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Sharpie UX @ Fluxible 2013


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This workshop focuses on basic sketching skills for user experience, with an emphasis on sketching users in context.

Published in: Art & Photos, Design, Technology
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Sharpie UX @ Fluxible 2013

  1. Sharpie UX   LEAH BULEY | FLUXIBLE 2013
  2. How I Learned to Fake Being a Sketcher—And How You Can Too or
  3. Graphic Recording
  4. Sketchnotes
  5. Good Magazine
  6. Obsessive Consumption Blog
  7. The Universe of Sketches
  8. AGENDA 2:15-2:30 Intro 2:30-3:15 Confidence Games 3:15-3:45 Sketching The User 3:45-4:15 Sketching Product Ideas 4:15-4:45 Sketching User Experiences 4:45-5:15 Validating With Sketches
  9. Confidence Games PART 1
  10. Exercise
  11. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Spend 2 minutes drawing this image
  12. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Spend 2 minutes drawing this image 2.  Now, spend 2 minutes drawing this image
  13. 1.  Use markers and pens, not pencils; be fast, not 2.  Our : if you mess up, keep going 3.  If you really mess up, grab a new page perfect   Rules of Thumb for Pen & Paper
  14. Tools for Sketching Start Here I’m important! Background / depth Complex shapes
  15. To Create Gray Effect Warm 
 Gray Hatching Stippling
  16. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Fill a page with overlapping rectangles using the thing end of the sharpie 2.  Hold the page up for everyone to see 3.  Pass it to your neighbor, then choose one rectangle and color it yellow 4.  Pass it to your neighbor, then outline 3-4 rectangles with the fat end of the sharpie 5.  One more pass! Shade in 3-4 rectangles with hatching or stippling ... or add some shadows
  17. Sketching the User PART 2
  18. Sketching Facial Expressions Eyes & Mouth Eyes & Mouth Eyebrows Eyebrows & Mouth Face Shape Calm Happy Sad Mad/Disgusted Neutral Worried Angry Surprised Angry Surprised Worry Surprised Why the long face? Creepy
  19. Sketching Simple Bodies Swoosh People Bell People Clothespin People Star People
  20. Making Bodies Expressive Point of Focus Surprised or Averse Withdrawn or Sad Neutral Engaged or Aggressive Thoughtful or Questioning
  21. Overlapping Shapes
  22. From the Usborne Art Ideas Big Book of Things to Draw
  23. Artist’s Manikin
  24. Artist’s Manikin point of focus
  25. Artist’s Manikin
  26. Exercise
  27. But first, think about a bad habit  
  28. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Do a rough “overlapping shapes” sketch of this manikin 2.  Trace back over your rough sketch, and turn it into a semi-realistic sketch of your bad habit in action. 3.  Be sure to give the sketch a facial expression.
  29. Sketching Product Ideas PART 3
  30. Header Tab User Picture Photo Video Filler text Pop-up Module Arrows Larger ones can communicate weight, or act as labels Side-scrolling Module Drop Shadows Communicate depth and bring attention to callouts or popup boxes Calendar Page curl Mouse Cursor Quietly indicates a rollover state Callouts Can show alerts, help, guidance or sketch annotations Interface Elements
  31. Highlighting Sketches by Rachel Graves
  32. Warm GraySketchesbyRachelGraves
  33. Line Weight
  34. The Magical 6-Up Template
  35. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Draw 6 boxes on a page. 2.  Sketch 6 mutally independent ideas for products or interfaces that could help with your bad habit. IDEA 1 IDEA 2 IDEA 3 IDEA 4 IDEA 5 IDEA 6
  36. Sketching to Refine an Idea
  37. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Pick your favorite idea (or combination of ideas) from your 6-up template 2.  Re-sketch it in more detail on a new pageFAVORITE IDEA
  38. Sketching User Experiences PART 4
  39. Basic Elements of Shape from Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks Dots Circles Lines Angled Lines Curved Lines
  40. Circle! Line! Dot! Angled ! Line! Curved! Lines!
  41. Lines! Line! Circle! Curved Lines! Angled Lines! Image from
  42. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Sketch this image. 2.  Look for lines, circles, dots, angled lines, and curved lines. 3.  Add your favorite idea from your 6 up to the mobile phone You have 5 minutes.
  43. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Do it again. This time, you have 2 minutes
  44. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Do it again. This time, you have 30 seconds
  46. Storyboard Template
  47. Start by showing the context or problem in the first few panels
  48. Next, show how the solution would work (high level)
  49. Show the outcome or positive effect in final panels
  50. Exercise
  51. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Draw a storyboard that shows how your concept would fit into your life and help you with your bad habits 2.  In the first few panels, show the bad habit in action 3.  In the middle panels, show the product solution 4.  In the final few panels, show positive effect
  52. Validating & Improving Through Sketches PART 5
  53. Edward De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats Discernment Process Emotions CreativityOptimism Information
  54. Black Hat Session
  55. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Share your 1-up sketch and your storyboard with a partner 2.  Partner, take a minute to say what you like about the idea 3.  Now, both of you, look at the 1-up sketch and storyboard, and think about what you don’t like about it 4.  Place a sticky note for every issue you see or concern you have
  56. INSTRUCTIONS 1.  Switch and repeat
  57. Pro Tips for UX Sketching 1.  Have nice pens and pencils. 2.  Trace. Copy. Steal. 3.  Find a font you like and practice tracing it. 4.  Use interface templates and 6 up templates. 5.  When in doubt, give it a thick outline. 6.  Keep a sketchbook.
  58. RESOURCES Books An Illustrated Life, by Danny Gregory Drawing With Children, by Mona Brooks Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets, by Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice, by Ivan Brunetti Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists, by Carla Sonheim Me @ugleah
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