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CLEANSHIELD: is effect in balancing the PH of the body to normal. At this juncture boost the immune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situation where our body is subjected to a high acidic condition. And a high acidic conditions is the chief cause of these diseases and infections such as HPB, bad body cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer, , Viral infections, Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection, Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance, memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etc.

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  1. 1. CLEANSHIELD: is effect in balancing the PH of the body to normal. At this juncture boost theimmune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situation where our body issubjected to a high acidic condition. And a high acidic conditions is the chief cause of thesediseases and infections such as HPB, bad body cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer, , Viral infections,Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection,Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance,memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etc.
  2. 2. HOW TO MAKE YOUR BODY HEAL ITSELF OF CANCER WITH CLEANSHIELDThere is no denying the fact that the human body needs outside help by conventionalmedicine to help restore the body by curing sickness in the body. Many a times medicinesthat are produced to help restore the body, can create side effects that can cause othercomplications. But many tend to forget that the body has an extraordinary immune systembuilt in to help the body heal itself without outside intervention.Doctors do not heal the body. The power to heal itself is perhaps the greatest asset of aliving body. It is an extraordinary ability that is critical in achieving continuation of life.Tapping into this strong and seemingly mysterious power within you and find true andlasting healing is what the product CleanShield is designed to achieve. Discover how to usethis AMAZING Solution that empowers the body to function as expected and heal itself ofCancer and other sicknesses or diseases that is cost effective compared to exorbitanttraditional treatments that produces less results and sometimes with complications. The more an individual learns about how the body functions, the better prepared a personcan be in making decisions concerning their overall health and quality of life. To achievethis the body is expected to function under certain rules in order for it to fight off and healitself of any sickness that might occur. Every dcision we make can affect our body functionand how our body reacts when it isn’t functioning properly.RULES OF THE BODYThe body demands that we observe certain operational "rules". It will not deliver goodhealth to us unless we both know and observe certain operational requirements. When wedo, we empower the body with the needed building blocks for health. By not observingthese rules we actually work against and can even DESTROY the bodys ability to fightdisease and maintain health. It is important that we UNDERSTAND the following KEYFACTS about our bodies.KEY FACT 1 - WATER THE OCEAN WITHINWater is the bodys most important building block. Water, which is made of hydrogen andoxygen, makes up approximately 70% of the body. An 86 kg person actually as about 60litters of water within his body. We are a Liquid System with an "OCEAN" of waterwithin us. We are not as solid as we think. As we consider this fact we need to ask ourselvesthe following two questions:1. What is the condition of this "OCEAN" of water within?2. Does the condition of this "OCEAN" affect our health?KEY FACT 2 - RECOGNISE THE IMPORTANCE OF pH BALANCE"Paying attention to acid-alkaline balance (or pH Balance) is one of the most crucial waysyou can affect your health status. It impacts immunity, digestion, bone strength, symptoms
  3. 3. of joint disease, hormones, and the function of essential internal organs."Susan Lark, M.D., co-author of The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of PeakPerformance. Source: "pH power: maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance to curtail coldsand keep inflammation in check" by Molly Spile, November 2005. PH is short for potentialhydrogen which is the standard scientific measure for levels of acidity or alkalinity inorganic material. The pH balance of our bodily fluids is considered a measurement of ourgeneral state of health!How Does pH Balance Relate to Us?"One of my discoveries is that there is only one sickness, and that is the over-acidificationof the blood and tissues caused by an inverted way of eating and living." Robert Young,Ph.D. "Overacidity and Overgrowth of Yeast, Fungus and Moulds" Volume 20 Issue 5,5/97 Without proper soil pH crop growth will slow as plants can no longer process essentialminerals and nutrients appropriately. Often