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Online Reputation Management


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Online reputation management services by UDI System

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Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. How do you look online ?1
  2. 2. Did you know ?265-70 % of first time visitors toyour website trust othercustomers reviews present online
  3. 3. Why is it important to look good online ?People are concerned about your online reputation are:• Investors• Market research firms• Prospective Employee’s• Partners• Present clients• Prospective clients.3
  4. 4. Who are the people mentioning you online?4Bloggers ForumsYour Company’sOnline ReputationFormerEmployees CustomerReviewsSocial Media
  5. 5. Negative Online comments / content5Bad Customer ExpBad Customer Exp Unresolved CustomerIssuesUnresolved CustomerIssuesBad ReputationBad ReputationDecreaseSalesrevenue
  6. 6. So the best option is BE PROACTIVE inmanaging your Online Reputation.6
  7. 7. Options to improve Online reputation• Quality SEO• Social Media Activities• Blogging• Manual Removal7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Monitoring Online Reputation• Google Alerts : It is a free service from Google, one of the basic and simple format ofreputation management. Simply signup and set the keywords to which an alert appears assoon as it is on the web.• Trackur : This is a premium application which helps in social media monitoring andmeasurement .The basic package of Trackur is 27$/month .• Naymz : This is a free online monitoring and social media measuring application .• Rankur : This is also a good ORM application which has a free version and its’ paid versionstarts from 14$/ month .• Brandwatch : This is a corporate social media monitoring and social CRM solution. Its basicedition costs 800 $ /month.• Digimind : This is a corporate social media solution which helps you monitor and managesocial profiles of large scale.9
  10. 10. 10Office AddressUDI SystemJayanagar 9th Block,Bangalore - 560069.IndiaCall us+9180 65717100Email