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Bihar major industries in recent period


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Industrial investments in Bihar in recent period

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Bihar major industries in recent period

  1. 1. Presentation to Project Approval &Monitoring Committee (PAMC) Part-II 5th March 2012
  2. 2. GRANT RELEASEGrant Stage No. Of Projects Release Amount (`in lacs)1st installment 2 projects 23.66For 1st & 2nd 14projects 934.35installmentFor 2nd installment 2 projects 179.00For 3rd installment 3 projects 340.24For 4th installment 1projects 83.12Status Report (on Hold) 3Projects ---Total 25 Projects 1560.37
  3. 3. Projects - 1st installment of Grant ReleaseVishwanath Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. Uttri Bihar Milk Food Company Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. Vishwanath Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd.•Project Type: Corn Milling Unit• Location: Village Silout, Tahsil, Kudhni, district Muzaffarpur•Project Cost: ` 521.18Lacs• Grant Sanctioned: ` 156.31Lacs• Bank Loan status: under process•Investment till date: ` 56.57 Lacs• Recommended for 1st Installment– ` 15.63Lacs
  5. 5. Uttri Bihar Milk Food Company Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Milk Processing Unit Location: Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur Project Cost: ` 282.59 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 80.37Lacs Bank Loan: Yet to achieve Investment till date: ` 29.04 Lacs Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 8.03Lacs
  6. 6. Projects - 1st & 2nd installment of Grant Release1.Gaytri soya Food Products2.MBNB Cold Storage Pvt. Limited3. Vaishali Enterprises and Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.4.Anuj Dairy Private Limited5.Maa Mundeshwari Agro Mills Pvt. Ltd6.Narmadeshwar Rice Mills Pvt.ltd7.Anmol feeds Pvt.Ltd8.Vina Paras Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd9.Shirdi Foods Pvt. Ltd10.Ishwar Raj Beverages Pvt Ltd11.Bhojpur Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd.12.Maa Bhagwati Kalyanpur Cold Stores Pvt.Ltd13.Amit Solvex14.Kritika Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Gayatri Soya Food Products• Project Type: soybean processing unit• Location: Village Bishunpur Pankari , District-Patna•Project Cost: ` 45.94Lacs• Grant Sanctioned: ` 14.34Lacs• Bank Loan: ` 31.75lacs (PNB)• Investment till date: ` 47.74 LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installment– ` 4.29Lacs ( to be transferredto PNB bank)
  8. 8. MBNB Cold Storage PRIVATE LIMITED Project Type: RABC Location: Teghra, Begusarai Project Cost: ` 999.12 Lacs Grant sanctioned: ` 310.91 Lacs Bank Loan: ` 350.00 Lacs (PNB) Investment till date: ` 492.63 Lacs Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installment– ` 93.27 Lacs
  9. 9. Vaishali Enterprises and Cold Storage P. Ltd Project Type: RABC Location: Industrial Growth Centre, Giddha, Ara Project Cost: ` 1136.70 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 344.44 Lacs Bank Loan: ` 610.00 Lacs Bank of India, Patna MID Corporate Branch. Investment till date: ` 606.87Lacs Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installment– ` 103.32Lacs
  10. 10. Anuj Dairy P. Ltd Project Type: Milk Processing Unit Location: Industrial Area, Hazipur Project Cost: ` 1320.34 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 383.04 Lacs Bank Loan: ` 70.00 Lacs (SBI, Patna ) Investment till date: ` 287.75 Lacs . Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installment– ` 114.90 .
