Greenlife Marketing Plan and products powerpoint


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Greenlife Marketing Plan and products powerpoint

  1. 1. For more info, visit us at 27, Oshindeinde Crescent, Okota, Lagos. Seminar Day: Mondays and Thursdays – 11.00 am prompt Website:, E-mail: Join Us on Facebook:, Tel: 07033111883 Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank, Account Name: Greenlife Herbal Network Ltd Account Number: 247223943110
  2. 2. Company’s Profile
  3. 3. Greenlife is a global direct selling company owned by China Greenlife group. It was founded in 1988, and it started direct sales in 1998. It is mainly focused on manufacture, distribution of herbal, especially transitional Chinese herbal products and other commodities through direct sales marketing.
  4. 4. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (T.C.M.) and its treasures to everybody, everywhere in the world.
  5. 5. Greenlife has established a world-class research and development center in Kunming China. All researchers are from top Chinese medicine Colleges and Universities in China and also the center has links with many other institutions in Singapore, USA and Japan. Greenlife also has specialists from Science Academy of China Medical University as consultants.
  6. 6. Its manufacturing center is located in Guangdong. All the factories are GMF certificated. They all have been equipped with the most advanced facility machines. Well built standard and processing procedures are monitored and all steps are traceable. Greenlife has best raw material resources and Quantity Control system. In Shannxi, It has a Danshen Plantation. In Jilin, it has a base and laboratory which secure the best source of Ginseng. In Yunnan it has its own bees raising center. Each product has its own SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) standard, as well as national wide GMP standard.
  7. 7. Because of its outstanding effectiveness, Greenlife has been developing at an amazing speed, from 1988 – a China local company up to now – a multinational group.
  8. 8. Prof. Lin Hu - Founder
  9. 9. High and New Tech Enterprises
  10. 10. Preparation Building
  11. 11. Research and Development Center
  12. 12. Multi-Function Activity Center
  13. 13. Manufacture Building
  14. 14. Green Life Head Office
  15. 15. Manufacture Workshop
  16. 16. Extraction of Herbal Ingredient
  17. 17. Purification of Material
  18. 18. Testing
  19. 19. Detection Machine
  20. 20. Laboratory
  21. 21. Marketing Plan Best of the Best!
  22. 22. A way to Success
  23. 23. Success Steps 7 3 2 4 5 6
  24. 24. GROWTH Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Member Senior Member Planner Team Developer Team Leader Assist Supervisor Team Supervisor Team Director BENEFITS 17 USD 50 PPV 200 PPV 750 GPV 3,000 GPV 18,000 GPV 70,000 GPV 270,000 GPV Sponsor others 20% retail profit 20% bonus from 1st Generation 5% bonus from 2nd Generation 5% bonus from 3rd Generation 3% bonus from 4th Generation 3% bonus from 5th Generation 2% bonus from 6th Generation N/B: Bonus are paid according to generations. No breakaway, no cycling, no SSD ADDITIONAL SPONSORING BONUS From the 50 BV (the first 50 BV Real Infinity Bonus after the qualifying 150 BV), you can get: For Supervisor Award Generation Bonus Percentage Winners, he/she can G01 25% earn 0.5% bonus from the G07 2% 150 qualifying BV of his/her G08 2% G12 (12th Generation), G13, G09 2% G14, G15……. up to infinity G10 2% generations, each. G11 5%
  25. 25. Benefits: Leadership Bonus • All team leaders who earn 25 USD and above as bonus in each month will benefit from this plan.
