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Healthy eating

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Healthy eating

  2. 2. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 1. HAVE A SCHEDULE IN PLACE  Children need to eat every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and lots of fluids. If you plan for these, your child's diet will be much more balanced and he'll be less cranky, because he won't be famished. Even when out of home, ensure that you carry healthy snacks.
  3. 3. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 2. HAVE MEALS TOGETHER  It may be difficult to have all your meals together and in most homes breakfast may be a hurried affair. But do ensure that you eat your dinner together. Include a well-balanced meal for dinner. When you eat together, your child develops healthy eating habits and eats a portion of all that is on the table. Remember to do the same so that she can follow the example.
  4. 4. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 3. DON’T FORCE THEM  As hard as this may be, try not to comment on what or how much your kids are eating. Be as neutral as possible. Remember, you've done your job as a parent by serving balanced meals; your kids are responsible for eating them. If you play food enforcer -- saying things like "Eat your vegetables" -- your child will only resist.
  5. 5. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 4. INTRODUCE NEWFOODS SLOWLY  Children are new-food-phobic by nature. Do not introduce them to too many new foods at a time. After they have started on one particular vegetable, try another one. A little hero worship can work wonders too. Tell them things like ‘Sachin Tendulkar loves peas’ and they may start liking peas too.
  6. 6. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 5. TRY VARIETIES OF RECIPES  If your kid doesn’t like a particular vegetable, it may be the recipe that he dislikes and not the veggie. Try out new recipes and methods of cooking. Some kids like to have slices of vegetables with dips. Make some yummy dips and you may have your child snacking on carrots!
  7. 7. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 6. LET THEMBE THE COOK   If your children become involved in choosing or preparing meals, they'll be more interested in eating what they've created. Take them to the store, and let them choose produce for you. If they're old enough, allow them to cut up vegetables and mix them into a salad. For smaller kids supervision while in the kitchen is necessary.
  8. 8. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 7. FOLLOWTHE ‘NO JUNK’ RULE  Remember you are in charge of what comes to your house from the supermarket. It is for you to decide whether you should but junk or healthy food. If there is no junk in the house, kids will have to eat fruits and other healthy snacks. Try and cut down on junk food as much as possible.
  9. 9. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 8. DESIGN FORFUN FOOD  Use your creativity to make food look more appealing to the kids. Cutting them out in shapes is a good idea. So is giving the food funny names. You can even encourage your children to design the food as they wish. Sometimes adding a dash of colour helps to liven up a dull looking dish.
  10. 10. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 9. ALLOWTREATS TOO  Being too strict about food may not work with most kids. For example popcorn during movies and McDonalds for weekends is fine as long as you balance it with plenty of good food during the week and the kids indulge in physical activity. Do not say ‘no’ to all junk and a few treats once in a while will make them eat healthier in the long run.
  11. 11. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN 10. EAT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO EAT  Basically, parents are the role models and whatever they do the kids try and follow. If you are a fussy eater then chances are your kids will follow your picky habits. Eat heartily and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Kids will follow you and eat well too.
  12. 12. UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN UDGAMSCHOOL FORCHILDREN SOME MORE TIPS  Reward the kids once in a while for eating right.  Turn meal times to fun times.  Follow the ‘no TV’ rule during meals.  Talk to your kids about the right nutrients and the ill effects of junk food. i Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054 Phone:07926850339   Gujarat , India 99251 53153