  11. 11. Maa Mundeshwari Agro Mill s Private limited Project Type: Modern Rice Mill Location: Industrial Growth Centre, Aurangabad Project Cost: ` 638.10 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 171.44Lacs Bank Loan: ` 233.63Lacs (Central Bank Of India) Investment till date: ` 418.49LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments–` 51.42 Lacs
  12. 12. Narmadeshwar Rice Mills private limited Project Type: Modern Rice Mill. Location: Industrial ,Growth Centre, Aurangabad Project Cost: ` 1065.21 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 316.96 LacsBank Loan: ` 392.00lacs (SBI, Ranchi) Investment till date: ` 151.38 LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 95.07Lacs
  13. 13. Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Poultry Feed Unit Location: Bela, Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur Project Cost: ` 337.54Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 67.12LacsInvestment till date: `201.98LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– `20.13lacs (to betransferred to the company’s A/c)
  14. 14. Vina Paras Modern Rice Mill Private limited Project Type: Modern Rice Mill Location: Kaimur Project Cost: ` 1272.94Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 367.52Lacs Bank Loan: ` 500.00Lacs (SBI,SME Branch) Investment till date: ` 321.10LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 110.25 Lacs
  15. 15. Shirdi Foods Private limited Project Type: Candy Sugar Location: Bela Industrial Area, . Muzaffarpur Project Cost: ` 148.17Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 42.12 LacsBank Loan: ` 69.00 lacs (Bank of India ,Muzaffarpur) Investment till date: ` 112.49 LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 12.63Lacs to betransferred to the Bank loan A/C
  16. 16. Ishwar Raj Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Beverage Unit Location: Jethuli ,Fatuah Project Cost: ` 1075.35Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 320.96LacsBank Loan: ` 756.00 Lacs (Allahabad Bank)Investment till date: ` 933.45LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 96.27Lacs
  17. 17. Bhojpur Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Rice Mill Location: Jagdishpur Bhojpur Project Cost: ` 193.26Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 48.45LacsInvestment till date: ` 158.40LacsRecommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 14.52Lacs
  18. 18. Maa Bhagwati KalyanpurCold Stores Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: RABC Location: Kalyanpur , Samastipur Project Cost: ` 778.75Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 233.94 Lacs Bank Loan: `362.00 lacs(with Kshetriya graminbank, Samastipur.) Investment till date: ` 296.85 Lacs Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 70.17Lacs
  19. 19. Amit Solvex Project Type: Edible oil unit Location: Kaimur Project Cost: ` 1051.71Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 296.2Lacs Bank Loan: `250.00 lacs(Allahabad Bank) Investment till date: ` 778.94LacsSite Inspection done on 20/08/2011Status report submitted on 23/09/2011Now, the complete inspection report is submitted Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 88.86Lacs with condition toapproval from all the members of Site Inspection team.
  20. 20. Kritika Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Rice Mill Location: Basudeopur Chowk, Samastipur Project Cost: ` 733.66Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 197.55Lacs Bank Loan: ` 385lacs(Allahabad Bank ,Samastipur) Investment till date: ` 470.75 Recommended for 1st & 2nd Installments– ` 59.25Lacs subject toincrease in Required paid up capital.
  21. 21. Projects – 2nd installment of Grant Release Protech Feed Pvt.Ltd Siddhi Refoils & Industries Pvt.Ltd.
  22. 22. Protech Feed Pvt .Ltd. Project Type: Poultry Feed Unit Location: EPIP,Hazipur Project Cost: ` 1284.75 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 345.01LacsBank Loan: ` 635.00Lacs (SBI,SME branch Patna) Investment till date: ` 295.93Lacs Recommended for 2nd Installments– ` 79.00Lacs
  23. 23. Siddhi Refoils & Industries Pvt .Ltd. Project Type: Edible Oil Unit Location: Lalganj,Vaishali Project Cost: ` 7071.95 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 500.00LacsBank Loan: ` 3100Lacs (SBI , Kolkata) Investment till date: ` 2056.00Lacs Recommended for 2nd Installments ` 100.00 Lacs with a conditionthat the company increases its paid up capital to `3.5cr which is 10% ofthe total project equity (Requirement for release of 1st installment ).If this doesn’t happens within 6month of the release of the 1stinstallment then the company to return back ` 50lacs.
