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10 steps

  1. 1. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com and heal the world!!!
  2. 2. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Be the change… In the real world, everyday people play the hero's -- and sometimes the villain's -- part. This is particularly true when it comes to saving the environment. With Earth providing the one and only known spot in the universe that's hospitable to the human race, preserving a healthy environment isn't just a nice ideal, it's an imperative. Mankind has the power to be either the hero or the villain in the quest to save the Earth, but certainly playing the hero will yield better results for everyone.
  3. 3. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 10. Cut Energy Consumption Buying andusing fluorescent light bulbs Insulating our homes so they heat and cool more efficiently  Turning off lights and other electronic equipment when we leave a room Using cold water when possible, instead of hot or warm Washing only full loads of laundry and dishes in the machines
  4. 4. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 9. Use Sustainable Energy You may have seen buildings adorned with gleaming solar panels or wind farms covered in turbines that stand like sentinels in the breeze. These are two forms of "green" energy that can help reduce our reliance on energy derived from burning fossil fuels. In addition to making decisions about using already existing sources of alternative energy, it's crucial to promote and invest in research that will help harness other sources of sustainable energy.
  5. 5. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com Conserving water starts with looking at it as a limited resource and consuming it with that in mind. We can also make choices about how much water we use in our daily lives. Choosing to conserve water can have a significant impact on the overall goal of saving the environment. 8. Conserve Water
  6. 6. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 7. Buy Energy-efficient and Eco- friendly It's now possible to buy household appliances with an ENERGY STAR® label, and these newer appliances can sometimes reduce energy use by approximately 30 percent In addition to buying energy-efficient products, it's a smart idea to buy household cleaners and other items that are eco- friendly. Steering clear of chemicals that harm the environment is always a good choice.
  7. 7. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com  Buying fewer items would reduce our overall consumption.  We can make simple changes, like shopping with reusable bags and keeping food and other items in reusable containers, rather than defaulting to plastic bags and disposable containers. And recycling obviously refers to buying recycled products and sorting waste into the appropriate categories.  If you can't reduce your consumption or find a way to reuse a product, recycling is a better choice than simply throwing something into the trash. 6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  8. 8. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 5. Drive Less and Drive Smart It's possible to cut down on driving and to drive in a smarter way. One easy way to reduce driving is by joining a carpool. If public transportation isn't a viable option, transportation of the two- wheeled variety (i.e. a bike) is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  9. 9. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 4. Support Climate Change Initiatives For the last 10 to 15 years, world leaders have been attempting to make meaningful progress on climate change. One of the ways they've tried to do this is through climate change initiatives. These initiatives generally focus on setting firm deadlines for reducing CO2 emissions, and they often place caps on the amount of CO2 that can be produced.
  10. 10. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com It may seem like living near your place of employment is just common sense. After all, if you spend eight or more hours working every day, that's a pretty big chunk of your time. Living near your work means that you can cut down on what would otherwise be a lengthy commute. That's a good thing for the environment, as well as for your daily schedule. 3. Live Where You Work
  11. 11. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 2. Plant Trees and Protest Deforestation The more trees we have, the better our air quality, and that's why planting trees is an excellent step to take toward saving the environment. Protesting deforestation, both through activism and by refusing to buy products that are created at the expense of the world's forests, can help slow and even halt deforestation.
  12. 12. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN www.udgamschool.com 1. Encourage Others The power in the steps on this list comes from getting everyone to take them together. After doing all the other things mentioned here -- cutting energy consumption, conserving water, driving less and everything else -- the most important thing is to be bold and vocal about encouraging others to do the same. http://www.udgamschool.com i nfo@udgamschool.com Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054 Phone:07926850339 Gujarat , India 99251 53153