these plants will eventually weaken and die asthey succumb to funguses and disease. For fish, improper water pH levels can lead to directphysical damage to the skin, gills and eyes. Additionally, fish have to maintain properinternal pH levels as even small fluctuations of blood pH can prove fatal.Simply put, the same applies to humans! If our pH levels are not properly balanced we canno longer process essential minerals and nutrients appropriately. In order to functionproperly, our cells need to be slightly alkaline. Additionally, viruses, bacteria, and diseasestend to thrive in a more acidic environment but struggle to survive in an alkalineenvironment, therefore increasing our alkalinity will help to combat these conditions.Unfortunately, our diets tends to be more acidic leading to poor body function andunnecessary susceptibility to disease. An improper pH balance can not only severely impactyour quality of life, but it can also shorten your life!How is pH Measured? PH levels range from 0.0 to 14.0 with a pH of 7.0 considered neutral (this is the pH ofdistilled water). A measurement above 7.0 is considered alkaline or basic while ameasurement below 7.0 considered acidic. A pH level above 7.0 (alkaline) also indicates anoxygen-rich environment, while pH levels below 7.0 (acidic) indicate an oxygen deprivedenvironment. The Proper pH balance of the water within the body is 7.0 and must bemaintained throughout our live time if we are to remain healthy.We Need Alkaline pH Levels to Live a Healthy Life!Healthy human body fluids typically register in a very narrow pH range. The pH of bloodand tissues should be approximately 7.3 (slightly alkaline) while that of saliva and urineshould be 6.8 to 7.0 (neutral). Readings below this range indicate excess acidity. Acid andalkaline conditions are intended to balance each other out, however, given todaysenvironment our body tissues typically become too acidic setting the stage for disease.Acidosis is not in and of itself a specific disease, its a general condition of the blood and theroot of many different diseases and illnesses. If our blood pH drops much below a reading
  4. 4. of 6.8, our body cells may cease to function,change in structure, not regenerate, or die. Our ability to absorb essential nutrients ordetoxify eliminating negative substances is greatly diminished. Additionally, research hasshown that the body cant heal itself unless its pH level is slightly alkaline. Many if not mosthealth problems indicate an overly acidic environment!Source: Consumer Health Organization of CanadaKEY FACT 3 - ACIDOSIS ENEMY OF HUMAN HEALTHAs we allow the level of Acidity within the body to increase, we let a "DESTROYER" ofhealth loose within us. Our amazing body constantly fights to control acidity with verycomplex acidic waste management systems. However, these systems can be overwhelmed.When this happens, the result is ACIDOSIS - a Dangerous Internal Acidic Pollution of the"OCEAN" within.The "Universe" of complexity at the molecular level within us then comes under a verydestructive attack. At a microscopic, invisible level, our "Inner Terrain" with its innerocean begins to invite and promote the growth of harmful pathogens of bacteria, viruses,fungi and mold. As these harmful pathogens begin to multiply, an internal MetabolicNightmare is created resulting in Sickness, Disease or Poor Health.What Causes Acidic pH?Unfortunately, in todays environment of high stress, less sleep, greater exposure to toxins,and eating on the run, most people are operating in an unhealthy acidic environmentinternally. Many doctors believe this to be a major contributing factor to increased illnessand disease. When your body is too acidic, it will try to balance this state by utilizingexisting alkaline minerals. However, if your diet doesnt contain sufficient balancingalkaline minerals, it will either build a more acidic environment or pull nutrients fromother important areas such as pulling calcium from your bones leading to diseases such asosteoporosis. Source: "pH power: maintain a proper acid-alkaline balance to curtail coldsand keep inflammation in check" by Molly Spile, 11/05, citing a study published in TheNew England Journal of Medicine.WHAT IS CANCER? Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body. It is a group ofmany related diseases that begin in cells, the bodys basic unit of life. The abnormal cellsare termed cancer cells, malignant cells, or tumor cells. Many cancers and the abnormalcells that compose the cancer tissue are further identified by the name of the tissue that the