  26. 26. Benefits: Retirement Package • Team Directors whose team performance is up to 2000 GPV/NDC monthly and 40 PPV monthly: share 2% of total global sales quarterly
  27. 27. Benefits: Special Awards • Free international trip: 4 team leaders from 4 different networks with NDC of 18,000 PV at anytime Cash = 3,500 USD (N525,000)
  28. 28. Special Awards—small car • Small Brand New Car: after qualifying for trip. • Option 1: NDC of 18,000 PV from 4 different net works each. (total NDC 72,000 PV) • Option 2: Make 3 Assis Super (award winner) from 3 different networks, with NDC of 70,000 PV • Option 3: or 2 Assis Super (Award Winner) from 2 different networks with NDC of 210,000 PV at anytime Cash = 14,000 USD (N2,100,000)
  29. 29. Special Award---Cash • Option 1: Make NDC of 67,500 PV from 4 different networks each, at any time • Option 2: Develop 3 supervisors (award winners) from 3 different networks, with total NDC of 270,000 PV anytime • Option 3: Develop 2 supervisors (Award winners) from 2 different networks with total NDC of 600,000 PV anytime. Cash = 25,000 USD (N3,750,000)
  30. 30. Honorary Awards: Gateway Vac • Team Directors (Award winner) who develop 1 team director (award winner) at anytime. Cash = 30,000 USD (N4,500,000)
  31. 31. Big Car Award • Produce 2 more team directors (award winners) from 3 different networks each at anytime after getting int’l gateway award. Cash = 45,000 USD (N6,750,000)
  32. 32. House Award • Produce 2 more team directors from 6 different networks each at anytime after big car award. • Produce 4 team directors (award winners) with NDC of 420,000 each from 4 different networks at anytime. Cash =100,000 USD (N15,000,000)
  33. 33. Activations • • • • Team leader—15 PPV Assistant Supervisor----20 PPV Supervisor---25 PPV Team Director---40 PPV
  34. 34. SPECIAL FEATURES • To keep researching for high quality herbal health products to tackle any problem of ill-health as it affects mankind • To distribute/supply these herbal health products and other commodities to everybody anywhere in the world according to the need and demand, so the availability of these products and granted. • Bonus are paid according to generations, No breakaway, no cycling, no S.S.D, so you earn from all your down lines no matter their position. • You get all your special awards anytime you qualify so no time limit, no rush. You can get the cash equivalent award as you wish. • In case of any reason you did not activate your business line, you don’t lose your bonus, your bonus keeps hanging until you activate for that very month, then you receive your bonus.
  35. 35. For more information on the marketing plan, log-on to,
  36. 36. Greenlife • Link to the nature of health and wealth Products
  37. 37. Men Healthcare • • • • Vigo Capsule— Men power quick action Men Formula---Low sperm count & infertility Prostasure Tablet---Prostate enlargement Kidney Care-----Takes care of the kidney
  38. 38. Vigo Capsule 1. Pure natural formula 2. Improves sexual function: potency, energy & endurance. 3. Used for sexual weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation and those who just want improve their function. Usage: 2 caps 2 hrs before action, with lot of water.
  39. 39. Men Formula 1. Greenlife Unique formula 2. Treats deficiency syndrome of the kidney, low sperm seminal mission, backache, premature ejaculation, impotence sterility. potency, energy & endurance. Usage: 20 by 2 times a day.
  40. 40. Prostasure Tablet 1. 2. 3. 4. Promotes urinary flow Eliminates the nagging discomfort Maintains a healthy prostate gland Keeps a good circulation and stops pains and inflammation. 5. Used for prostate hyperplasia, frequent urination, precipitant urination, pain when urinating, urethra dripping.. Usage: 3-4 tabs by 3 times a day.
  41. 41. Kidney Care 1. Used for various symptoms associated with deficiency of kidney yang. 2. Also, urinary dribbling, incontinence, prostatitis or weak stream 3. Treats problems caused by excessive male sexual activities, including fatigue, poor memory and lower backache. 4. Also used for long periods as a general kidney yang tonic
  42. 42. Women Healthcare • Women Formula---Sexual weak treatment • Women Formula II-----Infertility & Menstrual Disorder • Phoenix Pill ----- Same as Women Formula II • Mother Plus Tea----After-birth Healthcare • Fibo Clean - Fibroid • F-Qui---Women Healthcare • Pidcare---White • Female Cleanser----Private Hygiene • Camopill---Fibroid • Red Peony---Stasis
  43. 43. Women Formula 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Enhances sex drive Improves energy, stamina Restores longer & stronger enjoy. Enhances greater sex satisfaction. Treats women’s sexual weakness, frigidity and those who want to improve their sexual performance and experience. Usage: 4g (half cover-ful) each by 2 times a day.
