkar, Managing Director, key raw material markets as Doehler Middle East• Slim Othmani, Managing Director, NCA Rouiba prices spiral: orange, apple,• Jayant Dixit, President, Pranav International mango, guava, berries• Marcel Dumoulin, Marketing Director, Eurofins • Optimise quality assurance• Anupam Vanvaria, General Manager processes to build consumer Allanasons Ltd trust and expand the market• Raghavendran Badrinath, Director Vincent & Co • Identify opportunities to• Bernd Baronigg, Senior Director Feldbacher fruit partners GmbH develop new functional and• David Berryman, CEO, David Berryman Ltd premium juice products • Assess the impact of changing Post Conference Workshop distribution channels on the 29th November, Monarch Hotel, Dubai JNSD market Marketing and Launching New Juice Products Held by Alan Leal, Director of Purchasing, Cobell Ltd • Network with key players Showcasing the latest market trends and consumption patterns, this workshop will enable you to develop a more from across the juice supply successful product launch strategy. chainSupported by: Organised by: Register online at www.juiceme.agraevents.com
  2. 2. MIDDLE 28-29 November 2011 EAST Monarch Hotel, Dubai 14.30 Apple DAY ONE: 28 NOVEMBER 2011 • Examining trends in supply and demand of apple juice concentrate (AJC) around the world • Comparing supply and demand of high acid and low acid AJC • Assessing levels of AJC production in China and the impact of fresh08:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee apple consumption • Quantifying capacities and production volumes in other established and09:15 Opening Remarks from the Chair emerging supply centres Monther Alharthi, CEO, Alrabie Saudi Foods David Berryman, CEO, David Berryman Ltd 15:00 Questions Examining Prospects for Growth in the Juice Industry 15:15 Juice Break09:30 Identifying the Most Important Trends in the Global Juice Industry • Comparing growth rates in markets around the world 15.45 Mango • Examining the differences in value between juice, nectars and still • Assessing trends in production and the development of production drinks categories capacities in India • Assessing the impact of high raw material prices on product • Production volumes of the major mango varieties worldwide formulations • Examining changing patterns of world trade and the increased • Identifying the products driving growth around the world: functionals, globalisation of the mango trade juice and dairy, premium products Jayant Dixit, Owner, Pranav International • Responding to new consumer drivers and the desire for sustainable and ‘all-natural’ beverages 16:15 Guava Roel van Poppel, Global Juice Category Director Anupam Vanvaria, General Manager, Allanasons Ltd Cargill Flavor Systems 16.45 Questions10.00 Examining Growth Trends in Juice in the Middle East • Examining differences in growth rates across the region 17:00 Closing Remarks from the Chair • The impact of demographics and economic growth on the JNSD market • Exploiting new product trends to drive growth: exotic drinks, functional products, energy drinks • Determining the best opportunities for the juice industry to exploit DAY TWO: 29 NOVEMBER 2011 demand for healthier products • Strategic and regulatory factors influencing future growth of the juice industry in the Middle East 08:30 Welcome Coffee Kadir Gunduz, CEO & President, Aujan 09:00 Opening Remarks from the Chair10:30 Questions Strategic Issues and Opportunities in Premium Products10:45 Juice Break 09.10 Global Raw Material Situation and Innovations11.15 Examining JNSD Growth Trends in the Maghreb Market Shashank Vengsarkar • Consumption volumes of JNSD in North African markets • Examining the most popular packaging formats and pack sizes Managing Director, Doehler Middle East • Identifying the most popular flavours • Assessing prospects for changes in distribution channels and the 09.40 Examining the Potential for Smoothies in the Middle East impact on the JNSD market Slim Othmani, Managing Director, NCA Rouiba Raghavendran Badrinath, Director, Vincent & Co11:45 Berry Juice Concentrates 10.10 Authenticity Testing for Fruit Juice • Assessing pressures on the fruit juice supply chain and the risks for Bernd Baronigg, Senior Director juice bottlers Feldbacher fruit partners GmbH • Examining regulatory pressure on the industry to assure safety and authenticity of juice products • Demonstrating new techniques to analyse and verify the composition of12:15 Questions products in terms of: • Fruits used12.30 Lunch • Specific varietals used • Geographical origin Marcel Dumoulin, Marketing Director, Eurofins Supply and