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10 steps to be a great manager


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Published in: Business, Technology
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10 steps to be a great manager

  1. 1. Prepared By : Mr. Udit Kapoor
  2. 2. You can be a highly effective manager if you can incorporate some basic principles into everyday work practices. Here are 10 Steps to consider to help you how to be a great manager
  3. 3. You Should have Drive High energy Good people skills Strong work ethic
  4. 4. 1-Be Connected Manager need to be connected to one another and make a daily practice to talking to other managers at your level about what is going on their areas. You will garner good information and build a rapport with others. It is fine to talk about non worker stuff too, and socialize if you have things in common
  5. 5. 2-Respect and Courtesy Treat everyone on the job with respect and courtesy at all times. This doesn’t apply just to managers. You need to set the example for everyone else. You need not to be best buddies but give other their dues
  6. 6. 3-Have Meetings You should have a meetings with your people on your regular basis and in some cases where time sensitivity is paramount, daily meetings to ensure that everyone’s priorities in line. Encourage question and be courteous in answering them so as to encourage others to come forward if they don’t understand something
  7. 7. 4-Give out tasks Learn to give out the tasks to each of people you manage. Some of them, like the older gent who has been there for 10 Years, may not need supervision and can be trusted to meet the quotas and deadlines. Still others are new people, will need to be monitored periodically to ensure that they know what to do and How to do
  8. 8. 5-Priorities Keep everyone in your group aware of priorities and the order of priorities so they do first thing first. Avoid telling one employee and expecting him to communicate it to his workmates unless he is qualified lead person. This present the impression of favoritism, which you want avoid at all costs
  9. 9. 6-Problems Allow each person to talk to you about problems and be sympathetic. Giving them a hearing once in a while is good and shows you are understanding. If the same person has personal problems all the time, however, beware. You may have problem employee on your hands
  10. 10. 7-Be Open to New employees often come company from other places where they are trained in superior way. Take note and learn from these new folks. You might have a chance to do things better or faster than before. Be open and flexible
  11. 11. 8-Standards Impose the same standards on all employees in the same way. Don’t favor anyone. If it is vital to a job, non performance needs to be addressed with structured disciplinary program. Train your supervisors to handle these situation
  12. 12. 9- Promotions Get your people ready to be promoted to higher levels by training and developing their skills. Even if it means a good one will be transferred to another part of company, by developing your people, you are building a strong base and your managerial achievement will readily apparent to all.
  13. 13. 10-Positive Effort Your effort to be positive is a gift that can make you better manager. Strive to see the good side of things and point these out to your staff. Never talk bad about the company or people in higher level position or you will lower yourself in the eyes your people