Student Achievers of Welingkar


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Students of Welingkar Institute of Research and Management win at various events organized by different B-schools in India. They have been successful to meet their goals with conscious efforts and by applying their capabilities. Some of the events were regarding photography, Advertising, media, business, movie making, marketing, etc which require a lots of creativity skills to be the victor. The competitors were from well-known institutes like Alliance Business School, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, etc.

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Student Achievers of Welingkar

  1. 1. Student AchieversJan 2011 – March 2011<br />
  2. 2. Janhavi Shah DiptiRaka PGDM Business Design 2009-11 MughdaGhag<br />“All India Welingkar - Infosys Innovation Awards, 2011”<br />Venue – Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Bengaluru campus.<br />Round 1: Submission of an innovation story<br />Round 2 at Bangalore Campus: 'Co-creating innovative solutions for Indian rural Healthcare'<br />The entire exercise was of ideating, collating ideas and then prototyping.<br />Date of Contest - 31st March 2011<br />Defeated - Alliance Business School, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata<br />Prize – Certificates and Rs. 35,000 /-<br />
  3. 3. Nikhil ShahDilipTalerja PGDM - BDVivekAgarwal<br />Mind2Market Case Competition <br />Venue - ISB Hyderabad (Indian School of Business)<br />The live case given was on stoves( Chullahs) being used in the rural india and they were device a complete executable plan around it.<br />Date of Contest – 21st March 2011<br />Defeated - ISB,IIM Bangalore, Calcutta, Shillong, Indore, SP Jain,MICA,  IIT Delhi, NMIMS<br />Prize – Rs. 25,000 & Certificate<br />
  4. 4. AshwiniVasudevan (PGDM E-Biz)<br />CIRCUMLENS- "Shoonya- The world of endless possibilities“- Photography competition<br />Organized by - K.J Somaiya College<br />Date of Contest – 5th Feb. 2011<br />Defeated - XIMB <br />Prize - Prize worth Rs. 2000 (Gift Vouchers)<br />
  5. 5. Nikhil Ghare - MMS 2010-12 Kumar GandharvaMishra - BD 2010-12<br />SIBM Colossus MadAd event<br />Venue – SIBM, Banglore<br />They were given 15 minutes to come up with whacky ideas and make an ad for the product GPS Sunglasses.<br />Date - 27TH Feb 2011<br />Defeated - SIBM Bangalore<br />Prize - A gift vouchers worth Rs 1000<br />
  6. 6. Nikhil Ghare - MMS 2010-12 Kumar GandharvaMishra - BD 2010-12 PranavBathi Math - BD 2010-12<br />Event - Callidus<br />Organised By – SIBM<br />Nature of contest – <br />Rounds 1,2,3: These rounds tested our interpersonal skills through the medium of Facebook.<br />Final round: The presentation would involve two components:<br />o A sales pitch, explaining the business case and relevance of your module to the organization.<br />o A demonstration of the training module itself.<br />Date of contest – 23rd Feb 2011<br />Prize - cash prize of Rs 12000 and certificates<br />Mentor – Prof. Anjali Joshi<br />
  7. 7. AshwiniVasudevan (PGDM E-Biz)<br />Business standard award - Best B-school project award 2010<br />Open paper-writing contest<br />Topic - Music, Memes and me which studies the impact of music in all its forms from English songs, trance, rock, regional songs, national anthem, the secret by rhondabryne, quotes etc on human behavior.<br />Venue – Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Pawai.<br />Date of Contest – 1st Feb’11<br />Defeated – IIM A, FMS, Great Lakes<br />Prize - Rs. 50,000 + Certificate + trophy<br />Mentor – Prof. Deepa Dixit and Prof.KaustubhDhargalkar<br />
  8. 8. ChinmayAthaley,RohanMenon,RomilKhare,AshwathRajan,PrafulKhurana- PGDM Batch -2 , 2010-2012<br />EVENT -R IDEA <br />Organiser - RAISONI Group, NAGPUR<br />Award:- Judges Choice Award <br />Details of event :-<br />The biggest Business Plan competition in the central India. Their b plan  'saafsafai' for residential housekeeping service <br />Topic :- B plan on using mobile for payments. Various scopes & real scenarios across industries & sectors are tapped in detail by Mobile wallet concept.<br />Event dates 4-5 FEB 20111<br />Prize :- Plan has been sent for Incubation of business from IIM A in Incubation centre.<br />Mentor – Prof. KaustubhDhargalkar<br />