  5. 5. abnormal cells originated from (for example, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer).Cancer is not confined to humans; animals and other living organisms can get cancer.Normally, cells grow and divide to form new cells in an orderly way. They perform theirfunctions for a while, and then they die. Sometimes, however, cells do not die. Instead, theycontinue to divide and create new cells that the body does not need. The extra cells form amass of tissue, called a growth or tumor. There are two types of tumors: benign andmalignant. Benign tumors are not cancer. They do not invade nearby tissue or spread toother parts of the body. Malignant tumors are cancer. Their growth invades normalstructures near the tumor and spreads to other parts of the body. Metastasis is the spreadof cancer beyond one location in the body. “Cancer is not a virus; it is an acid problemproduced by a mould. It is an infection due to excess fermentation in the weakest parts ofthe body. …. Cancer is a systemic problem that has localized. We know through researchthat the supplementation of hormones can be a risk factor for breast cancer. When yousupplement hormones, those hormones are subject to fermentation in a body that is out ofbalance, and when hormones are fermented, they produce an acid which has to beeliminated. These acids are then stored in areas of fatty tissue and what more perfect placeto put it than the breast. How can emotion or fear cause rotting processes? Biologically, itssimple. Emotions create acidity through the release of hormones that are then fermentedwhich produces the acid. And we then start craving the foods we should basically avoid.When someone has cancer, excess proteins are found in the urine because cells are beinglysed or destroyed, and those proteins are then being thrown freely into the blood streamand then through the elimination, show up in our urine”. Source: Robert Young, Ph.D."Overacidity and Overgrowth of Yeast, Fungus and Moulds" Volume 20 Issue 5, 5/97CANCER: THE FACTS One in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our life. The disease tends to affectolder people most but has been on the increasing trend among the younger generation. It isa disease that can strike at any time.Excluding certain skin cancers, there were more than 270,000 new cases of the disease in2001 - and the rate is increasing by about 1% a year.Some cancer, such as breast, are becoming more common, while new cases of lung cancerfall away due to the drop in the number of smokers.However, while the overall number of new cancers is not falling, the good news is thatsuccessful treatment rates for many of the most common types are improving rapidly.WHAT ARE THE TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS FOR CANCER?The treatment for cancer is usually designed by a team of doctors or by the patientsoncologist and is based on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer. Most treatmentsare designed specifically for each individual. In some people, diagnosis and treatment mayoccur at the same time if the cancer is entirely surgically removed when the surgeonremoves the tissue for biopsy.Although patients may obtain a unique treatment protocol for their cancer, most
  6. 6. treatments have one or more of the following components: surgery, chemotherapy,radiation therapy, or combination treatments (a combination of two or all threetreatments).Individuals obtain variations of these treatments for cancer. Patients with cancers thatcannot be cured (completely removed) by surgery usually will get combination therapy, thecomposition determined by the cancer type and stage.Palliative therapy (medical care or treatment used to reduce disease symptoms but unableto cure the patient) utilizes the same treatments described above. It is done with the intentto extend and improve the quality of life of the terminally ill cancer patient. There aremany other palliative treatments to reduce symptoms such as pain medications andantinausea medications.COST OF CANCER TREATMENT SOARTUESDAY, June 10 (HealthDay News) -- Costs for treating Medicare patients with cancerincreased substantially from 1991 to 2002, researchers report."The U.S. population isgetting older, and its growing, so there will be more people with cancer, so the burden tothe Medicare program is likely to increase," said study co-author Robin Yabroff, anepidemiologist at the U.S. National Cancer Institute. These costs are also increasing,because the Medicare program has expanded and includes more prescription drugs,Yabroff explained, noting that many of these newer drugs were not included in the currentstudy. "The cost of these new agents is going to have substantial impact on Medicare,"Yabroff said. "The costs of cancer care are increasing, and there are changes in the types ofcare cancer patients are receiving. More breast, lung and colorectal cancer patients arereceiving chemotherapy."There are also changes in cancer surgery and radiation therapy, which may add to theMedicare bill, Yabroff noted.In the study, Yabroffs team collected data on 306,709 men and women aged 65 and olderdiagnosed with breast, lung, colorectal or prostate cancer between 1991 and 2002. Thesedata were taken from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End-Results (SEER) Medicaredatabase. Over the course of the study, the average cost for