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a friend an others

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  1. 1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P.
  2. 2. F: FriendlyR: RespectI: IntegrityE: EncouragingN: NiceD: DiversityS: SincerityH: HelpfulI: IndividualP: Politeness
  3. 3. RespectAlways treating people the way you would want them to treat you.Scenario: Darius and his friends were playing kick ball when the new kid approached and asked, “Can I play?” The kids begin to yell, “No, go away!” Elandra was walking with the new kid when they approached the entrance to the classroom. The new kid opened the door to allow Elandra to enter first.
  4. 4. FriendlyA Friendly person should always smile and say hello when greeting other people.Scenario: Lizzie was approaching the new kid and looked away before they made eye contact. Jude saw the new kid sitting alone in the cafeteria and he went to go sit by him.
  5. 5. IntegrityDoing something good for someone when no one is looking.Scenario: Mikey placed his dollar on the bench while he went to wash his hands. Joe approached and saw the dollar and decided to leave it there until Mikey returned. India and group of girls were walking from the playground joking about Judy’s accident in class. Judy’s friend did not tell the other girls to stop it.
  6. 6. EncouragingAlways lift up your friends spirits with positive words and actions.Scenario: Katie’s friend Sonya was down in the dumps about losing her pet Fluffy. So, Katie gave Sonya some flowers from the school’s garden. Henry was upset about his bad grade on the spelling test, so his friend Tom called him a dummy.
  7. 7. NiceAlways being courteous, pleasant, and never misbehave.Scenario: The students told Ms. Harris, the teacher, how nice she looked with her new hair cut. Yoni was making fun of Georgy’s mom. He stated, “Yo, momma is so fat, they mistake her for an elephant.”
  8. 8. DiversityAlways respect others differences: gender, abilities, culture, race, and ethnicityScenario: Tommy told Lisa she couldn’t play sports because she was a girl. Bobby tossed the hand ball with John, who is in a wheelchair, during recess.
  9. 9. SincerityAlways speak and act genuinely.Scenario: Jenny told Sandra she liked her outfit although she did not. Jeremy asked Corrine how she felt about being the first base-person before they baseball.
  10. 10. HelpfulYou should assist others when they are in need.Scenario: Lauren opened the door the teacher who was carrying a lot of things. Rita dropped all of her books, while Willie walk right past her without acknowledging the mess.
  11. 11. IndividualDo not be a follower. Do not sacrifice character.Scenario: Cris was making fun of Kim. Trina, who is Kim’s friend, joined the act. Jacob wore something he liked to school although the other kids thought it was not cool.
  12. 12. PolitenessAlways show consideration for others.Scenario: Sara asked, “Would you please open the door for me?” Henry yelled, “Get out of my way, dork!”
  13. 13. OutcomesTo create better friendshipsTo create a sense of communityTo create comfortable learning environmentTo treat others betterTo become caring individuals
  14. 14. In conclusion, be FRIENDLY, treat each other with RESPECT, act with INTEGRITY, be ENCOURAGING, be NICE, encourage DIVERSITY, act with SINCERITY, be HELPFUL, be an INDIVIDUAL, and show POLITENESS.Then, you will have F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P.