Give Up A Gift Challenge


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This holiday season, we are challenging you to ask ONE friend or loved one to give you a different kind of holiday gift - a gift that will help end Extreme Poverty. All you have to do is sign up as an individual, a team, a group or a school and then your family and friends can log on and give you a gift through your profile.

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Give Up A Gift Challenge

  1. the
  2. uend: has a challenge for U This holiday season… Ask for a different kind of gift A gift to end extreme poverty
  3. Extreme poverty is defined by the United Nations as… living on under $1 a day You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for that in Canada.
  4. That’s misleading… They aren’t living… …they are actually dying every day from preventable causes… …from poverty
  5. No guilt, just facts: 1.2 Billion (1 in 5) people live like that in the world In our world In my world In your world
  6. No guilt, just facts: ½ the people in our world live on under $2 per day More than 3 Billion people
  7. $1/ day
  8. No guilt, just facts: Over 22,000 people will die from poverty today… …and tomorrow, and every day And it is preventable
  9. No guilt, just facts: •$1 trillion spent on holiday retail & wholesale in North America •$750,000 thrown away daily on disposable paper cups •$40 billion is spent annually on video games
  10. So… How much money would end extreme poverty?
  11. according to the World Bank $50 billion annually for 15 years if spent properly
  12. That’s 5% of what we spend during the holiday season in North America 1 out of 20 gifts
  13. Shocked? It’s mind boggling! So how can U make a difference?
  14. How? If we all asked to receive just one gift differently this holiday season…
  15. How? If Canadians alone committed to just one $20 gift, we would raise $676,000,000
  16. U have the power to choose.
  17. Do you need another ‘coolest pair of jeans in the world’? Or…
  18. …an education so she can feed her family for years to come?
  19. Do you need that new super-cool tech thing-a-ma-jiggy? Or…
  20. …clean water for him for a Year?
  21. We can put an end to poverty in our lifetime. Image by C. Bolin
  22. Would U Give up a Gift this holiday season… …if it meant putting an END to poverty?
  23. Ask your friends, ask your family, ask everyone… To give U a different kind of gift this holiday season
  24. Take the challenge Give up a Gift at