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Li fi future technology

Li-fi is the future technology using light waves to transmit data.

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Li fi future technology

  2. 2. • LIFI Light Fidelity • It can be thought of Wi-Fi “but” transferring data using light instead of radio waves as used by Wi-Fi • Fast and cheap version of Wi-Fi as wherever there is light, there is LI-FI
  3. 3. We can transfer data using light speed. Thus, a high definition film can be downloaded in 15-20 seconds. It works on LED’s ON/OFF concept encoded binary ‘one’ for light ON and binary ‘zero’ for light OFF condition. The Ted Talk show has 2,389,880+ views Direct line of sight is not necessary for Li-Fi to transmit a signal; light reflected off the walls can achieve 70 Mbit/s
  4. 4. •Some waves like UV, IR, gamma ,x rays are harmful for the human body and can cause serious problems. •Radio waves are less secure and expensive too. •Thus, use of light spectrum came to the idea in transferring data. which has a higher bandwidth. •Radio waves are limited. • It is 1000x times more spectrum than radio waves.
  5. 5. •When a constant current is applied to an LED light bulb a constant stream of photons are emitted from the bulb which is observed as visible light. •If the current is varied slowly the output intensity of the light dims up and down and this forms principle of the technology. •Because LED bulbs are semi-conductor devices, the current, and hence the optical output, can be modulated at extremely high speeds which can be detected by a photo-detector device and converted back to electrical current. •The intensity modulation is imperceptible to the human eye, and thus communication is just as seamless. Using this technique, high speed information can be transmitted from an LED light bulb.
  6. 6. Li-Fi is a fast and cheap optical version of Wi-Fi. It is based on Visible Light Communication (VLC).VLC is a data communication medium, which uses visible light between 400 THz (780 nm) and 800 THz (375 nm) as optical carrier for data transmission and illumination. It uses fast pulses of light to transmit information wirelessly. The main components of Li-Fi system are as follows: •a high brightness white LED which acts as transmission source. •a silicon photodiode with good response to visible light as the receiving element.
  7. 7. “Pure LiFi seeks to resolve the global struggle for diminishing wireless capacity by developing and delivering technology for secure, reliable, high speed communication networks that seamlessly integrate data and lighting utility infrastructures and significantly reduce energy consumption.” -HARALD HASS
  8. 8. A striking advantage of LiFi over Wifi is that it can boost the network speeds about 100 times faster that the conventional Wifi system available. Tested under real life conditions. the achieved speeds were up to 1 Gbps. Light cannot penetrate through walls to reach outside your workstation. And so, rest assured, it won’t be able to reach your neighbor in any ways. Wherever there is a light source, there can be Internet. Light bulbs are present everywhere – in homes, offices, shops, malls and even planes, meaning that high-speed data transmission could be available everywhere.
  9. 9. Traffic Updates :Could you imagine having a car that uses a GPS system that receives information from traffic lights informing you of accidents and/or delays up ahead? There is a kind of system like that already in play for GPS navigational systems, but the traffic lights could be updating drivers using basic information or streaming video directly from news broadcasts. Underwater communication : Radio waves are quickly absorbed in water, preventing underwater radio communications, but light can penetrate for large distances. Therefore, Li-Fi can enable communication from diver to diver, diver to mini-sub, diver to drilling rig, etc. It can be used in airplane and hospitals where wifi facility usually not there . It can also be used in wireless gaming providing new environment to sensors and all other stuff.
  10. 10. •One of the major drawback of this system is that light should be turned on whenever you need to access internet. •It range is lower than normal wifi system.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION • The possibilities are numerous and can be explored further. • If his technology can be put into practical use, every bulb can be used something like a Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit wireless data and we will proceed toward the cleaner, greener, safer and brighter future.