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Attractive branding Portfolio2010


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Attractive\'s latest Branding projects

Published in: Business
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Attractive branding Portfolio2010

  1. 1. YEARS ANNIVERSARY Branding Portfolio 2010
  2. 2. Celtro - Folder, Compny Brochure, Product Brochure, Data Sheet
  3. 3. Celtro - Website
  4. 4. Amdocs Open Innovation - Logo, Posters, Postcard, Power Point Presentation
  5. 5. Amdocs Open Innovation - Logo, Posters, Postcard, Power Point Presentation
  6. 6. Amdocs Open Innovation - Logo, Posters, Postcard, Power Point Presentation
  7. 7. Cvidya - Logo
  8. 8. Cvidya - Booth
  9. 9. Cvidya - Folder, Compny Brochure, Product Brochure PRODUC T OVERVIEW PRODUC T OVERVIEW COMPANY OVERVIEW Overview Customer Centric cVidya Networks is a global leader cVidya is committed to long-term partnership with its clients. The company maintains and innovative provider of Revenue continuous dialogue with customers to understand their needs and deliver state of the art Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media solutions. andEntertainment service providers. cVidya’s product portfolio helps operators quad-play, ISPs, MVNOs, Service/Retailoperators, Network/Wholesale operators, TV, Cable maximize their margins, improve their and Media operators. customer experience and optimize ecosystem relationships through Revenue Vidya’s client base includes tier-1 operators such as BT, the Telefonica Group, Vodafone Assurance, Fraud and Risk Management, Germany, AT&T, Bell Canada, O2 UK, MTN South Africa, Swisscom, the Tele2 Group, Telenor, Dealer Management, Marketing Analytics Qwest Communications, China Telecom, and the applications and Clearinghouse services. Hutchison ‘3’ Group. cVidya solutions are provided within legacy cVidya supports its customers in over 50 countries worldwide through a wide network of and new service environments, over all types of networks, Operations Support and America, Latin America and Asia. Business Support Systems. cVidya’s IRIS® (Integrated Revenue Intelligence Solutions) Suite Customer Testimonial - BT and innovative solutions to the service operator: ”Through our stringent ITT selection • MoneyMap® (Revenue Assurance)– Identify and reclaim revenue leakage by reconciling process, it became apparent that the cVidya end to end Networks, OSS and BSS • FraudView® (Fraud Management) – Identify next generation fraud and service abuse capabilities to streamline our Revenue patterns and perform subscriber risk Assurance processes, and enabled our team • management in real-time to react quickly to new requirements and • DealerMap® (Dealer Management) – Manage dealers’ life cycle including operations make major contributions to BT’s goals in the short and long term” . • • BusinessView™ (Marketing Analytics) – Perform pricing analysis, evaluate services Head of BT’s revenue assurance centre • EZtrust® (B2B Application) – A dispute management and settlement platform for B2B of excellence partners
  10. 10. Livermore - Annual Report 2008
  11. 11. Livermore - Annual Report 2007
  12. 12. Livermore - Website
  13. 13. Retalika - Logo
  14. 14. Retalika - Website
  15. 15. MalamTeam - Folder, Company Profile, Company Brochures
  16. 16. MalamTeam - Website
  17. 17. MalamTeam - Campaign
  18. 18. Radvision - Brochures and Data sheets
  19. 19. Radvision - Website
  20. 20. Siklu - Company Brochure, Data Sheets
  21. 21. Siklu - Company Brochure, Data Sheets MalamTeam - Website
  22. 22. Wavion - Company Brochure, Data Sheets, Posters, Website, Logo MalamTeam - Website
  23. 23. Wavion - Website MalamTeam - Website
  24. 24. Oversi - Company Brochures
  25. 25. Oversi - Website
  26. 26. UniSport - Company Logos, Folder, Company Brochure, Studio Brochure
  27. 27. UniSport - Booth
  28. 28. eZoon - Websites UniSport - Websites
  29. 29. Logos sepal pharma COOLSTEC
  30. 30. MalamTeam - Website