treating a lung cancer patientwent up $7,139, to an average of $39,891. With prostate cancer, the average price tag fortreatment went up $5,345, to an average of $41,134. The cost of treating breast cancer wentup $4,189, to an average cost of $20,964. However, the cost of treating prostate cancerdropped $196, to an average of $18,261 in 2002. The drop in cost was due to fewer menundergoing surgery for their cancer, the researchers found.From 1991 to 2002, the number of patients receiving chemotherapy for lung, colorectal andbreast cancer rose. The increase in chemotherapy, along with the higher costs of newdrugs, accounted for much of the increased costs, Yabroff said. However, hospital costs stillmade up the largest percentage of the increased costs.Yabroff noted that these costs do not include many of the newest, and most expensive,drugs in use.Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, notedthat many new drugs have driven the costs up even further. "The impact to Medicare isgoing to be substantial," he said.Moreover, increasing costs may actually be preventing some Medicare patients from
  7. 7. getting cancer treatment they need, Lichtenfeld said."Some people are not able to afford those treatments," he said. "The increased use ofexpensive chemotherapy is having an impact on how we treat cancer patients."SOURCES: Robin Yabroff, Ph.D., M.B.A., epidemiologist, U.S. National Cancer Institute;Len Lichtenfeld, M.D., deputy chief medical officer, American Cancer Society, Atlanta;June 10, 2008,Journal of the National Cancer Institute, onlineWHAT IS CLEANSHIELD Most of the solutions found in the treatment of cancer has been in the area of alternativetreatment. One of the most successful is the use of Cleanshield, a revolutionary powerfulliquid supplement. Cleanshield is an All-Natural Dietary Liquid Nutritional Supplementformulated to bring the body into a normal balanced-level of pH. As a liquid supplement ithas no side effect because it does not contain any chemical. CLEANSHIELD: is effect in balancing the PH of the body to normal. At this junctureboost the immune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situationwhere our body is subjected to a high acidic condition. And a high acidic conditions is thechief cause of these diseases and infections such as HPB, bad body cholesterol, Cancer,Ulcer, , Viral infections, Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, EyeProblems, Skin Infection, Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke,menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance, memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etcCleanShield has a PH of approximately of 11.2 which is 30,000 times higher than theneutral 7. The highest that people normally drink is 9.5 which 950 times higher than 7.6| [Pick the date]HOW CLEANSHIELD WORKSBalanced pH within the body…This is the primary focus of most specialty diets prescribed by alternative medicine. Oftenthis requires much work and great expense and effort.The goal of this effort by the alternative health industry is to attain the dramatic healthbenefits experienced as pH balance is attained and the bodys own ability to heal itself isstrengthened. CleanShield provides a fast way to simply achieve this goal.Here’s how that happens…The human body produces acid for digestion. For every drop of acid that it produces it alsoproduces an equal amount of alkaline. This process is designed to maintain a pH as close to7.0 (Neutral value) as possible in the entire body, excluding blood.As CleanShield is ingested, it dramatically dilutes the acid in the stomach, triggering thebody’s mechanism for replenishing the stomach acid. As this happens, a corresponding
  8. 8. release of alkalinity occurs within the blood stream and thereby creates a powerful boost tobody pH. The benefits to the immune provide an overall improvement to the body’s abilityto sustain optimal health.A properly pH-balanced body enables the immune system to effectively combat foreigninvasions and maintain a healthy system. No known harmful elements can survive in thehuman body with a pH near 7.0The CleanShield proprietary formula with a pH factor of approximately pH 11, 10,000times the neutral level of 7.0, enables the body to induce the higher levels of alkalinityesulting in a "Mega" pH boost.The modern medical community knows the importance of alkalinity, but up till now, noeffective tool has developed to rapidly and safely increase the body’s pH. Medical doctorsunderstood the value of an alkaline body but lacked the tool(s) to remedy it. Hence theimbalance in the pH level of the body system.In order to correct this imbalance, high powered CleanShield Quickly Triggers RapidBoost to body Alkaline thereby boosting the pH balance up to 11+ and NEUTRALIZINGthe Acid in key areas of the body. This empowers the body’s natural defense againstCancer and other diseases. This is the immediate step to take in order to ensures theremoval of tumor masses