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Ukhta State Technical University is a representative of oil and gas Universities in Russia. It is the largest technical University in the European North of the Russian Federation.

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  1. 1. UKHTA STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Excellence in education, research and innovation since 1958
  2. 2. Geopolitical position of USTU 2 • Member of Barents Euro-Arctic Region • Strategic path of national and international oil & gas pipelines • Location in the Arctic region in Russia (Arctic center in Vorkuta) Ukhta is the motherland of the first Russian oil (the first petroleum in Russia was found in Ukhta area approx. 270 years ago) – it is historically and documentary confirmed fact
  3. 3. Ukhta – the heart of the Komi Republic Ukhta is an important industrial town in the Komi Republic of Russia. The Population is over 100 000 inhabitants. It is located in the heart of the Komi Republic. It was found in 1927 and got town status since 1943. 3
  4. 4. • about 15 000 students • more than 3000 academic, research and support staff • University operates multi-level educational system of bachelors, specialists, master, PhD students and other levels of education in 7 directions and over 23 specialties on full-time, part-time and distance education • 20 laboratory and educational buildings • 14 student dormitories (+1 in process – 80-flat house for young families of students and teachers) • more than 70% of USTU domestic students are non-resident of Ukhta, they are from more than 40 regions of Russia • students from 28 countries already study in Ukhta 4 Short facts about USTU Our university is located in the town of Ukhta. It’s an industrial and research capital of the Komi Republic, the population of the town counts more than 130.000 citizens.
  5. 5. Why USTU? 5 Abdulrahman Idris Nigeria Oil and Gas Engineering “The study comes easy and interesting to me, lecturers and group mates always help me”. Jose Massunga Angola Oil and Gas Engineering “I’ve got a very busy life in Ukhta. I teach dancing in the club called ”Kizomba”. Yana Lomachinskaya Kazakhstan Applied Geology “At USTU I’m developing myself as a person, getting excellent education and just enjoying my student life”. Amit Tamang Nepal Ecology and Management of Natural Resources “…the study here is quite cheap and a short list of documents for the enrolment is required”. Lakhani Owaise India Preparatory Course “…people here are extremely friendly and secretly curious”.
  6. 6. University complex system 6 USTU RECTOR Professor, Dr. Sc. Nikolay D. Tskhadaya Chairman, Council of the Rectors of the Komi Republic Deputy Chairman, National Alliance of universities and corporations of mineral and oil & gas complexes On post-graduate and research education: • 3 doctoral councils (of 5 in region) • PhD studies department (7 research branches) • Institute of post-graduate education (for specialists and management of companies) On higher education level: • 4 Institutes: geology, oil & gas; construction & technology; economics, management & IT, fundamental education • Center of distance education On professional education and additional professional skills education level: • Industrial institute (colleges of mining, oil & gas; forest & economics; industrial college) • Center of personnel training of PJSC “Gazprom” (one of the best in Russia, with unique industrial equipment and facilities of training personnel and students) • Center of personnel training of JSC “LUKOIL” (with branches in Ukhta and Usinsk) On primary education and additional education for schoolchildren's level: • Center of professional orientation of youth (with preparatory department) • Ukhta Technical Lyceum of a name of G.V.Rassokhin (5-11 class) • Primary school “Rostok” (1-4 class) • University kindergarten * (* - on planning stage). Campuses of the USTU in other cities of the Komi Republic: Usinsk, Vorkuta Rector actively supports youth professionals in management: there are 2 Vice-rectors and 2 Directors of institutes under the age of 30 y.o. in USTU
  7. 7. Academic structure of USTU (higher education) 7 Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas Production and Pipeline Departments •Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields and underground hydromechanics •Well drilling •Machines and equipment of oil and gas industry •Design and exploitation of main oil and gas pipelines •Industrial safety and environmental protection •Geodesy and land cadaster •Geophysical methods of geoinformational technologies and systems •Geology of fossil fuels and solid minerals Institute of Civil Building and Engineering Departments •Architecture •Industrial and civil building •Heat engineering, heat and gas supply and ventilation •Water supply and drainage system •Forest and woodwork equipment and materials •Technologies and machines of timber felling •Metrology, standardization and certification •Electrification and automation of technological processes Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technologies Departments •Economics •Management •Production organization and planning •Production management •Documentary support of management •Computer science, information systems and technologies •Public relations •Physiology, sport medicine and physical culture Institute of Fundamental Education Departments •Advanced Mathematics •Physics •Chemistry •Foreign languages •History & Culture •Philosophy and Methodology of Education •Resistance of materials and Machine components •Theoretical mechanics & Descriptive geometry •Applied mathematics & Computer science
  8. 8. Laboratory equipment at university complex 8 There are more than 100 modern laboratories with unique equipment in different buildings in Ukhta`s campus (with support of corporations).
