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  • Imaginary product Metro Touch

    1. 1.  Introduction Mission And Vision Product offering Brands Market Analysis Marketing Mix Segmentation Positioning Targeting Product Distribution Customer Relationship Management Competitive Factors Challenges faced Conclusion
    2. 2.  Clothing Essentials & co. Found 2011 Metro Touch Brand Showroom locations Coming up with 20 showrooms across the metropolitan cities. USP of Brand
    3. 3.  Mission: To spread across major metropolitan cities and become a trend setter. Vision: To be a pioneer in the clothing industry with constant innovation in designs and material.
    4. 4. Men’s Wear Ladies Wear AccessoriesTrendy Jeans Ultrafit Jeans Watches T-Shirts T-shirts & Top SunglassesCasual Shirts Wallets
    5. 5.  The product of Clothing Essentials sell products under the brands name “METRO TOUCH”. The brand aims at giving value consumers high quality and fashionable clothing. The brand opted a more localized and youthful approach in its offering. The brands have been available across many metropolitan cities.
    6. 6. The implementation phases Phase 1 Idea Generating Idea Screening Phase 2 Market and Demand analysis Phase 3 Feasibility Analysis Preparation of Report Obtaining Funds Working Infrastructure Implementation
    7. 7.  The various factors in the market which will affect the brands are:  Customer Needs.  The Purchasing Power.  Geographical Conditions.  Competitors
    8. 8. The Segmentation is done on the basis of Age and Sex.Metro Touch offered watches , Jeans for young, vibrant andcool outgoing young Generation.The company also offers Ultrafit Jeans for the Rich class withinthe price range Rs.10000-15000
    9. 9.  Targeting customers in the age group of 16-30 years. College students. Fashion conscious customers. Young working professionals. Elite strata of customers.
    10. 10.  Positioned towards becoming a fashion store with an emphasis on youths and clear focus on “Fresh Fashion”. Mostly targeting youth and women, since they are the ones defining most purchasing decisions. The tagline is ”Feel the fit”
    11. 11.  Product .  Jeans and Casual Shirts for Men and Women.  Customized Jeans and Cotton Denims  Merchandise- Watches, Sunglasses and Wallets Price  Jeans starts from Rs. 1000/-  Customized Jeans (Depends on the styling details)  Casual Shirts and t-shirts – Rs. 500 onwards
    12. 12.  Promotion  Print Media ▪ Fashion Magazines ▪ Newspapers ▪ Pamphlets  Transport Advertising  Television Advertising  Online Advertising  Launching our apparel through the fashion shows.
    13. 13.  Place  Metropolitan Cities  Shopping Areas ▪ Malls ▪ Shopping Markets
    14. 14. The manner in which goods move from themanufacturer to the outlet where thecustomers purchases in market places.Channels of Distribution Direct Marketing Online Buying
    15. 15.  Product Launch event held in major malls Offering Discounts in festive seasons Gift Vouchers Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts with the latest trends, style & fashion. Helpful and well-trained Staff Planned annual stock clearance sales in December Dedicated customer feedback line.
    16. 16.  The various factors which can have an affect on the competitors are:  Innovation.  Price of the product.  Quality of the product.  Demand of the product.
    17. 17.  The challenges faced are-  Increasing competition.  The industry is fashion driven and fashion keeps changing.  Availability of products within the time.  Relationship management with other channels.
    18. 18.  Launched at peak shopping times. Mission: To spread across major metropolitan cities and become a trend setter. Products for all genders. Keeping pace with changing fashion.