  44. 44. Women Formula II 1. Daily usage for women’s benefits 2. Healthcare for women with menstrual disorder and reproduction problem. 3. Tonic to invigorate the body, keeps the ladies younger. 4. Also treats blood deficiency symptoms like dizziness, dry skin & hair, fatigue, pale tongue, bad memory. Usage: 1 pill each by 2 times a day.
  45. 45. Phoenix Pill . Similar with Women Formula 2 -Qi & Blood shortage, caused by large menstrual discharge. -Restores reproductive system after production or miscarriage. -Symptoms like weakness, body swelling, dizziness, sweating, low fever. -Don’t take Tea during usage.
  46. 46. Mother plus 1. Daily usage for women’s benefits 2. Healthcare for women after giving birth or suffering miscarriage. 3. Promotes the blood flow and removes clots. 4. Regulates the normal menstrual period. 5. Also good for recovery from physical & emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome & menopause Usage: 2 tablespoon each by 2 times a day.
  47. 47. F-Qui 1. 2. Blood Tonic, active blood circulation, nourishes the female reproductive system, helping to restore regularity, reduction in symptoms related to PMS & menopause. Use for disorder menstruation, blood stasis after parturition, dysmenorrhea, anaemia
  48. 48. Pidcare -Improving blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis, softening the hardened or blocked part of the body, antipyretic & detoxification. Used for chronic pelvic infection and bacteroidal vaginitis. - Effective for the white , odour, abnormal discharge and abdominal pain
  49. 49. Female Cleanser - Vaginal discharge, itching, pain, burning, irritated skin, bleeding or lower abdominal pain due to vaginitis, STDs, vulva ulcer, pelvic inflammatory disease. - Cleansing before sex to tighten vagina, enjoy better sexual feeling. - Genital cleaning
  50. 50. Camo Pills »Activate the blood, remove blood stasis, disintegrate mass chiefly in the abdomen or uterus caused by blood stasis. »Restore normal menstruation incases of pathological anemia. »Used for fibroid, anemia, suppressed menstruation, cirrhosis, tumor, etc.
  51. 51. Red Peony »Remove fixed abdominal masses, painful blood stasis in the uterus; invigorates blood. »Related indications: hard lumps in lower abdomen with pain, distention or spasms; painful and spasmodic menstruation; pain from endometriosis; irregular menstruation; menopause disorder; blood stasis after miscarriage
  52. 52. Beauty & Slimming • Shade Kit-----Slimming • Aloevera-----Shining face, anti-oxidant
  53. 53. Shade kit »Helps to reduce the weight in healthy ways through regulating metabolic system in the body and improving body conditions such as imbalance of nutrition caused by imbalance of endocrine system. »Controls and regulates diseases associated with overweight or obesity, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  54. 54. Aloevera »It has curative effect for constipation, cleanses digestive tracks & toxic substances. »Speeds up the metabolism of body fat, helps to lose weight, & prevents obesity. »It enhances immune system, it helps remove toxic substances, keeps body balance. Anti-aging »It keeps the skin healthy and diminishes winkles.
  55. 55. Blood Circulation & Energy • • • • ST Pills-----Powerful for Stroke Double Ginseng----Energy & Blood Circulation Danshen Plus---Heart Problem Stressfree---Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation • D-Regulator— Heart Disease • B-Vital---High blood pressure
  56. 56. ST Pills 1. For Prevention of Stroke, taking as daily food supplement. 2. For treatment of stroke, 94.24% recovery rate is guaranteed 3. Not only for brain blood circulation problem (stroke), but also heart blood circulation problems. 4. Best of the best! Usage: 48 pills or 24 pills each by 2 times a day
  57. 57. Double Ginseng 1. Daily supplement for vital energy storage, by increasing the Oxygen level of the blood and the circulation of blood. 2. For treatment of: weakness, fatigue, swelling of legs or feet, impotence, frigidity, enlarged heart, etc 3. As an assistance to: diabetes, liver problems, etc 4. Prevention for brain & heart diseases. 5. It is a Magic of the best Usage: 2 caps each by 2 times a day
  58. 58. Danshen Plus Effective for most heart problems: enlarged heart, heart depressed feeling, swelling legs & feet, heart attack, heart pain. Usage: 4 tabs each by 3 times daily.