  9. 9. Institute of Geology, Oil and Gas Production and Pipeline Transportation 9 Main strategic partners: • GAZPROM, Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta, VNIIGAZ, Gazprom drilling, Gazprom production (offshore, Yamburg, Urengoy, Nadym), Gazprom promgaz, Gazprom oil offshore, Gazprom refinery, Shtokman Development AG, Giprogazcenter and many others; • LUKOIL, Lukoil - Komi, Lukoil – Engineering, Lukoil – Ukhta oil refinery plant, Lukoil – North-Western oil products, Lukoil overseas and others; • ROSNEFT, Nothern Oil, RN-Drilling, RN – Service; • TRANSNEFT, Nothern oil pipelines, Gyprotruboprovod, and many others; • ZARUBEZHNEFT (with its branches in Vietnam, Cuba, Middle East and other regions); • INTERNATIONAL corporations (Halliburton, Total, Schlumberger, Baker Huges, MI-Svaco, Mireco, Gaz de France, Ruhrgas, TNK- BP and many others) One of research schools of USTU actively works underground in famous heavy oil mines on cooperation project between USTU and LUKOIL). Bachelor programs: • Ecology and Management of Natural Resources; • Oil and Gas Engineering; • Land-utilization and Cadastral Register. Specialist programs: • Applied Geology; • Technology of Geological Master programs: • Oil and Gas Engineering.
  10. 10. Institute of Civil Building and Engineering 10 Diploma project of the Architecture department graduate in 2007 was applied for realization in Sochi-2014 Olympic building program Bachelor programs: • Architecture; • Construction (Civil building); • Power and Electrical Engineering; • Mechanical Engineering; • Technosphere Safety; • Standartization and Metrology; • Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries. Master program: • Construction (Civil building); • Power and Electrical Engineering; • Mechanical Engineering; • Technosphere Safety; • Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing Industries.
  11. 11. Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology 11 In this institute we supported Komi regional Presidential program of preparation of the administrative and management staff Bachelor programs: • Computer Science and Engineering; • Information Systems and Technologies; • Economics; • Management; • Advertising and Public Relations; • Document Studies and Archives; • Physical Training. Master program: • Management.
  12. 12. Research and innovational technologies, projects 12 In USTU we develop 12 research schools, design & projects institute of oil & gas industry and many other facilities. We have actual projects and research in new technologies for all leading enterprises of oil & gas and other industries of Russia. One of USTU research schools – on heavy (high-viscosity) oil production technologies based on steam heating of prof. Ruzin. Since 2009, we started innovational project in heavy oil on special area of LUKOIL company Yarega oil mines (there are only 2 such places in the world – village Yarega and Canada, Calgary). In 2013 we have started an dialogue between LUKOIL, USTU, WINTERSHALL and SIEMENS on joint project on EM heating on Yarega heavy oil field. Interesting fact: LUKOIL transferred to university all projects related to developing and reconstruction of new and old oil fields, total budget of project more than 1 billion roubles.
  13. 13. Science events and conferences USTU organizes international and industrial conferences and technology seminars: - Gas industry conference named after G.V.Rassokhin (February); - International scientific youth conference “Severgeoecotekh" (March); - Professional conference for academic and research staff (April); - Humanitarian conference «Communications. Society. Spirituality.» (April); - Conference on heavy (high viscosity) oil (November); - Konvent – the forum which supports talented youth (April); - Innovatika – the forum, which gather together over 180 people for dialogues without ties (May) and many others. Organization of international corporate conferences and technology seminars with our strategic partners is one of the special goals and traditions at USTU. 13
  14. 14. Cooperation with business – a key vector of university development 14 USTU cooperates with all leading corporations of Russia (oil & gas, geology, mining, forest, building and other industries). Cooperation with business organized in more than 20 areas: professional orientation, education (all levels), science and innovations, design projects and expertise, consulting and industrial safety, sports and culture, support children's without parents. USTU received a special rank of «Key university-partner of PAO GAZPROM which allows us to expand our strategic partnership worldwide Main strategic partners of university complex: GAZPROM, Gaprom transgaz Ukhta, VNIIGAZ, Gazprom drilling, Gazprom production (offshore, Yamburg, Urengoy, Nadym), Gazprom promgaz, Gazprom oil offshore, Gazprom refinery, Shtokman Development AG, Giprogazcenter and many 19 other enterprises in RF; LUKOIL, Lukoil - Komi, Lukoil – Engineering, Lukoil – Ukhta oil refinery plant, Lukoil – North-Western oil products, Lukoil overseas and others; ROSNEFT, Nothern Oil, RN-Drilling, RN – Service; TRANSNEFT, Nothern oil pipelines, Gyprotruboprovod, and 7 other companies around country; ZARUBEZHNEFT (with its branches in Vietnam, Cuba, Middle East and other regions); INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS (Hulliburton, Total, Schlumberger, Baker Huges, MI-Svaco, Mireco, Gaz de France, Ruhrgas and many others).
