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nursing vision mission

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Vision mission

  1. 1. HISTORY June 1989 signaled the beginning of Xavier University College of Nursing through the efforts ofRev. Fr. Ernesto Javier, SJ and Rev. Fr. Emeterio J. Barcelon, SJ. It started with the leadership of twopioneering nursing administrators: Ellen P. Abear (Dean) and Ramona Heidi C. Palad (Asst. Dean).It was given government recognition by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 1992 andgraduated its first batch of nursing graduates in March 1993 with a 100% passing average in theIntegrated Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) given by the Professional Regulation CommissionBoard of Nursing on August 1993 in Davao City.It has since gone through a decade of challenges and financial odds. It was phase out in the year2000 but was reopened in 2002. It continuous to champion excellence and commitment of serviceamong its graduates thus catapulting Xavier University into the top one (100%) performing schoolof nursing in the Philippines in the December 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination, top 2 (98%)performing school of nursing in the December 2007 Nurse Licensure Examination and again top 1(99%) performing School of Nursing in the November 2008 Nurse Licensure Examination given bythe Professional Regulation Commission –Board of Nursing.It has produced more than a dozen of nursing graduates who were among the top 10 examinees inthe Nursing Licensure examinations from 1993 to 2008.Xavier University aims to continue the tradition of excellence and envisions itself to be the leadinginstitution in the Philippines in providing quality nursing education to its students in order to givethe best health service to their clientele globally.
  2. 2. VisionXavier University College of Nursingenvisions itself to become the leadinginstitution in the field of nursingeducation which shall provide the societywith nurses who will provide an excellenthealth care, who shall be responsive tothe needs and demands of local andglobal market.
  3. 3. MissionThe College is determined and committed to provide an excellent education that isChristian in orientation, holistic in approach, Filipino in character, global inperspective and geared towards the development of the total person.To realize our vision, the College of Nursing is committed to:provide quality education responsive to the needs and goals of the community andcountry;provide an environment conducive to academic, moral and spiritual growth ofstudents, faculty and staff;cultivate the habit of critical thinking and scientific approach in problem- solvingand decision making;provide opportunities for involvement in community activities and service that willpromote physical and spiritual fitness, cultural and environmental consciousness anda sense of national identity.
  4. 4. PhilosophyThe Xavier University College of Nursing believesthat a person is a rational being, full of potentialsand an active learner as she is created in theimage and likeness of God. He / She is imbuedwith virtues of faith, truth, justice and humility asexemplified by the life and teachings of Christ. TheCollege of Nursing exists to develop thesepotentials and enhance these innate qualitiesmaking the student of nursing an ideal nursewhose presence provides hope and consolation tothose afflicted with human sufferings.
  5. 5. GoalThe XUCN Program shall nurture the individual student’s social, spiritual, physical, psychological and intellectual endowments to prepare the student to become committed, compassionate, conscientious, caring professional nurse who shall demonstrate competence in the following areas of responsibilities: safe and quality care, health education , communication, collaboration and teamwork, ethico-moral and legal responsibility, personal and professional growth and development, management of resources and environment, quality improvement and research. The College tradition of excellence and service is evident through its graduate’s exemplary performance in the nurse licensure examination and in the practice of the nursing profession in the Philippines and in other countries as well. The BSN Program at Xavier University ensures that graduates are knowledgeable, safe practitioners of integrity.
  6. 6. The college prepares graduates with the followingterminal competencies:· Evidence based practitioners and culturallycompetent across varied practice setting; ethical,critical and analytical thinkers;· Advocates and effective partners in health caredelivery;· Leaders and lifelong learners with communityservice orientation.
  7. 7. Science Of nursing Art Of nursing Spirit of Jesuit tradition Men and Women for others
  8. 8. MEN and WOMEN for OTHERS
  9. 9. Science Of nursing Art Of nursing Spirit of Jesuit tradition Men and Women for others Cura Personalis
  10. 10. CURA PERSONALIS “Care for the Entire Person”
  11. 11. Science Of nursing Art Of nursing Spirit of Jesuit tradition Men and Women for others Cura Personalis Spirit of Magis
  12. 12. SPIRIT of MAGIS “ MORE”
  13. 13. SPIRIT of MAGIS “ MORE”
  14. 14. SPIRIT of MAGIS “ MORE”
  15. 15. Professional values Core competencies Role development Core knowledge
  16. 16. Professional valuesProfessional AccountabilityLeaders in service to others Human dignity Social justice Compassion Spirituality Advocacy Integrity Holism
  17. 17. Core competenciesManagement of resources and environment Personal & Prof. Development Safe & quality nursing care Ethico -moral responsibility Collaboration &Teamwork Quality Improvement Record Management Legal Responsibility Health Education Communication Research
  18. 18. Core knowledgeDisease Management Illness Evidence based Practice Health Care Systems Technology Ethics Health Promotion Human Diversity Risk Reduction Human Care Global health Policy
  19. 19. Coordinator Care Provider Case Manager Life - Long LearnerMember of the Profession Role development