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Holodomor pp


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Genocide Remembrance Day resource

Published in: Education
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Holodomor pp

  1. 1. Recent Events
  2. 2. Ukraine’s Importance • The “Breadbasket of Europe” Produced 25% of the food for the old Soviet Union 1 out of every 4 workers today is involved in farming • Natural resources – oil, natural gas, pipeline through the country • Access to the Black Sea
  3. 3. Introduction Video Video
  4. 4. Facts 1924 - Joseph Stalin comes to power 1928 – Stalin introduces agricultural collectivization 1928 – Ukrainian farmers refuse  The Soviet Union calls these farmers “kurkuls”
  5. 5. Facts 1930 – The Soviet Union claims the lands of the kurkuls by military force  Farmers are shipped “out” 1932 – 1933 – The Soviet Union: 1. Instills agricultural quotas 2. Blockades cities 3. Begins to “starve out” farmers
  6. 6. Death Rate 30,000 people a day 1/3 of those killed were children under age ten. A total of 4 million lives
  7. 7. Readings Question #1 In your opinion, which instance represents the despair of the Ukrainian people the most? Question #2 In your opinion, how could events like this happen without other countries intervening to stop them?
  8. 8. Discussion