  24. 24. Projects – 3rd installment of Grant Release Shobhnath Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd Jhunjhunwala Oil Mills Limited Krrish Rice Mills Pvt Limited
  25. 25. Shobhnath Rice Mills Pvt .Ltd. Project Type: Rice Mill Unit Location: Kaimur Project Cost: ` 158.23Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 37.84 LacsBank Loan: ` 88.38Lacs (PNB , Kaimur) Investment till date: ` 151.23Lacs Recommended for 3rd Installments– ` 15.12Lacs
  26. 26. Jhunjhunwala Oil Mills .Ltd. Project Type: Modern Rice Mill Location: Kudra, Kaimur Project Cost: ` 1899.15 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 500.00 Lacs Investment till date: ` 1504.06Lacs Recommended for 3rd Installments– ` 200.00Lacs to be transferredto banl loan A/c
  27. 27. Krrish Rice Mills Pvt .Ltd. Project Type: Modern Rice Mill Location: Industrial Area , Fatuah Project Cost: ` 1031.64 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 312.85 LacsBank Loan: ` 470.00 Lacs (SBI , Commercial Branch,Patna) Investment till date: ` 982.72Lacs Recommended for 3rd Installments– ` 125.12 Lacs
  28. 28. Projects – 4th installment of Grant Release Tarouna Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd
  29. 29. Tarouna Cold Storage Pvt .Ltd. Project Type: RABC Location: Jalalgarh, Purnea Project Cost: ` 947.58 Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 281.38 LacsBank Loan: ` 608.57Lacs(UBI , Purnea) Investment till date: ` 1012.07Lacs Recommended for 4th Installments– ` 83.12Lacs
  30. 30. Projects with deviations PROJECTS CHANGESSiddhasaram Rice Mill clusters Layout & Plant and MachineryJhunjhunwala oil Mills Limited Plant & MachineryLumbini Beverages Pvt.Ltd New Unit to ExpansionMaa Saraswati Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd Layout, Plant & Machinery, Civil and project Cost.
  31. 31. SIDDHASARAM RICE MILL CLUSTER: PROJECT COST Covered under As per covered covered Captive approved under 35% under 40% power DPR grant grant subsidy Particulars Rs. in lacsLand* 170.3 38.74 147.83 24.49Buildings* 1653.22 345.99 1123.24 771.17Equipments and other Utilities* 1465.13 525.33 281.03 1310.83Preliminary & pre operative expenses 202.72 202.72Contingencies 155.92 155.92Margin money for WC 124.91 124.91 1393.61 1552.11 2106.50Total 3772.2 5052.21Amount for capital grant calculation* 3288.65 910.06 1552.11 2106.50Eligible Subsidy 40% 35% 40% 50%Grant calculated (Rs. in lacs) 945.64 318.52 620.84 1053.25Revised Total grant (Rs. in lacs) 939.36
  32. 32. SIDDHASARAM RICE MILL CLUSTER :MEANS OF FINANCE Particulars As approved in DPR Present Structure ChangeEquity 854.37 1493.60 +639.23Grant-GoB 945.63 939.36 -6.27GrantGoB-Power 462.28 1053.25 +590.97Debt 1509.91 1566.00 +56.09Total 3772.19 5052.21 1280.02
  33. 33. MAA SARASWATI RICE MILLS PVT.LTDParticulars As per approved Proposed Change DPR (`in lacs) (`in lacs)Land 32.8 10.1Building 44.00 70.25Equipments & other utilities1.Rice Mill 40.43 40.432.MCC Panel 3.00 2.943.Electrical fittings & 0 5.31accessories4.Compressor 0 5.895.Colour sorter 0 22.446.DG.Set 250 Kva 0 13.05Total 120.23 170.41
  34. 34. Recommendation:The capital investment has increased from `120.23 lacs to `170.41 lacsAs compared to the PAMC approved project there is an increase in GoB grant from `41.00 lacs to `55.07 lacs.Hence, increased grant amount will be released only after the Changed component are observed & duly verified in joint site inspection For the time being grant will released as per DPR approved earlier by PAMC.
  35. 35. 1. No-Lien account and term loan account should be in the same bank.2. Bank as Designated Vendor: Promoters should have theoption of utilizing the grant amount directly to dilute the debtavailed from the banks.3.Fund Flow to Promoter’s Account: e.g.-BIL, & Anmol Feeds4.Grant release on hold -4 projects
  36. 36. Projects – Grant Release on hold Green Earth Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd B.K Industries LtdManju Makhana Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
  37. 37. Green Earth Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Rice Mill Location: Sitamarhi, Industrial Area Project Cost: ` 240.35Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 55.04LacsStatus: 1)No progress at the site 2)Inadequate Paid Up CapitalStatus Report submitted
  38. 38. B.K Industries Ltd. Project Type: RABC Location: Ilmashnagar, Samastipur Project Cost: ` 2363.47Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` 500.00LacsStatus: 1)Documents pending from promoter 2)Inadequate Paid Up CapitalStatus Report submitted
  39. 39. Manju Makhana Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Project Type: Makhana Processing Unit Location: Madhubani Project Cost: ` Lacs Grant Sanctioned: ` LacsStatus: 1)No progress at the site 2)Inadequate Paid Up CapitalStatus Report submitted