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Learning for Life - Learning Lifelong


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Keynote presentation at the annual conference of the Lifelong learning Plattform in Vienna in June 2018

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Learning for Life - Learning Lifelong

  1. 1. Prof. Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University European Association for Institutes of Higher Education European Distance and E-Learning Network Learning for a life. Learning lifelong. The social and cultural dimension on lifelong learning: enablers and barriers Annual Conference 2018 Lifelong Learning Platform Vienna, Austria
  2. 2. Imagine... Painting 20 m high up on your back... ...and creating in your head/ heart the unforeseen...
  3. 3. Sistine chapel 520 square metre
  4. 4. Design Mindset Thinking in Perspectives
  5. 5. © 2007 Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers ::: Reflexion im Netz ::: Serendipity and the prepared mind?! Is ... eductaion fit for this challenge?
  6. 6. Higher Education „Competencies are […] in principle unlimited dispositions and abilities, to act self-organised and successfully in an unknown, complex and undetermined future.“ (translated) Knowing-in-Action Reflection-in-Action Reflection on Reflection-in-Action Higher Education as Reflection-Laboratory (Schön 1983, 1986) Implicit Action-Knowledge Ad-Hoc Strategies Development of ind. Action Theories Professionality Competence Responsibility Action Adequacy Abilities Will Knowledge Apply Information Connect (Wildt 2006) (Erpenbeck 2005)
  7. 7. Do you use Google? Perpetual Beta = Co-Produktion of Learning =
  8. 8. A Thought Experiment... A school beginner in September 2016... • ... finishes 2020 primary school • ... gradutaes from high school in 2028 • ... receives his bachelor degree in 2031 • ... and his Master in 2033 • ...starts to work...
  9. 9. Modernization of the World of Work Resolution of system of fixed professions From lifetime employment to lifetime employability From employed professionals to entrepreneurial professionals 1 2 3 (Lisop 1997) (Beck, Giddens, Lash 1996) (Voß, Pongratz 1998)
  10. 10. Changes are inevitable we will jump 10-15 times
  11. 11. LLL as the new Master Narrative
  12. 12. But LLL is more... Between emancipation and obligation Between risk-avoidance and risk-generation Medium of pleasure in present
  13. 13. How to achieve permeability? Cultural Diversity Different Educational Leitmotivs (Nagel 2004)  Scandinavian Countries: Students are viewed as young citizens, education is the obligation of the state  In Anglo-Saxon countries students are viewed as customers and investors, education becomes a more individual duty  In southern Europe students are seen as family members, education is a family matter Learning Infrastructures  Different Platforms  Different Tools  Different Technologies  Different Access Possibilities Educational Systems  Different School Systems (Duration, Preferred Learning Mode, etc.)  Vocational Education  University Education
  14. 14. 50%+
  15. 15. Exclusivity Massification Individualissation Personalisation
  16. 16. need for constant learning from preparation up front to episodical throughout
  17. 17. Jeff Warner, CEO of LinkedIn
  18. 18. Skillmyth
  19. 19. Learning Society Digital Technology Unbundling Selforganisation Lifelong Learning Permeability Sequentiality Individualisation/ Diversity Uni- versity 50% Plus Changing Labour Market Unbundling of certification, teaching, etc. Multicampus Digital as Standard Entgrenzung Multiinstitutional
  20. 20. Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University European Association for Institutes of Higher Education Thank you for your attention!