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UX Team of One @ UX Week 2008


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Presented at UX Week in August, 2008. A gentle prod to remember why you got involved in user experience in the first place, and think about what excites you about it now.

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UX Team of One @ UX Week 2008

  1. Being a UX Team of One UX Week, 2008 Leah Buley, 1
  2. Who is a team of one? Leah Buley, 2
  3. Leah Buley, 3
  4. Think back... Leah Buley, 4
  5. When did you first discover UX? Leah Buley, 5
  6. Let’s look at the themes Leah Buley, 6
  7. Pam’s story Leah Buley, 7