King Arthur Flour - A Recipe for a Successful Facebook Promotion


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hearforward ran a Facebook Promotion for King Arthur Flour that nearly doubled the brand's Facebook Fans and generated a 240% ROI before the promotion even ended.

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King Arthur Flour - A Recipe for a Successful Facebook Promotion

  1. 1. Promotions on Facebook The absolute best way to grow your Facebook page and marketing database.
  2. 2. Who We Arehearforward launched in 2009 with the goal of solving the social media integration problem. Wehold data opportunities sacred. We make sure they are fully realized, reconciled and organizedwhenever they present themselves. This yields bigger Facebook pages, more powerfulpredictive models, better opportunities for message tuning and the ability to strategically targetFacebook Ads.hearforward is venture funded, profitable and working with some of the strongest brands anddirect marketers on the planet.6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Who We Are Focusing on the intersection between Direct Marketing and social - what makes sense for direct marketers and what doesn’t in the social space Specific Areas of Focus  New Data Opportunities in Social Sphere  Integration Points  ROI Measurement, balanced investments in social6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. The Team Sean Hurley is co-founder and Managing Partner at hearforward. He has over 6 years of experience performing statistical analysis on consumer behavior. Working with data from dozens of organizations from small franchise restaurants to the biggest international brands and candidates for federal, state and local office. He applies this experience at hearforward overseeing data integration, measurement and analytics. Sean studied green consumer behavior at Clark University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Master’s degree in Environmental Science. Kyle Girard brings a unique background in computer science and marketing strategy to his role as hearforward’s Lead Software Engineer. Kyle has over 7 years of experience working with clients such as Burton, Hampton Direct and Seventh Generation as well as with small business owners. A graduate of the University of Vermonts Business School with a focus on Computer Science, Kyle’s primary focus over the past few years has been finding ways to utilize new technologies to help increase business efficiency. Kyle enjoys sharing his knowledge to those interested in the community; he usually hosts one or two tech programs every month. Jonathan Torrey is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business administration. He has 2 years of experience in marketing, resource management, project management and research consulting. He has a variety of experience from hiring and managing a team of over 30 to competitive research and advertising for local businesses. He began as a social media analyst at hearforward in 2010 and continues to perform data analysis, and manage projects and client relationships.6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Advisory Board David Bradbury is the President of the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies. Through VCET, David helped found hearforward and provides management and strategic direction for the team. Seth Grimes is a frequent speaker, conference chair and a leading expert on business analytics. Seth supports hearforward with his unique vantage point on the market and feedback on product functionality. Chris Danforth is a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont. Chris oversees applied research on human emotion gleaned from social media data and supports hearforward as a technical sounding board. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. brands we work with6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Why Promotions on Facebook? Facebook has over 800M users People interact with brands on Facebook more than on other platforms Promotions and discounts are the key to growing your page You can require users to “like” your page to sign up for promotions It’s where people share6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. 57% of users “like” a brand for promotions and discounts Top Five Reasons for Fanning Brands on Facebook I am a customer of the company 58% To receive discounts and promotions 57% To show others that I like/support this brand 41% To be the first to know information about the brand 31% Gain access to exclusive content 31% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Source: From the 2011 Chadwick Martin Bailey Consumer Pulse Study Base: Those who are fans of brands on Facebook. Q: Why did you become a fan? Select all that apply.6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. The main reason consumers follow brands on socialnetworks is for discounts and special offers Source: PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Case Study: Facebook Promotions and King Arthur Flour 239% ROI in less than 30 Days Results  30-Day ROI: 275%  30-Day New Lead Conversion Rate: 3.7%  New Leads Acquired: 6,300  Incremental Fan Growth: 24,376  Incremental % Fan Growth: 81%  Existing Email Subscribers Engaged: 18,800 hearforward ran a sweepstakes promotion on King Arthur Flour’s Facebook page in October and November 2011 that yielded 6,300 new leads – nearly 4% of which converted - generated an ROI of 239% in less than 30 days from the close of the promotion. In total, the Facebook Fan count grew by an incremental 81%, or 24,585 fans - these are fans resulting from the above-average growth rates in October and November, not simply the total fans acquired during this time. In addition to the Fan growth, King Arthur’s wall saw thousands of interactions with their Facebook posts. The overall Facebook effect? Tens of thousands stories being broadcast to millions of friends-of-fans. hearforward recommended a promotional structure designed to drive high repeat visit rates and provide users with a reason to visit the Facebook page not just once but several times during the month. The promotion featured daily prizes with each daily entry also entering the user into a drawing for several grand prizes. In the first 18 days of the promotion, the Fan count grew by as many fans as it had in the previous 60 days – an acceleration of 300% without any cross – promotion. KAF sent an email to their subscribers on 10/19 driving a surge of stories on Facebook and further accelerating growth. During the campaign, King Arthur Flour’s Fan count doubled. For 18,800 existing prospects and customers that were already subscribers, the contest provided a strong reason to engage with the brand on Facebook. The comments, likes and resulting “stories” inside of Facebook acted as the catalyst to drive net- new prospect acquisitions.6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. 239% ROIROI & Total Page-Likes during King Arthur Flour Facebook 30 days after thePromotion Sept 1 – Dec. 31 2011ROI close of the promotion Year End 12/31/2011 End of Program 70,000 57,240 likes 250% 11/30/2011 54,649 likes Email Announcement 60,000 200% 10/18/2011 Additional Email 29,971 likes Announcement 50,000 150% Start of Program 10/1/11 40,000 100% 27,011 likes 8/1/11 ROI 24,304 likesPage 30,000 50%Likes 20,000 Breakeven 15 days 0% before the close of the program Total Page Likes 10,000 -50% ROI 0 -100% 6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. forwardConnect mines Facebook user data when users connectwith your App1. user authorizes your Facebook App 3. new data allows you to make better decisions and improve customer engagement 2. forwardConnect collects ALL data and connections about the user forwardconnect is a data service from hearforward that is embedded into all of hearforward’s apps and also available as a plug-in for apps developed by others6/11/2012 12 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. 20-50% of users prefer social sign-on 30-50% Connect Rate 22% Connect Rate  Given the option, many users choose to sign-up using their Facebook account  Providing the social sign-on is a courtesy to the 20-50% of users that prefer to sign-up using their Facebook accounts  Connection rates vary based on form design, audience6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. Facebook Social Sign-On 1. the user chooses the Facebook option 4. Form is pre-filled, data is submitted to Marketing Database 2. user explicitly approves the app 3. Realtime: forwardConnect mines Facebook user data Key Features:  Majority of required information can be obtained through Facebook permissions  forwardConnect deeply integrated for enhanced data and analytics  Form calls out information that was not obtainable from Facebook, clarifying the state-change and value-add for the user6/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 14
  15. 15. CONTACT: Sean Hurley 802.376.17376/11/2012 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 15