  59. 59. Stressfree Tablet 1. Improves the function of the vascular system to maintain a normal permeability of the blood tube walls. 2. Regulates a good circulation and anti-oxidant. 3. Provides a stable blood supply and releases the over-burden of the heart. 4. Universal treatment for: chronic or acute brain, heart, blood tube problem as many as you can list. Usage: 2 tabs each by 3 times daily.
  60. 60. D-regulator »It is an ideal choice for heart disease patients who feel chest depression and minor or middle heart pain. »Eliminates the stagnancy and activates the blood, promoting circulation Qi (energy) and relieving pain. »Slowing heart rhythm, slightly reducing blood pressure and blood lipid, etc
  61. 61. B-Vital »It can quickly relieve headache, dizziness, insomnia & numbness etc, so it protects the heart, liver, brain, kidney and blood vessel from being harmed by hypertension. »It is ideal for long term taking, it has no side effect. The longer you take it, the more your heart, liver, brain, kidney and blood vessel will benefit from it.
  62. 62. Ashcure – Asthma • Works on the nerves and muscles of the respiratory system. • Cleans the whole respiratory system, cures cough and stops phlegm. • Releases the muscle tension, relieve s asthma and adjusts the pace of breath. Used for: Asthma, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and pneumonia caused by dust, infection, cold, flu or any other reasons.
  63. 63. Digestive & Diarrhea • Chitomeal Pills-----Dampness, gastritis • Kordy Capsule----Diarrhea
  64. 64. Chitomeal Pill 1. Gives nutrition and balances the stomach and spleen. 2. Clears dampness, clamp & phlegm. 3. Regulates the digestion finally. 4. Used for chronic poor appetite, stomach distention, discomfort, chronic gastritis, nausea, acid regurgitation, loose stools, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, morning sickness, etc, etc, etc. Usage: 2/3 cover (less than full )each by 3 times daily.
  65. 65. Kordy Capsule 1. Best and most effective treatment for diarrhea. 2. Also good for gonorrhea, typhoid, vaginal and urinary tract infection, prostate or other disease caused by inflammation or infection Usage: 4 caps each by 2 times, reduce to be half for children 12- Years.
  66. 66. Heat & Anti-flu • Detoxin Tablet----Toxic Heat • Haem Pill----Bleeding piles • Anticol----Anti-flu
  67. 67. Detoxin Tablet 1. Used for removing the heat accumulated in the body above the waist. 2. Clears toxin and heat in the liver, heart and upper digestive channel phlegm. 3. For throat heated feeling, mouth ulcer, teeth ache, tongue swelling, headache, red eyes, pimples on forehead Usage: 5 tabs each by 3 times.
  68. 68. Haem Pill 1. Used for removing heat which accumulated in the abdomen or below(lower intestinal tube) 2. Clears away heat and toxic materials. Stops bleeding & alleviates pain for external piles & internal piles. 3. Best for piles. • Usage: 2/3 cover (more than half but less than full) of tabs each by 3 times.
  69. 69. Anticol »Clearing heat, toxins from blood, activate and support the immune system during periods of fever N/B:This product is recommended for fever and liver inflammation, influenza and common cold, headache, swollen and sore throat and cough, epidemic encephalitis, hepatitis, mumps or for general health.
  70. 70. Relaxing Pill - Anxiety & Depression 1. Regulates hormones, calms down the temper & relives pressure. 2. More & more people are under pressure from modern lifestyle. 3. Best for: difficulty to sleep, bad temper, red sore eyes, mouth ulcers, acne or skin rash, headache, or other body disorder caused by pressure. Usage: 10 pills each by 3 times.
  71. 71. Pain & Arthritis • Arthro power capsule---Universal pain killer • Spinsure Pill---Arthritis, numbness, pain
  72. 72. Arthro Power Capsule 1. Clears up the channels and promotes the flow in vessel. 2. Dissipates wind and transforms stasis. 3. Assists the bones and joints to cope with discomfort due to changing weather. 4. For body pains by rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, train of lumbar muscles, gout. Usage: 1 cap each by 2 times.
