Demostration Of Idea For Semantic Web@Tv


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Demostration Of Idea For Semantic Web@Tv

  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction of Semantic Web• Build Intelligent System• Jena Api• Intelligent Weather System• Summry• References
  3. 3. Welcome toSemantic Web
  4. 4. Introduction of Semantic Web “The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well- defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.” T. Berners-Lee, J. Hendler, O. Lassila, “The Semantic Web”, Scientific American, May 2001 Information has machine- processable and machine- understandable semantics Not a separate Web but an augmentation of the current one The backbone of the Semantic Web are ontologies
  6. 6. Intelligent System Web is the collection of human information. Using sematic web we can extract data from the web in the form of Subject-Predicate- Object. Which helps computer to understand users input . Based on the extracted data from the web, semantic intelligent system activate brain of the computer and generate intelligent output according to the user input.
  7. 7. Jena API ModelFactory: associate a data set with some reasoner to create a new Model. Ont/ Model API : provides convenient ways to link appropriate reasoners into the OntModels that it constructs. InfGraph : is an extension to the normal Model interface that provides additional control and access to an underlying inference graph. Reasoner : supports the notion of specializing a reasoner by binding it to a set of schema or ontology data using the bindSchema call
  8. 8. Intelligent Weather System@prefix j.0:[weather: (?s j.0:Weather j.0:NiceWeather) <- (?s j.0:temp j.0:WeatherInfo) (?s j.0:tempLow ?l) (?s j.0:tempHigh ?h) ge(?l,5.0) le(?h,40.0)][weather: (?s j.0:Weather j.0:BadWeather) <- (?s j.0:temp j.0:WeatherInfo) (?s j.0:tempLow ?l) (?s j.0:tempHigh ?h) ge(?l,40.0) le(?h,0.0)][weather: (?s j.0:Humidity j.0:GoodHumidity) <- (?s j.0:temp j.0:WeatherInfo) (?s j.0:humidityhasWeatherType ?l) (?s j.0:humidityhasWeatherType ?hum) le(?l,60.0)][weather: (?s j.0:Humidity j.0:BadHumidity) <- (?s j.0:temp j.0:WeatherInfo) (?s j.0:humidityhasWeatherType ?l) (?s j.0:humidityhasWeatherType ?hum) ge(?l,60.0)]
  9. 9. ExampleToday‘s weather is 20° Celcius go Today‘s weather is 45° Celcius condition isOut and enjoy your day...  Really hot... 
  10. 10. Summery• Demostration of build efficient Intelligent system.• Jena API helps to build reasoner over weather report and generate intelligent string.
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  12. 12. Thank you