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[]Introduction to social bpm


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[]Introduction to social bpm

  1. 1. Introduction to Social BPM
  2. 2. Background Conventional BPM’s Problem• Building a successful BPM initiative requires teams to develop effective and efficient ways to engage everyone across the entire process value chain: business stakeholders, partners, employees, and customers.• Unfortunately, BPM has traditionally only focused on engaging narrow silos within the internal value streams - often leaving customers, partners, and the bulk of frontline workers out of the communication loop.
  3. 3. What is Social BPM?• Social BPM is a methodology for bringing more and diverse voices into process improvement activities• Uses social networking principles to accelerate time- to-value and adoption for BPM projects• Combines Web 2.0 and social tools with BPM to facilitate bi-directional communication for process improvement Clay Richardson, IBMs Impact 2010
  4. 4. Social BPM patterns• Collaborative(Extend) discovery – Extending process discovery frontline and customers for bi-directionalcommunication• Runtime process guidance – Monitoring external and internal social networks to modify in-flightbusiness processes• Process reflection – Process users provide direct feedback on process enhancements andimprovement during execution• Shared development – Extending process development methodology and tools to supportdevelopment collaboration between business and IT roles.• Process Guidance – Provide real-time suggestions and guidance for completing a particularactivity based on real-time analytics and/or social network analysis (e.g.,crowdsourcing techniques). Clay Richardson, IBMs Impact 2010
  5. 5. Social BPM Features Four corners of Social BPM Chris Taylor, The four corners of social BPM
  6. 6. Social BPM Features  Without the constraints of time and space, it is based on working of various kinds of collaboration. Khoshafian, MyBPM - Social Networking for BPM, 2008
  7. 7. Social BPM Features Community based – Within the enterprise – Across the trading partner value chain – Community • Particular vertical domain • Networks on standards, best practices, methodologies, templates Khoshafian, MyBPM - Social Networking for BPM, 2008
  8. 8. Social BPM Features Entire taxonomy of BPM communities and activities Khoshafian, MyBPM - Social Networking for BPM, 2008
  9. 9. Social BPM Features Kim Kyudong, Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Complete Social BPM
  10. 10. Social BPM Features Kim Kyudong, Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Complete Social BPM
  11. 11. Social BPM Features• Process Collaboration in Team Spaces• Modeling Spaces: Process improvement through collaboration• WorkSpace : Discussions, documents• Instance Specific Space : Collaboration specific to an instance (Audit trail. Participants, documents, calendar)• Unstructured Processes: Unplanned interaction a key part of the process• Process Tasks in Context: Rich, Unified User Experience / Embedded Analytics / Enterprise Application Integration / Business Process Integration / Accounting & Financial Mgmt Info / Contextual E2.0 Services
  12. 12. Global vendors Social BPM, Positioning where will it be available? 2011 Content Technology Vendor Map
  13. 13. Global vendors Social BPM, Positioning where will it be available? Khoshafian, MyBPM - Social Networking for BPM, 2008
  14. 14. Global vendors• Personalized, Filtered Views Users can filter views by relevant application or process areas and subscribe to customized feeds to monitor the key events and information that is meaningful to them.• Easy Collaboration Comment, question and collaborate on business events through real-time message posts and ad-hoc updates to targeted groups within and outside of pre-planned business processes.• Take Action Generate actions and complete tasks from inside the event feed or from a mobile device, using optimized web and mobile forms to capture data and route tasks.• Collaboration Features• Discussion – Secure discussion thread for departments, processes, or content to encourage collaborations between• Ratings – Rate comments and discussions
  15. 15. Global vendors• Community dynamics• Members can – share their thoughts, ideas and opinions – by providing feedback about these resources, – sharing recommendations – engaging in discussions through forums and blogs.• The community recognizes top contributors and most popular authors Wilfred Jamison, BPM Voices: Get social with IBM and BPM