  73. 73. Spinsure Pill 1. Stimulates circulation of the blood and vital energy to relax the muscles and tendons. 2. Strengthens the tendons and bones. 3. For spondylosis, rheumatic or rheumatoid arthritis with numbness of the limbs and aching of the back or legs. Sprain, traumatic injury with pain. Usage: 10 pills each by 2 times.
  74. 74. Dial B (Diabetes) Nourishes kidney-yin, benefits QI, and promotes generation of body fluid. Used for diabetes mellitus due to deficiency of QI & yin (non insulin dependent diabetes) manifested as thirst, tiredness, fatigue, shortness of breath, indolent about speaking, etc,
  75. 75. I-Clear »It is a renowned ancient Chinese herbal formula used for improving vision. »It benefits the eyes and vision problems, including dry eyes, red & itching eyes, poor eyesight, photophobia, swelling of eyes, and such eye diseases as glaucoma and cataract
  76. 76. Glutrins This formula is one of the most classical Chinese herb formulas for kidney yin deficiency, which is reported as the cause of diabetes. Typical symptoms are weakness, fatigue, losing hair, hot body, red eyes and ringing ears.
  77. 77. Liquor & Drink • Red herbal liquor---Body massage oil • Chinese Royal Tea---Oil Removal • Booster healthy drink---Better immune
  78. 78. Red herbal liquor 1. External use. 2. Stimulates circulation of the blood and vital energy to relax the muscles and tendons. 3. For pain or injury, sinew or bone pain, muscle and joint pains, bruises and sprains. Usage: 2-4 times a day, applied on the place the pain located.
  79. 79. Chinese Royal Tea – Multiple Action • Functions: Sliming, detoxin, anti-lipids, anti-cancer, clearing the fat, reducing sugar level and anti-aging. Good for obesity, fat liver, high BP, diabetes patients. • Dosage: 1 sachet per day. Drink repeatedly by adding more water at intervals.
  80. 80. Booster Healthy Drink 1. Daily drink to boost the immune system. 2. Stimulates the blood, and its effective herbal ingredients are also transported to all parts of the body. 3. Herbal micro ingredients combined with alcohol can reach the optimum performance. Usage: 125-250 ml for one day.
  81. 81. Healthy Life Mat Function : *Stimulates the reflective area of sole, promotes metabolism, enhances the blood circulation, stimulates the acupuncture points which are related to the heart, kidney, liver and other organs. *Makes you recover from tiredness, keep s you full of energy, adjusts the function of viscera. Strengthens the immunity of human body. *Enhances the effect of products like Double Ginseng, B vital, D-regulator, Shade Kit, Danshen Plus, Kidney Care, Stress Free, and so on. Middle-age and old people. People who have hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyper cholesterol, and too much pressure. People sitting to work and study for a long time
  82. 82. Air Filter • • • • Purification of Air Anti all types of germs Neutralization of chemicals Prevents transmission of diseases They are more than Masks, they are Health Guard!
  83. 83. Anti-Rad Stickers For all phone users --- Anti – Radiation! -It can prevent you from the harm from phone radiation! -It can absorb any radiation around you! -It can only enhance the voice signal – clear voice! *It can be sticked on all electronic equipment, which is of radiation: Laptop, desktop, microwave oven, digital camera, mp4, etc
  84. 84. Dual Sim Phone Name: G2000 Specification -GSM 850/900/1800/1900 -Dual Sim Dual Standby -Bluetooth -MP3/MP4 -FM Radio -Torch Light -High Definition Camera -Multinational Languages
  85. 85. Dual Sim Blackberry Phone Name: G1000 Specification -2.0’’ wide screen -GSM 850/900/1800/1900 -Dual Sim Dual Standby -Mp3/Mp4, -Bluetooth -FM Radio, -T-Flash -Torch Light -High Definition Camera -Multinational Languages
  86. 86. GREENLIFE THANKS EVERYBODY! This presentation is available on CD