  15. 15. International activity of university International activity of USTU targeted on development of educational quality and preparation of specialists in all directions and industries, development of international links and cooperation with partners. Representatives of university regularly meet and discuss common work with partners (government representatives, companies and universities) from foreign countries. Main international partners of USTU are: Germany, Finland, the USA, Norway, France, Sweden, CIS countries, China, Canada, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and other. 15
  16. 16. International activity of university 16 Yilsa Lopez Perez (Head leader of complex researches in Petroleos de Venezuela, Sociedad Anonima) Mark S. Brinsden (Principal technical expert and group leader of “Perforation for global business of Shell company”, the UK) Serbian delegation: Milan Pavlovich (dean and doctor of faculty “Michael Pupin of the University of Novi Sad) Jari Lahtinen (Principal Lecturer of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland) Saleh Maggeramov (D. Sc. in Biology, professor, rector of Nakhchivan State University, Azerbaijan) Robello Samuel (the leading specialist Halliburton)
  17. 17. Labor education - Student work units Each year students from USTU and the whole region receive an opportunity to work during summer holidays, joining different teams of International student construction union «Severyanin». This unique tradition exists at USTU during many decades. 17 Annually we involve more than 600 students each year in activity of student construction groups. SCG works on construction and repair works of different enterprises of oil & gas industry of Ukhta, other cities of the Komi Republic and other regions around our country. Student work units worked on the famous oil pipeline East Siberia – Pacific Ocean by Transneft company in Taishet city in 2008.
  18. 18. University sport – health of our youth In USTU we develop over 44 unique types of sports including: football, basketball, judo, skiing, running, volleyball, mini-football, boxing, swimming, chess and many others. USTU is proud of achievements of our students – Alexander Sukhorukov won a silver medal in Olympic Games in Beijing (2008). USTU women’s ice hockey team (one of ten in RF) is playing in Russian championship. 18 Our professional student basketball team "Planet - university“ plays in international student league
  19. 19. Basketball/ Mini-Football 19 Since 1970-s basketball became a favourite game at USTU. Since 2002 university basketball team got the name "Planet University“. In May 2012, "Planet University" became the winner of the championship of Russia among men's teams of Major League. At USTU much attention is paid to mini-football. The club in mini-football called "Planet University“ consists of the main line- up and reserve squad. The mini-football team is a multiple champion of Ukhta and the Komi Republic. In 2006 the team won the Student World Championship, which took place in Holland.
  20. 20. Social infrastructure of university complex Student recreation complex «University planet» According to the special federal program, each month 120 students and teachers can have rest and special healthy courses and procedures in the basis of this student recreation complex. 20
  21. 21. University traditions Regional championship in modern dances (Dance Integration) 21 Russian student championship in classical dances Competition «Miss University»
  22. 22. USTU’s dance group - United BIT United BIT is the part of a national hip-hop team. It has a few divisions, each of which has had some achievements within Russia and abroad. For example, the took the second place in the World Championship in 2009 (Poland). The whole number of United BIT’s crew is over 300 dancers. 22
  23. 23. University traditions Holiday moving of graduates of the University through the main town streets of Ukhta 23 Every year “red diplomas” are given to graduates from the hands of Komi Republic Governor or Head of the State Council of the Komi Republic
  24. 24. International students at USTU There are over 500 international students from 28 different countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sudan, Congo, Zimbabwe, Nepal, India, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Serbia and other. 24
  25. 25. Welcome Week Before starting learning Russian international students need to get to know the town and the university they are going to live in and study. Events of the Welcome Week such as excursions, walking and bus tours, participation in meetings, games and forums, outdoor activities, cooking some national dishes arranged by International department of USTU are meant to help the students in it. 25
  26. 26. Preparatory course The academic year of trainings in the preparatory course for international students starts on September, 1st and ends on July, 1st. Academic program: • it includes 4 subjects: Russian, Maths, Physics, IT; • the training is done in groups of 9-11 students; • 5 days a week; • classes focus on all kinds of linguistic activities (listening, reading, writing, speaking); • high attention is paid to the development of vocabulary and speaking skills of the Russian language. 26
  27. 27. Financial expenses Educational costs: • Bachelor & Master degree, Specialist and Postgraduate study – 50000 – 140000 RUR /year (it depends on each course) • Preparatory course (one year) – 85000 RUR 27 Living costs: • Medical insurance – 4200 RUR/year • Student hostel – 850 RUR /month • Food – 10000 RUR /month • Public transport – 17 RUR /trip
  28. 28. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT Anton GRIGORIEV Head of International department of USTU E-mail: Tel.: +7 (8216) 73-86-30 28 2016, Ukhta State Technical University, Office of Vice-rector for external affairs Don’t miss your chance to study at USTU and apply now! ( now)