Enterprise 2.0 information technology for business


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Enterprise 2.0 information technology for business

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE 2.0 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR BUSINESS By: Ugochukwu Ezeagwula TREM Int’l Headquarters Sunday 4th August, 2013
  2. 2. ENTERPRISE 2.0 OUTLINE • Opening • IT in Business Operations • General Purpose Application Software in Business Operations • Case Study: Wave Accounting • Marketing 2.0: Online Marketing • Cyber Safety Tips • Malicious Codes • Avoid Inappropriate Materials • Escaping a Mousetrap • Social Media Privacy & Geo Location
  3. 3. Same Product. Times have changed. Opening//
  4. 4. “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” - Bill Gates Opening//
  5. 5. IT in Business Operations// Management, Accounting, Finance, Legal Human Resource Management Research & Development Purchasing Make Product/ Service Market Product/ Service Deliver Product/ Service Value Add Value Chain Support Activities Primary Activities
  6. 6. General Purpose Application Software In Business Operations // •Spreadsheet software allow manipulation of data (figures) in rows and columns. Useful for charting and graphing. Can also be used for basic database functions. Example is Microsoft Excel •Data management software supports the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data. There are two basic types of data management software: - Simple filing programs e.g. Microsoft Access - Database management systems (DBMSs) e.g. Oracle
  7. 7. General Purpose Application Software In Business Operations // •Word processing software allows the user to manipulate text, rather than just numbers, e.g. Microsoft Word. •Graphics software allows the user to create, store, and display or print charts, graphs, maps, and drawings. The three main types of graphic software are; - Presentation Graphics - Analysis Graphics - Engineering Graphics
  8. 8. General Purpose Application Software In Business Operations // •Multimedia Software • Communications Software. To share, relate or exchange information. e.g. Microsoft Outlook or web email programs. •Workgroup software, helps teams work together by sharing information and by controlling workflow within the group. •Accounting Software such as Quickbooks or Peachtree or SAGE [Case Study: Wave Accounting]
  9. 9. General Purpose Application Software In Business Operations // •Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) consists of programs that manage a company’s vital operations, from order taking to manufacturing to accounting, e.g. SAP Business One •Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Chances of selling a product to an existing customer far exceed those of selling to a new customer Examples of CRM Software include: - Microsoft Dynamics CRM (might be too big for SMEs) - SalesForce •A peep into the Google App Marketplace will surprise you!
  10. 10. Case Study: Wave Accounting //
  11. 11. Marketing 2.0: Online Marketing// • Websites • SMS • E-mail • Web Adverts • Social Media
  12. 12. Cyber Safety Tips//
  13. 13. Any Malicious Codes// Any software created to cause damage, Steal information, or use up resources on a computer or a network. • Viruses • Worms • Trojan Horses • Spyware Security Precaution Turn on Firewall, update OS &
  14. 14. Avoid Inappropriate Materials// Apply caution in clicking on • Advertisements • Keyword Searches • Typo Squatting • E-mail Spam • Phishing • Steganography Spam e-mails are harmful nuisance that can lead To identity theft. To minimize identity theft, examine a company’s Privacy policy before shopping online. Look out for the padlock sign or the HTTPS in the URL.
  15. 15. Escaping a Mousetrap// Never click “Ok” on popup windows When mouse trapped. Instead, follow The keyboard shortcuts: • Ctrl+W or Apple+W = Close Active Window • Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Apple Q will close the application • On a Mac, Apple+Option+Esc will allow you to force quit. • Apple+period, should unfreeze your computer
  16. 16. Social Media Privacy & Geo Location// Be sure that you do not compromise your personal details such as you address, telephone number and other personal information on Social Networking Sites. You don’t have to put up all your personal details on your profile, but even if you do, make sure privacy settings do not expose such details to the public. Also ensure your geo location feature on Facebook and Twitter are always turned off.
  17. 17. Thank You // Ugochukwu Ezeagwula Chief Imagination Officer Identita Brand Concepts Telephone: +234 01 844 3816 +234 806 665 4702 E-mail me@ugochukwuezeagwula.com ugochukwu2001@yahoo.com Website www.ugochukwuezeagwula.com www.identitanigeria.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ugochukwuezeagwul a www.facebook.com/identitabrand Twitter: @ugosanchez