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Zee telefilms

  1. 1.  Introduction-the coming of ZEE Background of ZEE Telefilms. ZEE’S Initial Success. Competition from Star and Sony. ZEE Fight back. The Re-Branding Exercise. SWOT Analysis
  2. 2.  ZEE TELEFILMS LIMITED is one of the leading media, television and entertainment company. It is amongst the largest production of Hindi Programming. The Company Chairmen, Managing Director and Founder is Subhash Chandra and its Chief Executive Officer is Puneet Goenka. ZEE Telefilms Limited was the first Company to launch Hindi Entertainment Channel ZEE TV in 1992.
  3. 3.  In 1995, Zee ventured into the overseas market to capture the NRI audience. ZEE entertains over 500 million viewers across 167 countries. ZEE Telefilms is India’s most broad-based TV Channel with an offering of 23 Channels.
  4. 4.  Launched ZEE TV. ZEE TV evoked a massive positive response. ZEE TV’s broadcast content ranged from film based to educational programs. Within a span of 3 years (1998-2001) ZEE TV expanded its network introducing channels both in India & Overseas. ZEE Channels had a viewer base of over 250 million across the globe. It operated in 5 continents across 120 countries.
  5. 5.  Zee brought a much wider choice of programs. It captured a vast Hindi speaking Indian audience market. Planned the launch of two new channels. In 1995, Zee entered into the partnership. Launched nations 1st round-the-clock Hindi news channel- Zee news and a Hindi movies channel-Zee Cinema. positioned for the people of all ages.
  6. 6.  In the year 1995, Zee marked the launch of pioneering venture Zee TV in the UK. In the year 1997,Launched its music channel named “Music Asia”. In the year 1998, Zee emerged as the true global brand. Launch of a bouquet of regional channels.
  7. 7.  From its launch till late 1999,Zee was riding on the wave to its success. It had extended its brands. Zee international ventures, Zee TV – UK ,US & Africa. ZILS and ZIML also started gaining prominence. As no other channel had any regional extensions so Zee alpha bouquet gained quick popularity.
  8. 8.  Zee TV won The Economic Times “The Emerging company of the year” award in 1998. In the same year, Zee TV won the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) for Creativity in Visual Media.
  9. 9.  In September 1999, the Star and Zee partnership came to an end. In July 2000, Star launched a new game show- “Kaun Banega Crorepati” . Star also come up with tele-serials like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”. Star targeted these serials primarily at the average married Indian women.
  10. 10.  Sony launched its sports-cum-movies channel “SET MAX” in 1999. To tap on the interest in game shows, Sony launched “Jeeto Chapar Phaad Ke” with Govinda. In 2003, Sony carried out a research project called “Understanding women”. Sony launched a new serial called “Jassi Jaisi koi nahi”. Sony marketing strategy had succeeded in getting the viewers’ attention.
  11. 11.  To make matter worse for Zee, the India Today Group launched a 24-Hour Hindi news channel called “Aaj Tak” in December 2000. Aaj Tak gained popularity very soon. Aaj Tak viewership shot up nearly five times.
  12. 12.  In October 2000, Zee launched “Sawaal Dus Crore Ka” which turned out abysmal for the channel. SDCK showed disastrous TRP. In response to competition from “Aaj Tak” in March 2001, Zee bought the tapes of Tehelka, a sting operation against corrupt government officials. Tehelka operation failed miserably and resulted in huge losses to the channel.
  13. 13.  In September 2000 onwards, Zee focused on 2 strategies:1. Reform the programming content.2. Redefine the prime time band. Zee launched some new shows on Zee TV. It also launched 2 new channels Zee English and Zee MGM Also experimented wid TEHELKA sting operation. In 2001,Zee released Bollywood’s first corporate film GADAR. Zee entered into a joint venture with TII and formed a joint venture company called ZeeTurner PvtLtd.
  14. 14. • In year 2001 INTAM reports confirmed Zee Tv to be No.2 channel.• Zee’s financial report for the year 2000-2001 showed 59% increase in its net profit.• Ad revenues raised from Rs.5.74 billion to Rs.6.77 billion.• Launched 5 new channels Zee Trendz,Action cinema,Classic cinema,MX,Premiere Cinema and Smile TV.• By 2004 Zee’s TRP rating was 4.9 which was highest as compared to 2.69 of Star Plus and 1.79 of Sony.
  15. 15.  Early 2005, Zee initiated the re-branding of the entire Zee range of brands. The re-branding is the first step in giving a common identity to their brands or other channels. Rebranding of the News channels. THEN NOW TRENDZ Zee TRENDZ Zee ENGLISH Zee Cafe ZEE Movie Zone Zee Studio SMILE TV Zee Smile Alpha Marathi Zee Marathi Alpha Punjabi Zee Punjabi Alpha Gujarati Zee Gujarati
  16. 16.  First private Hindi TV channel in India Widest offering of channels by a single broadcaster in the country Diversified customer base-across 167 countries Broadcast content range from film-based to educational programs
  17. 17.  Tough competition with Star Plus Lack of innovation Increase in operating cost Key employees’ separation
  18. 18.  Benefit from the robust growth of the entertainment & media sector. Consumers attention from other countries too. More advertisements and increase the revenue of the channel. Reality shows.
  19. 19.  Increased Competition. Increase in daily soaps and reality shows on various other channels is an real threat to the channel. ZEE Turnover distibution venture. Declining viewership and revenue shares