Demand in Juice Raw Material Markets14:00 Orange 10.40 Questions • Trends in production volumes and production capacities in the major supply centres 10.55 Juice Break • Distinguishing short term weather and disease issues from longer term pressures on citrus cultivation in USA and Brazil 11:25 Responding to Demand for ‘All Natural’ Drinks to Develop • Quantifying demand growth for orange juice around the world High Value Juice Products • Assessing the potential of India and China to emerge as exporters of • Pressures on juice production and the consequences for production and orange juice use of natural flavours • Determining the impact of consolidation in processors and future • Capitalising on increasing consumer demand for all-natural products price levels • Determining the JNSD sub categories where natural flavours add most value Register online at www.juiceme.agraevents.com
  3. 3. From the organisers of Foodnews Juice Middle East is a brand new conference from the or- ganisers of World Juice, which enables you to identify and exploit the best opportunities opening up in this region. With 50% of the region’s growing population under 25 and average GDP growth across the region of 5-6% per annum, the market for JNSD is set to continue its impressive growth. Join us in Dubai to hear the latest analysis of consumption trends in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the most important devel-11.55 Developing New Juice Products to Assist Weight opments around the world. Hear unique insights from market leaders Management into changing consumer need states and the new products and pack- • Examining consumer awareness and demand for products which assist aging formats being launched. With high raw material prices continuing in weight loss to cause concern across the industry, get the latest market insights • Assessing the different characteristics of ingredients which assist and ensure you can source what you need, when you need it. weight management Foodnews juice conferences offer the best forums to network and do business with decision-makers from across the supply chain, from12.25 Questions & Close of Conference around the world. Join us at the first Foodnews Juice Middle East con- ference to get the market insights and contacts you need to expand12.40 Lunch your juice business in this dynamic region. We have ensured that our event balances great content with valuable networking time, so block out the 28th – 29th November in your diary and see you in Dubai! 14.00 Post Conference Workshop 7 reasons why you should join us at Foodnews Juice 29 November 2011 Middle East: • Assess latest growth trends in JNSD across the region Marketing and Launching • Identify the products and consumer segments showing most po- tential for growth New Juice Products • Develop new functional juice products to respond to demand for healthy beverages and weight management • Optimise procurement of major raw materials based on the latest Aimed at heads of business units, commercial managers, marketing market insights and sales executives, this seminar will showcase the latest market • Capitalise on opportunities to develop higher value-added premium trends and consumption patterns that should influence your product and all-natural juice products launch strategy. Case studies will be used to highlight successes and • Examine the impact of changing distribution channels failures in juice product launches. This workshop will also focus on the • Network with leading players in the Middle East and from around packaging, supply chain and distribution elements of these strategies. the world WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Feedback from past Foodnews Juice conferences: • Creating or finding the Unique Selling Point “A high level meeting point of the juice industry, • Establishing a marketing message with great and informative presentations” • Communicating with your consumer Klaus Heitlinger, Managing Director, VDF (Delegate @ World Juice) • New media and soft marketing methods “An excellent opportunity to get information about • EFSA Article 13 claims the world market” Messaoudi Zaher, R&D Director, NCA Rouiba, (Delegate @ World Juice) • Success and failure “Excellent organisation and excellent speakers” 17.00 End of Workshop Sarah Ringkamp, Technical Manager, Beverages, Firmenich (Delegate @ World Juice) “Very good and informative” About Your Workshop Leader: Jayanta Rajak, R&D Manager, Pepsico India (Delegate @ Juice Asia) Alan Leal, Director of Purchasing, Cobell Ltd, UK “Great mix of content at the conference in a very Alan started his commercial