  9. 9. UdayMuthe – PGDM B- 2, 2010-12<br />EVENT -R IDEA – B-Plan contest <br />Organiser - RAISONI Group, NAGPUR<br />Award:- Judges Choice Award <br />Topic – ‘M-Paisa’ which is a mobile money & cashless transaction system<br />Date of contest - 4-5 FEB 2011<br />Prize – Certificate + B plan forwarded to CIIE for possible incubation.<br />Mentor – Prof. KaustubhDhargalkar<br />
  10. 10. VishalMaheshwari, AmulyaTadimeti, Janice Aarora - PGDM 2010 - 2012 | 3<br />PRAYAAS<br />Event - Perspective 2011<br />A marketing campaign where we had to promote a social cause<br />Date of Contest – 12th Feb 2011<br />Defeated - IIM Ahmedbad, JBIMS, NITIE(2), MICA, IRMA & NIRMA.<br />Prize – Certificate + Rs.10,000/-<br />
  11. 11. Janhavi Shah DiptiRaka PGDM Business Design 2009-11 MughdaGhag<br />Event - Shankhnaad 2011<br />Venue – IIT Madras<br />Round 1: Submission of an executive summary on an idea to achieve India 2020<br />Round 2 at IIT Madras Campus: Presentation on a detailed road map to execution, viability of the idea and socio-economic impact of the idea.<br />Date of Contest – 1st April 2011<br />Prize – Certificates and Rs. 5,000 <br />Mentor – Prof. Pendse and Prof. Kaustubh<br />
  12. 12. Nikhil Khemani Sai Mandlik PGDM batch 3 Batch 2010-12 Ritesh Sapre<br />SIMSREE's Movie making Competition<br />Promotion Plan Contest<br />Other Winners - Sydenham college<br />Prize - A cash prize of Rs.1000/- and Certificates<br />
  13. 13. Ankur Shrivastava & Saket Bihari - PGDM BD 2010-12<br />Event: Orion-Mercurise 2011<br />organizer B-school: SIMS Pune<br />National Level B-Plan competition<br />Topic - Manufacturing of ethanol for biofuel<br />Date of Contest- 30th Jan 2011 <br />Prize – Certificate + Rs. 10,000<br />
  14. 14. Saket Bihari - PGDM BD 2010-12 <br />Pragati 2011<br />Innovation challenge competition<br />Amrita School of Business, coimbatore, Tamilnadu<br />Topic – Ethanol ‘ The fuel future’<br />Date of contest – 5th Feb. 2011<br />Prize – Certificate + Rs. 5,000/-<br />
  15. 15. Rahul ManerikarDhaval Mehta PGDM EbizDarshan Salgia Rohit Kshirsagar<br />HP smart color contest <br />A promotion plan for HP printers<br />Theme – ‘color your kismet’<br />Date of contest – 26th Nov 2010<br />Prize- Certificate, trohpy + Goa trip<br />
  16. 16. AkhileshShenoy, KartikeySeksaria - PGDM B - 1<br />IIM Shillong – Niveshak – Feb 2011 Issue<br />Article on Islamic banking & its impact on india published in Finance Magazine <br />
  17. 17. Yogeeta Raisinghani - PGDM -1  <br />Business World Infocom Future Leadership Awards 2010-2011<br />Venue- Kolkata at ITC, Sonar<br />This year’s theme was – Moving towards Convergence – in which she focused on 3 aspects of convergence: Social Media, Cloud Computing and Good to Great organizations – its impact and challenges and the future ahead in the field of business and technology and its impact on human life. <br />Date of Contest – 17th Feb 2011<br />Position- 6th position<br />Prize –500 USD along with the trophy and certificate<br />Other winners – ISB,  Hyderabad, TAPMI, Manipal ,IIT,Madras,SPJain, Mumbai<br />Mentors - Prof. Vijayan, Prof. DeepaMam, Prof Kaustubh.<br />
  18. 18. Chetan Gupta - PGDM EBiz 2009-11<br />DNA Best Student in Management AwardDate of contest - 12th Feb 2011 Prize – Trophy + certificate<br />
  19. 19. Glenda D'Souza - PGDM -BATCH 2 (2010-2012)<br />Article published in Bizbook - Jan 2011 issue of Newsletter of G.D Goenka World Institute.<br />Theme of the newsletter was Social Media.<br />Won Best entry in VAAD VIVAAD Section - Are social networking sites responsible for increase in social and psychological problems among youth?<br />
  20. 20. AshwiniVasudevan (PGDM E-Biz)<br />Event - the SOIL - Inspired School of Leadership's "Print D Peace" competition<br />Date of Contest – 15th Feb 2011<br />Prize – Rs. 2,000/-<br />