Decision Making and Critical Thinking


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  • ask each participant to rate his / her satisfaction out of 10, then obtain a group average compare /discuss with other groups' satisfaction levels
  • Decision Making and Critical Thinking

    1. 1. Decision Making& Critical Thinking
    2. 2. How #ugstJOUR Makes Decisions…in140 Characters or Less.
    3. 3. Decision Making… Definitions1. Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternativesbased on the values and preferences of the decision maker. Making adecision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered, and in sucha case we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possiblebut to choose the one that best fits with our goals, desires, lifestyle, values, andso on.2. Decision making is the process of sufficiently reducing uncertainty anddoubt about alternatives to allow a reasonable choice to be made fromamong them. This definition stresses the information gathering function ofdecision making. It should be noted here that uncertainty is reduced rather thaneliminated. Very few decisions are made with absolute certainty becausecomplete knowledge about all the alternatives is seldom possible. Thus, everydecision involves a certain amount of risk.
    4. 4. In groupsof 4 – rankorder your list of items to survive. You have 5minutes… GO!
    5. 5. Individual Decision Making• What is your decision making style?HarmoniousExcellenceActiveReasoning
    6. 6. How Did Your Group Survive?• How were decisions made?• Who influenced the decisions and how?• How was conflict managed?• How did people feel about the decisions?• How satisfied was each person with the decision?’• How would your individual decision have differed from the group decision? Did you compromise?
    7. 7. Universal Factors• Information• Options• Consequences• TimeE.g. What do I need to do to make a decision about my major or degree options?What do I need to make myself feel good about this decision?
    8. 8. Rethinking Thinking
    9. 9. Critical ThinkingProcess…
    10. 10. Did You Know 3.0?
    11. 11. Blog Post – Due 11/14 before ClassLets apply your critical thinking skills using BloomsThinking Taxonomy and Thinking Verbs (handoutgiven in class) to a 200 word blog post as you reflect onthe content of the Did You Know? 3.0 Video. What doyou think about the facts presented in this video?How will some of these concepts impact your futuremajor/career decisions? What questions or thoughtsdo you have after watching this video? Where mightyou go learn about more information about the factspresented in this video that are relevant to you?