career working on the trading desk for good networking opportunity” a multinational soft commodity trading company. This role gave Patrick O’Flaherty, Co-founder, RDA Organic (Delegate @ World Juice) him a good understanding of the effects of supply and demand on agricultural products which put him in good stead for his next role as the Commercial Director for a juice trader in the UK. Since leaving that role he has helped launch a new brand of fruit juices Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities – in the UK successfully selling this into the health food sector. He Stand out from the crowd is now working as the Director of Purchasing for Cobell Ltd who This compelling industry event creates viable marketing are the fastest growing importer of fruit juices in the UK. They are opportunities to strengthen your brand. responsible for helping the start up of many new brands in the UK by providing product development and marketing support for those Your sponsorship can be specifically designed according to brands. In total Alan has now spent about 15 years in the juice your marketing & sales objectives. There are a vast range of business and now says that he has ‘more juice than blood flowing opportunities available, with the flexibility to implement creative in his veins’. ideas specific to your brand; the result - financial success for you. Previous Foodnews Sponsors have included: DSM, Firmenich, Alfa Laval, Scholle, Tongda, Goodpack. To consider a sponsorship which reflects your brand effectively, contact Gareth Moore today. Call: +44(0)20 3377 3658 Email: gareth.moore@informa.com Phone +44 (0)20 7017 7574
  4. 4. Easy ( Phone: +44(0)20 3377 3658 7 Fax: +44(0)20 3377 3659 Ways to : Email: registrations@agra-net.com MIDDLE 8 Online: www.juiceme.agraevents.com EAST + Post: Agra Conferences, P O Box 40628-29 November 2011, Monarch Hotel, Dubai Register Byfleet, KT14 6WL, United Kingdom Conference Code: I2ZCK Venue Details THE MONARCH DUBAI One Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 125511, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 501 8876 Fax: +971 4 501 8859 www.themonarchdubai.com Hotel reservations are not included in the conference fee, however, the conference organisers have negotiated a special rate at the conference venue. Details of how to book will be sent to you with confirmation of your registration and can be found on the conference website: www.juiceme.agraevents.com Prices Fee Before Fee AfterBooking Option No 26th October 2011 26th October 2011 Total TERMS AND CONDITIONSConference and workshop US$ 1395 US$ 1595 FEE: The fee includes lunch, refreshments and conferenceConference only US$ 995 US$ 1195 documentation, as available. Total ARE YOU REGISTERED?: If you do not receive your email confirmation of your booking, please contact us to confirm Delegate Details - please attach your business card or write in block capitals that a place has been reserved on: Tel: +44 (0)20 33771st Delegate 3658 Email: registrations@agra-net.comName (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr) PAYMENT: Payment should be made within 14 days of registration. All registration fees must be paid before theJob Title event.Tel CANCELLATIONS: Refunds will be made for cancellationsEmail received in writing by 31st October 2011 subject to an2nd Delegate administration charge of US$125. It is regretted that refunds cannot be made after this date but substitute delegatesName (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr) are permitted if notified in advance in writing. It may beJob Title necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organiser to alter the content and timing of the programme or theTel identity of the speakers. This contract is subject to EnglishEmail Law.Company Details DATA PROTECTION: The information you provide will beName held on a database and may be shared with companies in Informa plc in the UK and Internationally. Sometimes yourAddress details may be made available to external companies for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive otherCity/Town State relevant direct mail offers, please write to the DatabasePost Code Country Manager at the address on this booking form.VAT (TVA) No. © 2011 Informa UK LtdType of Business an informa business Payment Options1 c CHEQUE ENCLOSED made payable to Informa UK Ltd. 2 c BANK TRANSFER Details of how to pay by bank transfer will be sent to you with your invoice.3 c CREDIT CARD c Mastercard c American Express c Visa c Diners CardNo. Expiry Date CVV/ Security codeName of cardholder (and address if different from above)Signature