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Ibrahim birkan uğurlu 15


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Ibrahim birkan uğurlu 15

  1. 1. ESTİMATED COST rent or mortgage council tax electricity gas or oil or other heating water all insurances personal and property food housekeeping clothes telephone hire charges subscriptions (TV, Magazines) entertainment (meals, drinks) car tax, insurance, service & maintenance credit card payments loan payments other debt payments social security other Montly (tl,$,£) 8000 800 4000 2000 500 15000 9000 1000 2500 750 1000 150 750 4000 3000 2000 59450 income from partner income from family part time job government benefits any other benefits 30000 20000 10000 10000 TOTAL COST ESTİMATED İNCOME TOTAL İNCOME 70000 TOTAL SURVİVAL İNCOME REQUIRED This is the money you need to take from the business each month to survive ANY BACK UP PLAN -10550 5000 5000