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#repairables - a platform connecting repairers and people in need of repair


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This is a prototype for #repairables - The Restart Project's platform connecting all amateur and professional repairers with people in need of repairing all kinds of things (from mobile phones to vintage turntables, from bikes to suitcases).
If you want to help build the platform or support its development, get in touch at

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#repairables - a platform connecting repairers and people in need of repair

  1. 1. Prototyped at UP London HackathonApril 20-21 2013
  2. 2. Janet contacts @RestartProjectasking for help, using the hashtag#repairables
  3. 3. @RestartProject automatically sends her a linkto a repair request form to complete
  4. 4. Janet fills the form and submit it by signing up on Twitter
  5. 5. The completed form can be shared across social media
  6. 6. @RestartProject promotesthe repair request on Twitter
  7. 7. Tom reads the request and wants to help Janet
  8. 8. Janet browses help offers received, ordered by location
  9. 9. Janet browses other users feedback about Tom and chooses him
  10. 10. Tom is notified of Janets decision
  11. 11. Janet receives Toms contact info and pre-repair advice
  12. 12. Janet and Tom meet, and the phone is successfully repaired!
  13. 13. The Restart Projects future platformconnecting amateur and professional repairerswith people trying to repair all kinds of things(from electronics to bicycles and suitcases)Concept by @janetgunter + @ugomaticMany thanks to @mrchrisadams + @pmackayfor a weekend of prototyping! @RestartProject