and Regenerate Dead Cells.When the body is sick, it is in a crisis mode and needs radical steps to correct body pH levelby establishing and maintaining Healthy pH Balance. This is exactly what CleanShielddoes.Unlike traditional medicine, CleanShield boost the Alkaline which in turn triggers rapidboosting of the pH Balance up to 11.2 for the body to effectively fight off Cancer. As theimmune system regains its "Balance”, the body is empowered to Naturally HEALS itself byFIGHTING diseases or sicknesses FAST. It does not cure the Cancer but empowers thebody to heal itself.A Balanced pH through the use of CleanShield enhances and strengthens the basic systemof the body and enables it to effectively regenerate dead cells and resist future occurrenceand many other diseases or sicknesses.HOW TO USE CLEANSHIELD Drink 1 oz (30ml) of CleanShield three times (3x) each day, 30 minutes before and afteruse. This is basic protocol.People who weigh less than 54 kg can drink 20ml three times a day and children under 10years of age should start with only 15ml three times a day. For maximum benefit, DO NOTDILUTE. (Effectiveness is Seriously Compromised if diluted)With severe cases, after 10 days of use it helps to increase the dosage to 30ml six times (6x)a day for three (3) days and then go back to 30ml three times (3x) a day thereafter.If necessary, go back to six times a day at three day intervals. This is necessary to enhancehealing process and is recommended only for severe cancer cases.Result has shown that in each case the tumor masses disappeared. Also all pains and effectsassociated with cancer disappeared within a week. In addition to drinking, you also apply it lightly on the affected part of the body and allowto dry to enhance faster healing. DO NOT OVER APPLY (Less is more).About 10% of CheanShield users experience a physical effect called detox. Some of the
  9. 9. symptoms are frequent stooling, pimples all over their bodies (a result of poisons leavingthe body). Others may experience dark and smelly urine, or rashes and nausea. What ishappening is that the body is releasing the toxins in the body.All go away normally within 3-5 days. In these occasional cases, it is recommended toreduce the amount taken daily, but NOT STOP the process. It is important to rid the bodyof these toxins and poisons that it has stored for years. Once the body has released thepoisons, the cells regenerated and your body temperature drops, you will be far less likelyof getting sick again.Within a short period of usage, the body temperature will start dropping. In the scientificworld it has been observed that for every degree of lowered body temperature there is anincrease of longevity by as many as 20 years. The Scrips Research Institute has doneextensive studies on this and has demonstrated this to be a scientifically proven fact.CleanShield is a gift from Heaven and this is attested to by lots of testimonies received dailyfrom those who use it. CleanShield is made from natures natural minerals and has no sideeffect. It can also be used for General Maintenance of the body. It is not harmed by high orlow temperatures and is very durable. This ruggedness makes it a dependable supplement.Very Remarkable Results have been achieved between 3 to 6 weeks or less of religioususage of the product. Unlike the above traditional cancer treatments that are veryexpensive and beyond the reach of most people, treatment of cancer through the useCleanShield is very cheap.For a 30 Day Treatment, a minimum of 12 bottles is needed. Lesser quantity can bepurchase.For Enquiry and or Placement of Order Contact:REVD. ALUTU UDOKA 2347038525041, 2348056059673Email: revdudo@gmail.comPRICE: ₦5,000 Per BottleYOU CAN PAY INTO OUR BANK ACCOUNT BANK:GUARANTY TRUST BANKACCOUNT NAME:REVD. ALUTU UDOKA .MACCOUNT NO.: 0043813507
  10. 10. For Shipping Cost to any part of the country in Nigeria add₦2,000For International Buyers:PRICE: $65 Per BottlePAYMENT METHODS: 1. We accept payment ThroughWestern Union. 2. You can Pay Into Our Bank DomiciliaryAccount:INSTRUCTION ON TRANSFER OF USD FUND:CORRESPONDENT BANK: CITIBANK, NEW YORKSWIFT CODE: CITIGB2LSORT CODE: 185008FOR CREDIT OF: GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC,LAGOS, NIGERIASWIFT CODE: GTBINGLAACCOUNT NUMBER: 8315795IBAN NUMBER: GB72 CITI 1850 0808 3157 95FOR FINAL CREDIT OF: ALUTU UDOKA.MBENEFICIARYS A/C NO: 0043813514ANY OTHER DETAIL: Senders Name , Number of Bottlesetc.For Shipping Cost to any part of the world add $35kindly call for availability of the product, before makingpayment.AFTER PAYMENT: Notify us of the payment details byCalling or Text 2347038525041 or send an email (or a combination of the abovemedium) stating the Date of Payment, Amount Paid, Nameof Depositor, Teller Number, Address of where the product
  11. 11. is to e shipped to, Number of Bottles etc. We ship 1-2 daysafter payment is confirmed.Thanks for your anticipated patronage.Wishing you a Healthy Happy LifeREVD.ALUTU UDOKA