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Breaking down the Strong Interest Inventory for UGST 1000.

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Strong Inventory

  1. 1. What is Personality?
  2. 2. Personality – who you are relates to what you love!• Quote: What is personality?• In psychology, personality is a collection of emotion, thought and behavior patterns unique to a person.
  3. 3. Strong Interest Inventory
  4. 4. John Holland’s Personality Theory• Classification interviewer with the Army• People seemed to be examples of common personality types• Six basic categories in a person-environment typology• People who choose careers that match their own type are more likely to be successful and satisfied.• This theory of careers is the basis for most of the career inventories used today.
  5. 5. Holland’s Codes Realistic  Working with your hands, tools, machines, and things; practical, mechanically inclined, and physical Investigative  Working with theory and information, analytical, intellectual, scientific Artistic  Non-conforming, original, independent, chaotic, creative Social  Cooperative environments, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing Enterprising  Competitive environments, leading, persuading, selling, dominating, promoting, status Conventional  Precise, perfect attention to detail, orderly, organizing, status
  6. 6. Realistic• College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) – Cytotechnology – Engineering Physics – Medical Technology – Radio, Television and Film• College of Business Administration (COBA) – Business Computer Information Systems• College of Education (COE) – Kinesiology – Recreation and Leisure Studies• College of Engineering (CEN) – Computer Engineering – Computer Science – Engineering Technology – Electronics – Manufacturing – Mechanical
  7. 7. Artistic• College of Arts and Sciences – Dance – English – Foreign Language – Theatre – Philosophy Mayborn School of Journalism – Photojournalism• College of Business Administration – Marketing• College of Visual Arts and Design (COVAD) – All Majors• School of Merch. & Hosp. Mgmt. (SMHM) – Home Furnishings Merch. – Merchandising• College of Music (COM) – All Majors
  8. 8. • College of Arts and Sciences – Biochemistry – Biology – Chemistry Investigative – Economics – Geography – Mathematics – Physics – Pre-Medical/Health Professions – Psychology – Speech-Language Path./Audiology • College of Public Affairs and Community• College of Business Administration Service (PACS) – Business Computer Info. Systems •Anthropology• College of Engineering •Behavior Analysis – Computer Engineering •Criminal Justice – Computer Science •Sociology – Engineering Technology Mayborn School of Journalism •News/Broadcasting •School of Library and Info. Sciences (SLIS) •Information Science
  9. 9. College of BusinessAdministration Organizational Behavior Management Social MarketingCollege Of Education All Majors • College of Arts and SciencesCollege of Public Affairs and– Communication Studies – EconomicsCommunity Service – Geography (Regional Science) Anthropology – History Applied Gerontology – International Studies Behavior Analysis – Philosophy Criminal Justice – Political Science Rehabilitation Studies – Psychology Social Work – Social Science Sociology – Speech-Language Path./Audiology Mayborn School of Journalism Journalism – Advertising, Electronic News, News Writing, Public Relations  
  10. 10. Enterprising • College of Arts and Sciences – Economics – International Studies Mayborn School of Journalism – Journalism – Advertising, Electronic News, Journalism, News Writing, Photojournalism, Public Relations • COBA – All Majors • College of Public Affairs and Community Service – Emergency Administration & Planning • School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management – Merchandising – Hotel Restaurant Management
  11. 11. • College of Arts and Sciences – Economics Conventional – Mathematics – Radio, Television and Film Mayborn School of Journalism – Journalism – News Writing• College of Business Administration – Accounting – Accounting Control Systems – Business Computer Info. Systems – Business Economics – Decision Sciences – Finance – Insurance – Logistics – Operations Management Science – Real Estate• College of Education – Occupational Training and Development• College of Public Affairs and Community Service – Emergency Administration & – Planning• School of Library and Information Sciences – Information Science
  12. 12. Guestimate of Your StrongWhat is YOUR Strongtype? Can you guess your letters?
  13. 13. READING YOUR: Strong Interest Report• Occupational Themes Pg 3(Section 1) – Look at General Occupational Themes – Look at your results on the Basic Interest Scales (Pg4)• Personal Style Scale Preferences Pg 9 (Section 4)• Profile Summary pg 10 (Section 5) – Did your interests match up with your confidence levels in that particular skill area? – What is your theme code? E.g. EAC, AS Or None?• Using Your Themes Section pg 13-14 • Does this match up to your own interests?
  14. 14. MBTI & Strong Interest Combined• Review the combined report pg. 15-21 • Summary of the Strong & MBTI • Preferences Combined • Career Fields & O*NETS Codes • Top Occupations • Additional Occupations to Explore • Balance between Work & Life • Career Exploration & Change Advice
  15. 15. WP Blog Post #7• What’s YOUR Strong Profile? List your Letters or why you might not have any letters.• Does your Strong apply to you? Why yes or no?• Describe some of your themes and occupations from the Strong• 200 words & a picture representing YOUR Strong profile